Ben Coes Books in Order (Dewey Andreas, Rob Tacoma)

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Bestselling author Ben Coes served as a White House-appointed speechwriter to the Secretary of Energy during the Gulf War, then worked in the oil sector for Boone Pickens before starting two companies.

Now, he is writing international espionage thrillers, most of them are part of the Dewey Andreas series, but he also recently launched a new series set around former Navy SEAL Rob Tacoma.

How to read Ben Coes’ Books in Order?

The Dewey Andreas Series in Order

Dewey Andreas is a former U.S. Special Forces soldier who was kicked out of the military after being falsely accused of crimes he did not commit. After surviving a terrorist attack Dewey Andreas and stopping the men responsible, he starts working for the CIA. Now, Dewey is sent on a mission to help protect his country.

  1. Power Down (2010) – A major North American hydroelectric dam is blown up and the largest off-shore oil field in this hemisphere is destroyed in a brutal, coordinated terrorist attack. The Capitana crew chief Dewey Andreas, former Army Ranger and Delta, survives the attack, rescuing as many of his men as possible. But the battle has just begun.
  2. Coup d’Etat (2011) – When a fragile peace breaks down between Pakistan and India, the United States is forced to intervene. When a rapidly escalating war threatens to engulf the entire region, the president must find a way to shut it down immediately. Dewey Andreas has a mission: to remove the Pakistani president from power. Now all the White House has to do is find him…before time runs out.
  3. The Last Refuge (2012) – Israeli Special Forces commander Kohl Meir has proof that Iran has finally succeeded in building its first nuclear weapon―and plans on using it to attack Israel. But before Meir can recruit Dewey Andreas and execute his secret operation, he’s abducted in New York and smuggled into Iran, where he’s imprisoned and tortured. Dewey must do whatever it takes to free Meir from one of the world’s most secure prisons…while Iran’s nuclear clock ticks away.
  4. Eye for an Eye (2013) – When Dewey Andreas uncovers the identity of a mole embedded at a high level in Israel’s Mossad, it triggers a larger, more dangerous plot. The mole was the most important asset of Chinese Intelligence, and the head of China’s Ministry of State Security, Fao Bhang, responds to the discovery by placing a kill order on Dewey himself.
  1. Independence Day (2015) – Cloud, the code name a high-level Russian hacker, has acquired a nuclear weapon. It’s an older bomb from the USSR’s Cold War arsenal with the power to devastate a major city. Fueled by a dark and personal vendetta, Cloud has put it onto an anonymous trawler, piloted by jihadists, headed straight to America. When an overseas mission to capture Cloud goes awry, Dewey Andreas becomes America’s last hope of putting a stop to the bomb.
  2. First Strike (2016) – Deep within the Pentagon, a covert, multi-billion-dollar arms-for-influence program was created to protect the country and its allies from terrorist acts. But when Tristan Nazir double-crosses Washington, and uses the program for his own violent ends to create ISIS, America finds itself facing its greatest risk yet. Dewey Andreas is sent to Syria to retrieve details about the source of ISIS’s funding―until his cover is blown and chaos erupts in the streets.
  3. Trap the Devil (2017) – Some of the most powerful people in the government, military, and private sector are planning to take over the reins of the White House. They’ve already taken out the Speaker of the House, whose death was made to look like an accident. Dewey Andreas is sent to Paris to accompany the Secretary of State. But what should have been a simple security job turns into a nightmare when the Secretary is taken out by a hitman.
  4. Shooting Gallery (Short Story, 2018) – The newly sworn-in Vice President of the United States has a problem. Her son slips away from his bodyguard, picks up his best friend, and heads to Mexico for an intended week of sun. But a team of well-armed kidnappers grab both him and his friend and escape. Now they’re demanding that an exorbitant ransom be paid in only a few hours. Dewey Andreas happens to be in Mexico.
  1. Bloody Sunday (2018) – North Korea is determined to launch a nuclear attack on the United States. While they have built, and continue to successfully test nuclear bombs, North Korea has yet to develop a ballistic missile with the range necessary to attack America. But their missiles are improving, reaching a point where the U.S. absolutely must respond. What the U.S. doesn’t know is that North Korea has made a deal with Iran to create two new nuclear powers, both with dangerous plans. Dewey Andreas is the only available agent with the skills to carry out the CIA’s plan to stop North Korea.
  2. The Island (2021) – The first pre-emptive attack against Dewey Andreas fails but it worries the head of the CIA enough that he sends Dewey out of town and off the grid. But as intelligence analysts work as fast as they can to unravel the chatter on terrorist networks, Muhammed el-Shakib, head of Iran’s military and intelligence agency, launches a bold strike. When the President arrives in New York to address the U.N., embedded terrorist assets blow up the bridges and tunnels that connect Manhattan to the mainland.

The Rob Tacoma series

The Russian - Ben Coes Books in Order

  1. The Russian (2019) – Unforgiving and ruthlessly violent, the Russian mafia has rapidly taken over the criminal underworld in the U.S. When a powerful family executes two high-profile American politicians, the message is obvious: opposition will be met with deadly force. With no other viable options, the President creates a two-man clandestine assassination team to find and eliminate the bosses of this deadly criminal operation: former Navy SEALs Billy Cosgrove and Rob Tacoma. But when Cosgrove is found dead just days later, Tacoma is on his own against an organisation with endless resources and no boundaries. To find the culprits, he’ll have to take on an army.

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