Noah Wolf Books in Order: How to read David Archer’s Series?

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A soldier like no other…

What is the Noah Wolf series about?

Written by Californian author David Archer, Noah Wolf is his breakthrough action spy series, the story of a man transformed by trauma who finds his place in a violent world.

As a child, Noah witnessed the murder-suicide of his parents. He was only seven-year-old. This event left him without emotion or conscience, but he learned to hide it and found a place in the U.S. Army where he thrived until he was falsely accused of murder.

But an ultrasecret organization known as E & E wants Noah’s talents, offering him a chance to survive…

How to read the Noah Wolf Books in Order?

Every book in the Noah Wolf series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

The Way of The Wolf - Noah Wolf Books in Order Code Name Camelot - Noah Wolf Books in Order Lone Wolf - Noah Wolf Books in Order In Sheep's Clothing - Noah Wolf Books in Order

  1. The Way of the Wolf (prequel) – What happens to a seven-year-old boy who sees his parents die in a murder-suicide? There is trauma, of course, and an impact on his emotional health from which you may never recover. Noah Foster was that boy, and his struggle with post-traumatic stress has left him without emotions, without a conscience, and without whatever it is that once made him human. The only thing he’s got now is his friends, and with their help and guidance, Noah will learn how to disguise himself, how to hide his wolf-like nature in the clothing of the man he will grow to become. But one can only pretend for so long, and eventually, even Noah isn’t able to keep the Wolf at bay.
  2. Code Name: Camelot – After witnessing the murder-suicide of his parents as a child, Noah suffers from a form of PTSD that has left him without emotion, without a conscience, and without the ability to function as a normal human being. With the help of childhood friends, he learns to watch others around him and mimic their behaviors, in order to conceal the fact that his mind operates more like a computer that he has spent years programming. As a young adult, Noah finds structure in the U.S. Army, and becomes an excellent and exemplary soldier, but when his self-imposed programming is put to the test by the murderous acts of the superior officer, Noah finds himself quickly made expendable, charged with crimes he did not commit and facing the possibility of execution.
  3. Lone Wolf – When Team Camelot is handed an unusual mission to rescue the abducted daughter of a foreign president, Noah and the rest go into it with confidence, and are quickly successful. Back home, they are ready to celebrate, but something doesn’t feel right. The mission was too easy, and there are indicators that someone may have discovered who they are and tracked them back to Neverland. Noah’s house is entered while the team is away, and he is unable to shake the feeling that the mission was nothing but a ruse to expose E & E.
  4. In Sheep’s Clothing – Team Camelot has recovered from the devastation of their last mission, and it’s time to go back to work. This time, they find themselves working right here in the good ol’ US of A, taking out the top echelons of an entire drug cartel, and Noah gets the chance to use some of Wally’s supergadgets. The mission comes off better than anyone could have hoped, and the team heads for home. But then all four of their phones signal an incoming message: Neverland under attack!

Hit For Hire - Noah Wolf Books in Order The Wolf's Bite - Noah Wolf Books in Order Black Sheep - Noah Wolf Books in Order Balance of Power - Noah Wolf Books in Order

  1. Hit For Hire – After recovering from the shock of Neverland’s recent attack, Noah and the team are sent back into the field to identify and eliminate a power player who uses his position as a legitimate arms dealer to manipulate terror groups and nations alike. Unfortunately, this means infiltrating the man’s organization, and the only opening he’s got is for an assassin of his own.
  2. The Wolf’s Bite – Noah Wolf and the Camelot team are handed their most unusual mission yet: Sarah must infiltrate the infamous Bangkok Hilton women’s prison in order to make contact with and plan the rescue of a young American woman. Noah, Neil and new team member Marco are tasked with planning their escape, but something goes terribly wrong.
  3. Black Sheep – Noah Wolf is called in for debriefing after the mission that lost Sarah and reveals his worries that one of the team members is a traitor… and that Sarah is still alive, the captive of someone who knows exactly who she is!
  4. Balance of Power (part. 1) – Just back from their honeymoon, Noah Wolf and Sarah and the rest of Team Camelot are called up for a new mission, but this one is different from anything they’ve done before. Noah will be infiltrating a domestic organized crime ring in the South, with Sarah as his wife and Neil as her computer-nerd little brother. Marco will come in a little later, and it will be up to Noah to find a way to recruit him into the organization.

