How to read The Clone Conspiracy, a Spidey event ?

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Last Updated 3 months ago.When Marvel announced Civil War II, I was afraid because the first one didn’t really help Spider-man. On the contrary, pardon my French, but the post-Civil War was a shit show for Spidey. One More Day anyone ??? Fortunately, our friendly neighborhood Spider-man was untouched. In fact, Carol Danvers is the real victim this time around, the one I am seeing for now. Maybe not the only one. I mean, Rhodey, Banner, Stark, even Hawkeye (but we get a solo Kate Bishop in return, not a bad deal), they all pay a stupid price.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker was preparing for The Clone Conspiracy, his own event. Maybe I should have started with the Civil War II reading guide, but I prefer talking about less enraging things today.

What is The Clone Conspiracy?

As I was saying, it’s the actual Spidey Event. The full name of the storyline is Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy. It’s been written by Dan Slott, with Christos Gage. Jim Cheung is the artist.

If there is “clone” in the title, of course, the Jackal is back. Weirdly, this time he took the form of a mysterious man in a red suit with an Anubis mask. He visits Spider-Man’s enemies and offers them a deal: he will revive their lost loved ones if they follow his orders. Peter’s family is touched by a tragedy and his enemies allied against him, then dead people come back to life… of course, that’s only the beginning and there are a lot of twists and turns.

Information This article will not be updated anymore. Since we have launched a blog dedicated to comic book reading orders, you can find an up-to-date version of the Clone Conspiracy Reading Order here.

Where to start The Clone Conspiracy?

It’s probably too much to say that you should probably start with the first Clone Saga. It’s a good read and we will talk about it at another time. That said, the last time we saw Jackal was during the Superior Spider-man era — also a good read –, but it’s still not a necessity. Like it’s not an obligation to read The Spider-Verse Event, but if you want to know what happened to Kaine, that’s where you should go.

For The Clone Conspiracy, we begin with:


1. FCBD 2016: Captain America — Of course, it’s about Steve Rogers, but after his story, there’s another one, a prelude written by Dan Slott that shows Peter intervening between Rhino and Kingpin. (could also be found in Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide Vol. 4 TPB)

Then, we go to “Before Dead No More”:

2. Amazing Spider-Man #16 to 19 — Like all those events, everything doesn’t start abruptly, especially with a series as big as Amazing Spider-Man. So, there is some teasing, clues, and stories that put in places everything needed for the event.

And then, The Clone Conspiracy story-arc:

Like all these events, there’s the main series and a few tie-ins. So, The Clone Conspiracy is obligatory reading. I would not miss the Amazing Spider-Man tie-ins too. Silk and Prowler add interesting things but are more optional.

  1. The Clone Conspiracy #1
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #20 (tie-in)
  3. Prowler #1 (tie-in)
  4. The Clone Conspiracy #2
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #21 (tie-in)
  6. Silk #14 (tie-in)
  7. Prowler #2 (tie-in)
  8. The Clone Conspiracy #3
  9. Amazing Spider-Man #22 (tie-in)
  10. Silk #15 (tie-in)
  11. Prowler #3 (tie-in)
  12. The Clone Conspiracy #4
  13. Amazing Spider-Man #23 (tie-in)
  14. Silk #16 (tie-in)
  15. Prowler #4 (tie-in)
  16. The Clone Conspiracy #5
  17. Amazing Spider-Man #24 (tie-in)
  18. Silk #17 (tie-in)
  19. Prowler #5 (tie-in)

The End ? Not really, there’s always more.

  1. The Clone Conspiracy: Omega — an epilogue to the event that reveals the fate of a few key characters.

Collected Editions

If you want to buy The Clone Conspiracy in TPB/hardcover form, this is what’s available:

  1. Amazing Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy, The Hardcover: A bit pricey, but collect all the event (well, to be confirmed soon).
  2. Amazing Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy, the TPB (UK only): Collecting Amazing Spider-Man #19-20, The Clone Conspiracy #1-5, Prowler #1 (subject to change). 272 pages. Coming soon and it looks like it’s the slim version of the event.
  3. Amazing Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy, the tie-ins: Collecting Amazing Spider-Man #20-24.
  4. Prowler Vol. 1: the Clone Conspiracy: Collecting Prowler #1-5.
  5. Silk Vol. 3: the Clone Conspiracy: Collects Silk (2015B) #14-19.

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