The Merlin Saga Books in Order: How to read T.A. Barron’s series?

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Written by Thomas Archibald Barron, The Merlin Saga is a fantasy series telling the lost stories from the youth of the legendary wizard Merlin to his old age.

The Merlin Saga is a big unified story composed of three separate series: The Lost Years of Merlin epic, Merlin’s Dragon trilogy, and The Great Tree of Avalon trilogy. It also now includes the prequel, Giant, released in 2021.

How to read The Merlin Saga in Order?

0.5. Prequel to The Merlin Saga

Giant The Unlikely Origins of Shim - The Merlin Saga Books in Order

  1. Giant: The Unlikely Origins of Shim – Shim has only ever known a world of peace. Unusually big and strong even for a young giant, he lives on the magical isle of Fincayra, immersed in nature as well as tales of wizards, mer folk, and dragons. Suddenly that world explodes in chaos. A terrible attack forces Shim and his mother to flee – and take a hazardous journey to reach the only person who could possibly help them, the mysterious Domnu. But when a wager goes horribly wrong, Shim shrinks down to a tiny fraction of his size. Now only as tall as a man’s knee, he finds himself lost in a deadly swamp. Worse yet, he has forgotten something important, something truly essential. But what? As small as he is now, Shim must find giant-size courage. He embarks on a perilous quest to discover what happened, what secret he forgot, and what it really means to be a giant.

I. The Lost Years of Merlin Epic

  1. The Lost Years (aka The Lost Years of Merlin) – A raging sea tosses a boy upon the shores of ancient Wales. Left for dead, he has no memory, no name, and no home. But it is his determination to find out who he is-to learn the truth about his mysterious powers-that leads him to a strange and enchanted land. And it is there he discovers that the fate of this land and his personal quest are strangely entwined.
  2. The Seven Songs (aka The Seven Songs of Merlin) – Merlin has brought hope to Fincayra, the enchanted isle that lies between earth and sky. But Fincayra is still in great danger-and its first victim is Merlin’s mother. Merlin’s only hope to save her is to master the Seven Songs of Wisdom, but to do that he must defeat an ogre whose merest glance could mean death.
  3. The Raging Fires (aka The Fires of Merlin) – Wings of Fire, the sleeping dragon, has awakened, threatening all of Fincayra. Only Merlin, whose magical powers are new and untested, can stop him. But before he can face the dragon’s fires, Merlin needs to face other fires, including those within himself. Most importantly, he must discover the power-as well as the source-of his own magic.
  1. The Mirror of Fate (aka The Mirror of Merlin) – Strange wickedness is rising up on the magical isle of Fincayra. To save his homeland, and his destiny, Merlin is forced to travel to frightening places-both on the land and within himself. Joined by Hallia, the deer-woman he has grown to love, and by his own mischievous shadow, Merlin discovers a magical mirror that can alter anyone’s fate. But when he looks into it, the person he sees is the person he least expects to find.
  2. A Wizard’s Wings (aka The Wings of Merlin) – As winter’s longest night approaches, Merlin faces the most difficult challenge of his life-to unite all of Fincayra against the evil warlord Rhita Gawr. But in the midst of this comes the mysterious Sword Arms, who is hunting and attacking Fincayra’s children. With tensions high, can Merlin unite the battling forces deep within himself to save the children, unify the Fincayrans, and regain the long lost wings that will enable him-and his people-to choose their true destiny?

II. Merlin’s Dragon Trilogy

  1. The Dragon of Avalon (aka Merlin’s Dragon) – Long ago, at the dawn of Merlin’s world, a strange little creature named Basil appeared. Part lizard, part bat, his eyes glow with a mysterious light. When Basil discovers a threat to his world and to Merlin, he begins an epic journey that takes him from the Great Tree of Avalon to the outermost edges of the spirit realm. But his boldest journey will be to face his own deepest fears. And only if he survives can he save Merlin-and find his future.
  2. Doomraga’s Revenge – A dark magic has been spreading across Avalon. Initially, the events seemed unrelated: a war in Fireroot between the dwarves and the fire dragons, blight in Stoneroot, and disputes throughout the realms. But as Merlin and Basil scour the realms, they begin to realize that looming behind the growing chaos is a single dark threat-an enemy that they’ve never encountered. One that must be stopped before all of Avalon is lost
  3. Ultimate Magic – Avalon is on the verge of total destruction: an army of warriors, a swarm of fire dragons, and a lethal plague are all laying waste to Merlin’s beloved land. But Merlin is nowhere to be found. Leading the fight in his place is Basil, the once tiny lizard who is now the most powerful dragon in Avalon. But to restore peace, the mastermind behind this chaos, Doomraga, will need to be discovered and destroyed before his power grows stronger and Avalon and its inhabitants are beyond saving.

III. The Great Tree of Avalon Trilogy

  1. The Great Tree of Avalon (aka Child of the Dark Prophecy) – Long ago, Merlin planted a magical seed that grew into the Great Tree of Avalon. And for centuries, Avalon flourished. But now Avalon reels from brutal attacks, mysterious droughts, and strange evils. And then one night, all the stars in the sky suddenly go dark. Now the fate of Avalon rests with three young people: Tamwyn, a homeless wilderness guide; Elli, an escaped slave turned priestess; and Scree, an eagleman with a secret. One is the true heir of Merlin-the only person who can save Avalon-and one is fated to destroy it.
  2. Shadows on the Stars – As peace returns to Avalon, Tamwyn, Elli, and Scree discover a terrifying new threat: The warlord Rhita Gawr has set out to conquer Avalon as well as mortal Earth. Racing against time, the friends embark on three separate quests. To succeed, they must solve Avalon’s most elusive mysteries. And they will need to travel vast distances-both in their world and in their own hearts.
  3. The Eternal Flame – Avalon is under seige by the warlord Rhita Gawr, now a wrathful dragon, who is bent on destroying it. Three unlikely heroes-Tamwyn, Elli, and Scree-are Avalon’s only hope. To succeed they must overcome enormous obstacles, both in the world around them and deep within themselves. But once they do, their success is only the beginning. Everything culminates in three great battles: one deep underground, one on the muddy plains, and one high among the stars. But will there be triumph for Avalon’s survival?


Merlin The Book of Magic Merlin Saga Books in Order

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