Ben Hope Books In Order: How to read Scott Mariani’s series?

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Written by British author Scott Mariani, this series of thrillers is about Ben Hope, an ex-SAS Major and former theology student who has been described as “James Bond meets Jason Bourne, with a historical twist,” which is an explosive combination.

Ben Hope is tortured by a tragedy from his past. After years with the SAS, he walked away from the army to pursue a new career. Now, he is using his expertise as a hostage rescue operative to find and bring home kidnapped children, as well as other innocent victims of the evil kidnap and ransom industry.

How to Read the Ben Hope Series In Order?

Every book in the Ben Hope book series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

I. Prequel novellas to the Ben Hope Series

  1. Passenger 13 – June 2003: the world is still on fire in the aftermath of 9/11. Fresh from the bloody conflict of the Second Gulf War, SAS soldier Ben Hope returns to Britain for some R&R leave, only to find himself embroiled in an intrigue deadlier than anything he’s encountered on the battlefields of Iraq.
  2. Bring Him Back – Twelve-year-old Carl Hunter has been snatched at gunpoint from his home in Jersey. After weeks, the cops have found nothing. Enter Ben Hope, recently retired from the SAS and now working freelance to rescue kidnapped children.
  3. The Tunnel – Christmas Eve, 2004. Ben Hope has quit the SAS, but now he’s back in full swing and embarking on a deadly one-man operation in the remote winter wilderness of the Scottish Highlands.

