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Avaryan Rising Books in Order

Avaryan Rising Books in Order: How to read Judith Tarr’s series?

From the author of The Hound and the Falcon series

What is the Avaryan Rising series about?

From American fantasy and science fiction author Judith Tarr, the Avaryan Rising series also known as the Avaryan Chronicles is an high epic fantasy series.

He appeared out of the northern mountain fastness, wielding powerful magics and claiming to be the Sun God’s own child. His burning desire was to rule the entire world, and he inspired the loyalty of men who would fight for it with him. But conquering an empire, and ruling it, are two very different things. Even for the children of a demi-God.

The Seventh Tower Books in Order

The Seventh Tower Books in Order: How to read Garth Nix’s series?

By the writer of The Old Kingdom series.

What is The Seventh Tower about?

Written by Garth Nix, The Seventh Tower series is the result of a joint partnership between Scholastic and LucasFilm. The series follows two children from distinctly different societies in a world blocked from the sun by a magical Veil which leaves the world in complete darkness.

Tal is a Chosen from the Castle, and Milla is an Icecarl from the Ice. Together they discover that an evil, long thought to have vanished, once more threatens their world, slowly and secretly letting its presence be felt. A pact was broken, and a war dormant for two thousand years is rekindling. Danger looms, and it is up to these two children and a small band of unlikely heroes to save their Dark World.

The Keys to the Kingdom Books in Order

The Keys to the Kingdom Books in Order: How to read Garth Nix’s fantasy-adventure series?

Welcome to the Center of the Universe.

What is The Keys to the Kingdom about?

Written by Australian fantasy author Garth Nix, specialized in children’s and young adult fantasy novels, The Keys to the Kingdom chronicles the adventures of Arthur Penhaligon, an asthmatic 12-year-old boy who is chosen to become the Rightful Heir of the House, the center of the universe.

Arthur must now attempt to defeat the Morrow Days, the criminal Trustees of the House. The series takes place over a span of three weeks. Time moves at different speeds at different locations in the series.

Amulet Books in Order

Amulet Books in Order: How to read Kazu Kibuishi’s graphic novel series?

Two ordinary children are on a life-or-death mission in a world of terrible, man-eating demons, a mechanical rabbit, and a giant robot.

What is Amulet about?

Illustrated and written by Kazu Kibuishi, Amulet is an American graphic novel series. The story follows the adventures of Emily, a young girl who discovers a magical amulet in her great-grandfather’s house.

After their father’s death, Emily and her younger brother Navin move into their great-grandfather’s country house outside a town called Norlen. The children soon find themselves battling for the freedom of a parallel world and face mounting dangers with newfound friends.

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Books in Order

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Books in Order: How to read Michael Scott’s series?

Nicholas Flamel, the man who discovered the philosopher’s stone. You know, like in Harry Potter

What is The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel about?

Written by Irish author Michael Scott, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel is a young adult fantasy series about a French alchemist … and immortal Nicholas Flamel.

The story centers around Sophie and Josh Newman, two fifteen-year-old Americans whose life is changed forever when Dr. John Dee engages Josh’s boss and bookstore owner, Nick Fleming (who’s really Nicholas Flamel), in a battle of magic in order to steal an ancient book, The Book of Abraham the Mage.

Seven Realms/Shattered Realms Books in Order:

Seven Realms/Shattered Realms Books in Order: How to read Cinda Williams Chima’s high fantasy series?

Enter the Seven Realms…

What is Seven Realms/Shattered Realms about?

Written by the American author Cinda Williams Chima, The Seven Realms is a  four books high fantasy series set in the Queendom of the Fells – a world of medieval technology, swordplay, castles, and keeps. The story follows Han Alister, a thief-turned-wizard who joins forces with Princess Raisa ana’Marianna to defend her right to the Gray Wolf Throne.

The sequel series, titled Shattered Realms, takes place in the same world, but a generation after the events of The Seven Realms and follows the progeny of many of the characters in the original series.

The Old Kingdom Books in Order

The Old Kingdom Books in Order: How to read Garth Nix’s series?

Enter the Old Kingdom, where only the Abhorsen can keep the Abhorson can keep the living safe from the dead…

What is The Old Kingdom about?

Written by Australian author Garth Nix, The Old Kingdom is a young adult fantasy-horror series that takes place in a world where the line between the living and the dead isn’t always clear—and sometimes disappears altogether.

The Old Kingdom is where Free magic and Charter Magic exist, where you can find dangerous entities, ranging from the undead to powerful sorcerers and Free Magic elementals. Close to the Old Kingdom stand Ancelstierre, an unmagical country which has a technology level and society similar to that of early-20th century  Australia.

Temeraire Books in Order

Temeraire Books in Order: How to read Naomi Novik’s series?

Discover the Aerial Corps of Dragons during the Napoleonic Wars.

What is Temeraire about?

Written by American author Naomi Novik, the Temeraire series is a reimagining of the epic events of the Napoleonic Wars with an air force—an air force of dragons, manned by crews of aviators.

The story follows Capt. Will Laurence, who is serving with honor in the British Navy when his ship captures a French frigate harboring most a unusual cargo–an incalculably valuable dragon egg. When the egg hatches, Laurence unexpectedly becomes the master of the young dragon Temeraire and finds himself on an extraordinary journey that will shatter his orderly, respectable life and alter the course of his nation’s history.

Osten Ard Books in Order

Osten Ard Books in Order: How to read Tad Williams’ fantasy series?

From the author of the Otherland series, and the Shadowmarch series

What is the Osten Ard series about?

From American fantasy and science fiction writer Tad Williams, the Osten Ard Saga started in 1988 with the first trilogy (“Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn”) and, after twenty-four years, with a second trilogy (“The Last King of Osten Ard”).

Taking place on the fictional continent of Osten Ard where humans, Sithi, and Qanuc live in relative peace. But when King John Presbyter, a dragon slayer, dies and his son Elias ascends the throne, a long-dormant evil is ready to enter the realm and threaten the peace.

Chronicles of the Raven Series in Order

The Chronicles of the Raven Series in Order: How to read James Barclay’s books?

Deadly mercenaries in a deadly land.

What is The Chronicles of the Raven Series about?

Written by British high fantasy author James Barclay, this series takes us in the world of Balaia with a group of mercenaries who call themselves… The Raven.

As the title suggests, The Chronicles of the Raven is about the lives of the members of The Raven who, after years of success together, are confronted by a danger than put their loyalty and code to the test. Between magic and war, the mercenary band travel from one deadly quest to another impossible mission.

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