Time To Hunt - Noah Wolf Books in Order Red Square - Noah Wolf Books in Order Highest Order - Noah Wolf Books in Order Edge of Anarchy - Noah Wolf Books in Order

  1. Time To Hunt (part. 2) – Working in deep cover, Noah Wolf and the team are fully aware of the danger that surrounds them as they prepare for the most comprehensive mass elimination in E&E’s history, but things may not be exactly as they seem. At the same time, Noah must deal with Monique, the seemingly untouchable mole that has tentacles in every government agency, but it’s while dealing with her threats that he realizes there’s something amiss.
  2. Red Square – Team Cinderella has been sent into Russia to “fake” an assassination of a Russian Deputy Minister, in order to cover up the fact of his defection to the United States. They accomplish the mission, but then are compromised during their own escape and captured. They are quickly disavowed by the US Secretary of State, and sentenced to a public execution in Red Square only a week hence.
  3. Highest Order – While out on a mission, Noah Wolf receives a call that tells them that something has gone wrong. Allison has been arrested, and there is an investigation going on into the recent admissions of Team Camelot. He is ordered to go to ground and stay off the radar until further notice.
  4. Edge of Anarchy – Noah Wolf and the team are called up for a new mission, but it almost seems like history repeating itself. This time, Jenny is forced to take on the role of a known female assassin in order to expose the terrorist organization behind her. The plan takes them to a few different locales, and puts all of them in danger.

Unknown Evil - Noah Wolf Books in Order Black Harvest - Noah Wolf Books in Order World Order - Noah Wolf Books in Order Caged Animal - Noah Wolf Books in Order

  1. Unknown Evil – Noah Wolf and the Team take some well-deserved time off at the Manor in England, but that always seems to be when things go crazy. The Queen’s Ambassador, Catherine Potts, suddenly calls Noah to tell him that there is a single terrorist in the country who has the power to wipe us out, but he’s an unknown. MI6 has been unable to break through the secrecy around him to track him down, so the Queen has asked for Camelot’s help.
  2. Black Harvest – Noah Wolf and the team go after the most despicable organization they’ve ever encountered: human traffickers that deal not only in slaves, but also in harvested organs. Using organ donor recruitment groups on college campuses, they choose their victims carefully and keep them prisoner until their organs have been sold on the black market.
  3. World Order – Noah Wolf and his team are sent to take on a mission they never expected to see: investigating what looks suspiciously like an extraterrestrial base in South America. American military men have been turning up dead and vanishing, and all of the events are connected to the unusual activity. UFOs and alien creatures and visits from Men In Black are all part of the mystery, and even Noah is beginning to wonder what they’re up against.
  4. Caged Animal – Noah Wolf is sent out with a CIA agent to bring in information vital to National Security, but something goes wrong. Noah is wounded and captured, and the man they get back is nothing like the Camelot they knew.

Deep Allegiance - Noah Wolf Books in Order Pack Leader - Noah Wolf Books in Order High Treason - Noah Wolf Books in Order A Wolf Among Men - Noah Wolf Books in Order

  1. Deep Allegiance – On a diplomatic mission to discuss possible E&E assistance to the European Union, Donald Jefferson falls victim to an international assassin, and Allison is in shock. With the intelligence community at a loss to find out who was behind the attack, Noah Wolf and Team Camelot are called on to track down the elusive criminal kingpin known only as Spear and bring his powerful murder cartel to an end.
  2. Pack Leader – As the new head of E & E, Noah Wolf has to make decisions that would terrify most people. Fortunately, his lack of emotion makes him the ideal man for the job, and his teams rapidly come to respect him as he takes over from the infamous Dragon Lady.But now, with a new trade war rocking world leaders and mega-corporations gearing up to wage some combat of their own, Noah has to put together a team that can not only eliminate those who threaten the world, but also bring some order to it. Who among his stable will be best for the job? There will be some surprises as Noah takes on his new role as the most dangerous and powerful man alive.
  3. High Treason – With E&E shut down and everyone in hiding, Noah Wolf and the rest start to think about retirement, but then an ultra-secret message comes in that tells him to set up a whole new operation in the UK. He and Wally come up with a cover story in the form of a new factory that will house and conceal the new R&D labs, while giving the teams a reason to be traveling around the world.The problem is that the first missions to come in are necessary to protect the teams from being found out, and they lead to some discoveries of treason in some of the highest levels of the government–and perhaps the end of Allison Peterson.
  4. A Wolf Among Men – Noah Wolf and Allison have sent out two teams on two different missions, but both of them run into trouble when it comes time to act. Soon it becomes obvious that neither of them was what they seemed to be, and that someone is trying to track down E&E for reasons of their own.

  1. Rogue Intelligence (2022) – E&E Team Cinderella is back in action, this time with robot assassin Esmeralda competently in charge. She’s aided by her own team and Wally Lawson’s latest creation: Stanley, another robot on his first mission. Strong, deadly and almost alive, Stanley is the perfect agent; he won’t fail, and he’ll never stop. But when Stanley is struck by lightning and goes rogue, taking along the young daughter of the British Ambassador whom he was assigned to protect, the potential for disaster could spell the end for Noah and the rest of the agency.
  2. Alpha (2023) – With the American Alphabet Groups stalking Noah, and the clamoring for heads that will spell the end of the organization, Noah decides to take control of the situation and prepares for the survival of his family. After a sad farewell to Feeney Manor and leaving Allison and Molly to run the Home Robotics company, he and Sarah take their closest friends and move on to what they hope might be retirement and a long life.

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