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Easy Rawlins Books in Order: How to read Walter Mosley’s series?

Did you know Denzel Washington played Easy Rawlins in the Devil in a Blue Dress movie in 1995?

Who Easy Rawlins is?

Created by mystery author Walter Mosley, Ezekiel “Easy” Porterhouse Rawlins is an African-American private investigator.

More precisely, Rawlins is a hard-boiled detective and World War II veteran from, Louisiana living in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, from the 1940s to the 1960s. Most of the time, he is reluctant to take on cases, but even when he doesn’t have a choice, he does his best.

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Kopp Sisters Books in Order: How to read Amy Stewart’s series?

Based on a true story…

What are the Kopp sisters series about?

Based on the true story of Constance Kopp from New Jersey, with, one of America’s first female deputy sheriffs, and her sisters, the Kopp Sisters Series is written by Amy Stewart.

This is not a series of biographies, but the fictionalized lives of three real-life sisters. There’s thirty-five-year-old Constance and her two younger sisters. First, there’s Norma, the no-nonsense sister, and then, there’s Fleurette, the youngest who is really Constance’s illegitimate daughter. Courageous, stubborn, independents and resourceful, the sisters hunt criminals and fight for justice.

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Liz Talbot Books in Order: How to read Susan M. Boyer’s series?

Some southern mysteries…

Who is Liz Talbot?

Written by Susan M. Boyer, this series is about a woman private investigator working in South Carolina where her family is living.

More precisely, the series is about PI Liz Talbot who is described as a modern Southern belle as she blesses hearts and takes names. She also carries her handgun in her Kate Spade handbag, and her golden retriever rides shotgun in her hybrid Escape. And now, she’s back in Charleston to solve crime.

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Lady Grace Books in Order: How to read Grace Cavendish’s series?

Mysteries in the royal court!

Who is Lady Grace?

Historical Mystery series, The Lady Grace Mysteries is about the adventures and investigations of Lady Grace Cavendish who is a maid of honor to Queen Elizabeth I solving mysteries in the royal court.

Written in the style of a diary by Lady Grace, the series is really written by Patricia Finney in the first place (for three books), then by Sara Volger and Jan Burchett. Of course, all three authors wrote under the pseudonym “Grace Cavendish”.

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The Gaslight Mystery Books in Order: How to read Victoria Thompson’s series?

in the vein of Anne Perry’s Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series

What is The Gaslight Mystery series about?

Written by Victoria Thompson, The Gaslight Mystery series is about Sarah Brandt, a midwife in turn-of-the-20th-century.

More precisely, these stories follow Sarah Brandt, whose family is one of the oldest in New York City, and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy as they work together, dealing with birth and death in this brutal and evolving society, at a time when Teddy Roosevelt was Police Commissioner.

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Tom Thorne Books in Order: How to read Mark Billingham’s series?

Played on TV by David Morrissey.

Who is Tom Thorne?

Written by an English novelist, actor and comedian Mark Billingham, the Tom Thorne series is a mystery one set in London, England.

More precisely, the stories follow Tom Thorne, a middle-aged detective inspector who is known for being unpredictable, as he investigates violent crimes, hunt serial killers and try to save lives.

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Anna Pigeon Books in Order: How to read Nevada Barr’s series?

National Parks are dangerous places…

Who is Anna Pigeon?

Written by former park ranger and American author Nevada Barr, this mystery series takes us to the national parks in the United States. Travels with a bit of murders.

The story centers on National Park Ranger Anna Pigeon as she travels to National Parks around the country. Her work goes beyond the protection of nature. She also solves mysteries in the wilderness and historic locales.

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Magical Bakery Books in Order: How to read Bailey Cates’ series?

Like Hannah Swensen’s series, but with magic!

What is the Magical Bakery series about?

Written by American author Bailey Cates, the Magical Bakery mystery series takes us in a world of pastry, magic and murder!

The story focuses on Katie Lightfoot who left an Ohio bakery to work with her aunt Lucy and uncle Ben who opened their own bakery in Savannah. Katie discovered that her aunt is a witch and she likes to use actually spells in her recipes. Katie follows her and join the witch’s community while cooking and solving crimes. That’s a rich mix!

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Isaac Bell Books in Order: How to read Clive Cussler’s series?

New adventures at the beginning of the last century by Clive Cussler…

Who is Isaac Bell?

Main character in a crime/adventure series written by Clive Cussler/Justin Scott branded books, Isaac Bell is a detective at the beginning of the 20th century.

More precisely, Isaac Bell is an investigator working for the VanDorn Detective Agency (loosely based on the famous Pinkertons). Like in the TV show “The Adventures of Brisco County Jr,” our main character is always looking to the future, getting involve with the technologies that will become prominent in the years to come. Of course, he also seeks the truth and stop criminals.

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Inspector Thanet Books in Order: How to read Dorothy Simpson’s series?

There are some cozy murder mysteries in Kent.

Who is Inspector Thanet?

Written by British mystery author Dorothy Preece Simpson, this crime series follows the investigations of Luke Thanet, a police inspector in Kent, England.

Set in Sturrenden, an imaginary town in Kent, the Inspector Thanet series takes us in the lives of Inspector Thanet and his sergeant, Mike Lineham, as they solve the crimes, mostly by delving into the life and relationships of the murder victim, sometimes with the help of their own family members.

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