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Pink Carnation Books in Order

The Pink Carnation Books in Order: How to read Lauren Willig’s series?

Ready for some Napoleonic-Era spy adventures?

What is The Pink Carnation series about?

Written by bestselling author Lauren Willig, The Pink Carnation series follows a collection of Napoleonic-Era British spies as they fight for Britain and fall in love.

Everything begins with Eloise Kelly, a modern-day student who is determined to finish her dissertation on two spies, the Scarlet Pimpernel and the Purple Gentian. But what she discovers is something historians have missed: the secret history of the Pink Carnation-the most elusive spy of all time.

John Corey Books in Order

John Corey Books in Order: How to read Nelson DeMille’s series?

From the author of the Joe Ryker series.

Who is John Corey?

Written by prolific American author Nelson DeMille, this action/suspense series is about a retired cop John Corey who starts working for the FBI to track down terrorists.

John Corey is indeed a former homicide detective. He is medically retired from the NYPD with 3 gunshot wounds. He ended up in Long Island where his career took an unexpected turn. He’s now working for the FBI’s Anti-Terrorist Task Force.

Slough House/Jackson Lamb Books in Order:

Slough House/Jackson Lamb Books in Order: How to read Mick Herron’s series?

Where the disgraced spies go to work…

What is the Slough House series about?

From British mystery and thriller novelist Mick Herron, the Slough House series takes us to London, England, to follow a group of disgraced spies.

The Slough House is where the washed-up MI5 spies are relegated when their careers are derailed. Maybe they got in the way of an ambitious colleague and had the rug yanked out from under them or they drink a little too much. Now, if they want to get back in the action, they have to collaborate with one another.

Night Soldiers Books in Order

Night Soldiers Books in Order: How to read Alan Furst’s series?

Spying in the Nazi era…

What is the Night Soldiers series about?

Written by American author Alan Furst, the Night Soldiers novels are espionage thrillers tanking place Europe, starting in the 1930s and through World War II.

Those are realistic stories of (mostly) reluctant heroes in wartime, an exploration of the multiple resistance movements all over Europe, from occupied Paris to London, from the front to the well-organized Communist underground.


Patrick McLanahan Books in Order: How to read Dale Brown’s series?

The War from the sky…

Who is Patrick McLanahan?

Written by American writer and aviator Dale Brown, the Patrick McLanahan series is an aviation techno-thriller series.

The story is about Patrick McLanahan, a US Air Force officer fighting to defend the USA against enemy forces. As the years and the successful missions accumulated, Patrick starts taking control of the missions, developing new teams and weapons. But the enemies are also resourceful and the danger is always present.

Ursula Blanchard Books in Order

Ursula Blanchard Books in Order: How to read Fiona Buckley’s series?

Another Royal Spy series.

who is Ursula Blanchard?

Historical fiction set in the reign of Elizabeth I of England, the Ursula Blanchard series is written by British author Valerie Anand under the pen name Fiona Buckley.

Ursula Faldene Blanchard de la Roche Stannard is the illegitimate half sister to Queen Elizabeth I, a twenty-seven-year-old Lady of the Presence Chamber and sometime spy on the Queen’s behalf.

Matt Helm Books in Order

Matt Helm Books in Order: How to read Donald Hamilton’s Series?

The ageless spy played by Dean Martin…

Who is Matt Helm?

Written by American author Donald Hamilton, the Matt Helm series, published between 1960 and 1993, is about a U.S. government counter-agent.

Considered grittier and more realistic than the James Bond series, the Matt Helm novels are not like other ordinary spy thrillers, the primary job Helm being to eliminate enemy agents and he is really competent at it.

Lexi Carmichael Books in Order

Lexi Carmichael Books in Order: How to read Julie Moffet’s Series?

Hacking the hackers…

Who is Lexi Carmichael?

Written by American Author Julie Moffet, this mystery series is about hacker extraordinaire Lexi Carmichael as she travels the world stopping hackers and cyber criminals.

She was working at the National Security Agency when her life got derailed by extraordinary adventures. She joined XCorp to continue to do her best work, stopping criminals, hackers of all sorts, with the help of her friends and coworkers.

Covert-One Books in Order

Covert-One Books in Order: How to read Robert Ludlum’s series?

By the creator of Jason Bourne.

What is Covert-One about?

American writer Robert Ludlum created the Covert-One series, overseeing the first three novels with Gayle Lynds and Philip Shelby before his death. Following Ludlum’s death, his estate has continued to publish novels under The Ludlum brand, including a number of Covert-One books.

The Covert-One series follows a team of political and technical experts, belonging to a top-secret U.S. agency called Covert-One. Lead by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Jonathan ‘Jon’ Jackson Smith, M.D., they fight corruption, conspiracy, and bioweaponry at the highest levels of society.

Alex Rider Books in Order

Alex Rider Books in Order: How to read Anthony Horowitz’s series?

Ready for some teen spy adventures?

What is Alex Rider about?

Young adult action-adventure books written by British author Anthony Horowitz, the Alex Rider series is about a teen spy.

Teenage Alex Rider discovered the truth about his uncle’s life and death. That leads him to be recruited by MI6 in order to complete his uncle’s latest mission and stop a terrorist attack. After that, Alex continues to face dangerous challenges and defeat bad guys.

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