II. The Ben Hope Series

  1. The Alchemist’s Secret – A former élite member of the SAS, Ben Hope is recruited to locate an ancient manuscript which could save a dying child, he embarks on the deadliest quest of his life. The document is alleged to contain the formula for the elixir of life. But it soon becomes apparent that others are hunting this most precious of treasures – for far more evil ends.
  2. The Mozart Conspiracy – Enlisted by Leigh Llewellyn-the beautiful, world-famous opera star and Ben’s first love-to investigate her brother, Oliver’s, mysterious death, Ben Hope finds himself caught up in a puzzle dating back to the 1700s.
  3. The Doomsday Prophecy – Searching for missing biblical archaeologist Zoë Bradbury, Ben Hope finds himself embroiled in his riskiest mission yet. What is the ancient secret that Zoë uncovered? And just who is willing to do anything to protect it?
  1. The Heretic’s Treasure – Ben Hope is living a peaceful life in rural France – until a phone call from an old army comrade. Eminent Egyptologist Morgan Paxton has been brutally murdered while working on the mysterious ‘Akhenaten Project’ in Cairo, and Colonel Harry Paxton wants Ben to find his son’s killer.
  2. The Shadow Project – Ben Hope is enjoying life at Le Val, the facility in Northern France where he trains others in the dangerous art of hostage rescue, until a chance incident forces him to take on the role of bodyguard to the Swiss billionaire Maximilian Steiner.
  3. The Lost Relic – Whilst visiting a former SAS comrade in Italy, Ben Hope almost runs over a young boy. Persuaded by the boy’s family to attend a valuable gallery exhibition, Ben is witness to a ruthless attack by a gang of criminals seeking to steal a relatively worthless Goya sketch.
  1. The Sacred Sword – It’s Christmas, and on a trip back to the UK to try to sort out his stormy personal life, Ben Hope runs into two old friends. Simeon and Michaela were once his fellow students at Oxford – now they are the Reverend and Mrs Arundel.
  2. The Armada Legacy – Ben Hope is relaxing at his home in Normandy when he hears the worst news of his life. His ex-girlfriend Dr Brooke Marcel has been kidnapped. Racing against the clock, Ben’s frantic search for Brooke leads him from Ireland to the Spanish mountains and the rainforests of Peru.
  3. The Nemesis Program – While secretly researching the bizarre discoveries of Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla many years earlier, physicist Claudine Pommier becomes the victim of a remorseless and cruel murderer. Ben Hope suddenly finds his life turned upside down by American biologist Dr Roberta Ryder’s sudden arrival in England. She needs his help.
  1. The Forgotten Holocaust – Ben Hope has wandered back to his old haunt in Ireland. Trouble soon appears when Kirsten Hall, a young journalist, is brutally murdered right in front of him. Unable to prevent it, Ben is driven by guilt to hunt down the killers.
  2. The Martyr’s Curse – Ben Hope’s wanderings through Europe have led him to a remote medieval monastery in the French Alps. When a team of merciless killers invade his newfound sanctuary and slaughter the innocent monks, Ben’s revenge quest quickly draws him into a bewildering mystery of stolen treasure, deception and murder.
  3. The Cassandra Sanction – Ben Hope is one of the most celebrated action adventure heroes ever and Scott Mariani is one of the most successful home grown thriller writers of all time.
  1. Star of Africa – Ben Hope is trained to identify danger. So when he finds out that someone very important to him is working on a US container ship in the treacherous seas off the East African coast, he fears the worst. Within days the ship is hijacked by pirates. Taking matters into his own hands, Ben embarks upon the most daring rescue mission of his career
  2. The Devil’s Kingdom – General Khosa’s lust for blood is matched only by his lust for power – and he wants to use Ben Hope’s superior military skills to turn his rabble of inexperienced boys into an army of lethal soldiers. If Ben refuses, Khosa will kill the person he loves most.
  3. The Babylon Idol – When a sniper leaves Ben Hope’s friend fighting for his life, the former SAS major declares war on the men responsible. But what begins as a straightforward revenge mission gets complicated when a mysterious letter reveals Ben to be the real target.
  1. The Bach Manuscript – While on a business trip to the UK, Ben Hope makes an impulse decision to attend a college reunion at his former university, Oxford. There he meets an old friend, Nick, now an internationally-renowned classical musician.
  2. The Moscow Cipher – When twelve-year-old Valentina fails to return from a visit to her father in Moscow, alarm bells start ringing. Her rich and powerful family knows there’s one man they can depend on to bring her back safe: former SAS major Ben Hope.
  3. The Rebel’s Revenge – Even when Ben Hope is taking a holiday, trouble seems to find him. What started as a relaxing trip to the Deep South spirals into a nightmare when he’s wrongly accused of a vicious murder and forced to go on the run.
  1. Valley of Death – People going missing in the remote wilds of India is not unusual. But when the son of a wealthy Delhi businessman is kidnapped just weeks after his brother fell victim to an alleged bandit attack in the mountains of Haryana, it raises eyebrows. With the local police doing close to nothing, there’s only one man for the job: ex-SAS major Ben Hope.
  2. House of War – Following a chance encounter with a terrified young woman in the streets of Paris, former SAS soldier Ben Hope finds himself hurled into a violent new mission involving murder, international terrorism and stolen historic artifacts. A mission made even more perilous by the reappearance of an old enemy from Ben’s military past. A man he knew and fought years ago. A man he thought was dead.
  3. The Pretender’s Gold – Retired army sergeant Boonzie McCulloch travels to the wintry Highlands of Scotland to help a relative in danger, but is soon deeper in it himself than he’d bargained for. Ruthless, controlling thugs are running amok across the region and will kill anybody to get their hands on a historic hoard of lost gold treasure.
  1. The Demon Club – Life is good for ex-SAS soldier and rescue specialist Ben Hope. He’s found love, peace and happiness at last… That is, until a man he’s never seen before sits beside him on a plane, and makes him a proposal that turns his whole world upside down.
  2. The Pandemic Plot – When ex-SAS major Ben Hope is urgently recalled to the UK from his base in France to assist with a family crisis, little does he know that he’s about to be drawn into one of the most dangerous missions of his career: his son Jude has been accused of a brutal murder, and all the evidence points to his guilt.
  3. The Crusader’s Cross – It’s a snowy, peaceful Christmas at Le Val, the rural haven that is home to ex-SAS soldier Ben Hope and his associates. With most of the team away for the festive holiday, Ben, recovering from an accident, is one of the skeleton crew guarding the compound. That’s when a ruthless Corsican crime gang, knowing that Ben is injured and out of action, target the location for a violent raid. With help from his faithful canine companion, Storm, Ben thwarts the attack – but not before the raiders claim several victims among his best friends. Now he must embark on a personal revenge mission to catch the sole remaining killer, the psychopathic Petru Navarro.
  1. The Silver Serpent – Under the fierce heat of the Australian outback, the laws of nature serve a rough justice. When a man vanishes deep in the Northern Territory, local police write it off. But his family suspect otherwise – and when the call for help goes out, Ben Hope and Jeff Decker are there to hear it. Ben’s instincts soon see the story told by a trail of bullet casings, rumors of a missing map, and a lethal cocktail of greed, power, and money.
  2. Graveyard of Empires – They call it ‘The Graveyard of Empires’ for good reason. For thousands of years, Afghanistan has been the rock that generations of would-be conquerors have perished on. What chance does one man stand in this place? So when ex-SAS major Ben Hope hears former bounty-hunter, Madison Cahill, needs his help he knows it will test him to his limits – and beyond.
  3. The White Knight – When a devastating attack on billionaire Auguste Kaprisky leaves the old man clinging to life, a trail of bodies and no clues, his last surviving relative calls the only person she can trust to step up. With precious few leads, ex-SAS soldier Ben Hope must first switch from action hero to detective to unravel the mystery. His international quest soon attracts the attention of the faceless plotters, who swiftly make Ben their target.

the tudor deception ben hope books in order

  1. The Tudor Deception – It’s 2005: Ben Hope, recently retired from the military, is living in Ireland and using his SAS skills to find and rescue missing children. But when asked to take on the case of two boys who disappeared centuries ago, he walks away, little realizing he’s lit a fuse that will not only destroy the life of someone he cares about but also lead him on a journey that proves old secrets come with a very modern price. Ben must follow the trail across Europe, unraveling the mystery and dodging bullets as only he can.

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