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Upside-Down Magic Books in Order: How to read the Scholastic’s book series?

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What is Upside-Down Magic about?

Published by Scholastic, Upside-Down Magic is a book series by writers Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and Emily Jenkins.

The series follows eight kids in a world with magic. Elinor “Nory” Horace, Elliott Cohen, Bax Kapoor, Andres Padillo, Pepper Phan, Marigold Ramos, Willa Ingeborg, and Sebastian Boondoggle form a group of misfits who set out to prove that life on the other side of the ordinary has its charms.

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How to read the Upside-Down Magic Books in Order?

Every book in the Upside-Down Magic series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

Upside Down Magic Book 1 Upside Down Magic Books in Order 167x250 Sticks Stones Book 2 Upside Down Magic Books in Order 167x250 Showing Off Book 3 Upside Down Magic Books in Order 167x250 

  1. Upside-Down Magic – Nory, Elliott, Andres, and Bax are just four of the students in Dunwiddle Magic School’s Upside-Down Magic class. In their classroom, lessons are unconventional, students are unpredictable, and magic has a tendency to turn wonky at the worst possible moments. Because it’s always amazing, the trouble a little wonky magic can cause…
  2. Sticks & Stones – Strange things are happening at Dunwiddle Magic School — and the Upside-Down Magic class is getting blamed! The students aren’t going to let themselves get in trouble. Instead, they’re going to find out what’s really going on — and get their school back on track before something really wacky happens.
  3. Showing Off – Some people in school are afraid of the kids in the Upside-Down Magic class. Others just call them flops. But Nory and her friends in Upside-down Magic won’t let that stop them. Not with a school-wide talent show coming up!  In order to take the stage and make some magic, the Upside-Down Magic kids are going to have to band together… and find the right combination of talents to steal the show!

Dragon Overnight Book 4 Upside Down Magic Books in Order 167x250 Weather or Not Book 5 Upside Down Magic Books in Order 167x250 The Big Shrink Book 6 Upside Down Magic Books in Order 167x250

  1. Dragon Overnight – The Upside-Down Magic students are off on their first-ever overnight field trip! At Dragon Haven, Nory, Andres, and their UDM classmates get to swim with dragons, fly with dragons, and feed dragons. There’s only one downer. There are other students there, too. Thrown together with kids who are probably enemies, but might be friends, the UDM kids dive into their topsy-turviest adventure yet.
  2. Weather or Not – When Willa’s upside-down magic rains, it pours. Nory, meanwhile, can’t wait to celebrate her first Bing Day — her town’s magical holiday. Too bad she’s stuck doing her Bing Day class project with drippy Willa. To make things worse, Elliott seems to be taking Willa’s side on everything. All the storminess is threatening to flood the UDM friendships. Will they drown in misery? Or can they use their magic to make the storm clouds disappear?
  3. The Big Shrink – Marigold Ramos can magically make things small. The only problem? She can’t figure out how to make them big again. Maybe a new tutor can help Marigold manage her magic. And maybe her magic will come in handy as she and her friends in the Upside-Down Magic class band together to protest a new rule by their principal. It’s time to figure out how Marigold and her friends can make a big statement… without disappearing entirely!

Hide and Seek Book 7 Upside Down Magic Books in Order 167x250 Night Owl Upside Down Magic Books in Order 164x250

  1. Hide and Seek – When a flood wrecks Dun­widdle, Nory, and her Upside-Down Magic friends are forced to relocate . . .  to fancy, selective Sage Academy, where Nory’s father is the headmaster. When she’s offered the chance to stay at Sage for good, she has to decide where she belongs . . . and if Sage Academy can learn that magic comes in all shapes and sizes.
  2. Night Owl – It’s Big Night in Dunwiddle . . . and that means the whole school has a sleepover like no other. For one night every year, magic students run through the halls, hunting for the objects that will win them a super special prize. Nory is super excited for the scavenger hunt. Not only because she likes winning, but also because if her team wins, she thinks there’s a chance her best friend Elliott won’t move away to attend super snobby Sage Academy.


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