Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Books in Order: How to read Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris’s Series?

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Steampunk adventures with Her Majesty’s Agents!

What is the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Series about?

Written by co-authors Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris, the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Series is a reimagination of England’s Edwardian Era in a steampunk fantasy style.

The story focuses on the adventures of Eliza D. Braun and Wellington Books, agents of The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences who work to solve these mysterious happenings that leave normal law enforcement officials baffled. They are here to protect every one of the citizens of the Empire from threats that would haunt their dreams.

How to read the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Books in Order?

Every book in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. Phoenix Rising (2011) – These are dark days indeed in Victoria’s England. Londoners are vanishing, then reappearing, washing up as corpses on the banks of the Thames, drained of blood and bone. Yet the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences – the Crown’s clandestine organization whose bailiwick is strange and unsettling – will not allow its agents to investigate. Fearless and exceedingly lovely Eliza D. Braun, however, with her bulletproof corset and a disturbing fondness for dynamite, refuses to let the matter rest… and she’s prepared to drag her timorous new partner, Wellington Books, along with her into the perilous fray.
  2. The Janus Affair (2012) – Certainly no strangers to peculiar occurrences, agents Wellington Books and Eliza Braun are nonetheless stunned to observe a fellow passenger aboard Britain’s latest hyper steam train suddenly vanish in a dazzling bolt of lightning. They soon discover this is not the only such disappearance … with each case going inexplicably unexamined by the Crown.
  3. Dawn’s Early Light (2014) – Even with the help of two American agents from the Office of the Supernatural and the Metaphysical, Wellington Books and Eliza Braun have their work cut out for them as their chief suspects in a rash of nautical and aerial disasters is none other than Thomas Edison. Between the fantastic electric machines of Edison, the eccentricities of MoPO consultant Nikola Tesla, and the mysterious machinations of a new threat known only as the Maestro, they may find themselves in far worse danger than they ever have been in before…


  1. The Diamond Conspiracy (2015) – Braun’s street-wise team of child informants, the Ministry Seven, is in grave peril, and Books and Braun must return to England immediately. But when the intrepid agents finally arrive in London, the situation is even more dire than they imagined. The Ministry has been disavowed, and the Department of Imperial Inconveniences has been called in to decommission its agents in a most deadly fashion. The plan reeks of the Maestro’s dastardly scheming. Only, this time, he has a dangerous new ally-a duplicitous doctor whose pernicious poisons have infected the highest levels of society, reaching even the Queen herself.
  2. The Ghost Rebellion (2016) – Agents Eliza D Braun and Wellington Books are in hot pursuit of Dr. Henry Jekyll. While he continues his experiments on the aristocracy of Europe, he leaves a trail of chaos and despair in his wake. However when Eliza and Wellington run him to the ground in India, they are forced to come face to face with ghosts from the past, and the realities of the empire. Meanwhile, Ministry agents Brandon Hill and Bruce Campbell travel deep into Russia hunting down a rare ingredient to save Queen Victoria’s life. Amid the cold, they uncover a threat from the revitalized House of Usher that comes directly from their new Chairman.
  3. Operation: Endgame (2017) – There is no time to rest for Eliza D Braun and Wellington Thornhill Books. The man who has haunted and hounded them since the fall of the Maestro-Doctor Henry Jekyll-is now on a killing spree, using bizarre, theatrical murders as a way to taunt their inability to capture him. Of course, Books and Braun know this is a trap, so it falls on the Ministry’s Finest to turn the tables on Jekyll and bring him to justice.

Short Stories

  • Ministry Protocol (2013) – A collection of short stories featuring the derring-do of secret agents cut from a different cloth. These original short stories feature the imagination and voices of Leanna Rennee Hieber,The League of S.T.E.A.M.’s Glenn Freund, Delilah S. Dawson, Jared Axelrod, Tiffany Trent, Karina Cooper… and many more!
  • The Books & Braun Dossier (2018) – Stories now collected for the first time in one volume, and one untold story of Books and Brauns adventures in a shady hotel in Torquay.

Verity Fitzroy and the Ministry Seven Series (spin-off)

Verity Fitzroy is part of the Ministry Seven, street orphans that work for Agent Harrison Thorne of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. Under his guidance, a whole new adventure begins for them all, investigating the strange, the unusual, and the bizarre.

  1. The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh – When an Egyptologist from the British Museum is kidnapped, the only clue leads to the Delancy Academy, an elite school for gifted, young scientists. Now the Seven are called upon to go where Ministry agents cannot, and within the school Verity uncovers an ancient evil that could herald the end of the world. The Seven set down a dangerous path of intrigue, mystery, and murder; and find that ancient curses are especially difficult to contend with when you have Chemistry assignments due the next day.
  2. The Mystery of Emerald Flame – With her Uncle Octavius still somewhere out there, Verity Fitzroy is sure the terrifying disappearance of children in the fogs of the capital cannot be a coincidence. The ancient mystery of the Emerald Flame is on the verge of being solved, which will mean an end to life and death as the world has known it. The race is on to find it first, and the winner will hold the fate of the future in their hands.
  3. The Secret of the Monkey God – After the devastating events while searching for the Emerald Flame, the Ministry Seven retreat to London to lick their wounds. However, Verity Fitzroy is out for revenge. The trail of the Illuminati leads the children north into Scotland, and a monumental gathering of clankertons from all over the globe. However, the nefarious goings on in Edinburgh Castle tangle the Seven in international affairs, and hidden dangers. All while Harrison Thorne begins to investigate a series of disappearances that threaten his very sanity.

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