Tim Bryant Books in Order (Dutch Curridge, Wilkie John Western)

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All of Tim Bryant’s Books in Order!

Who is Tim Bryant?

Tim Bryant is an American western writer from Texas. He studied at the Stephen F. Austin State University where he obtained a degree in creative writing and released his first book in 2010. He has been named one of the Top 5 Texas Authors of 2014 by BookPeople in Austin, TX.

Bryant lives in Nacogdoches, Texas, and is also a musician, playing in the band Rise and Run.

How to read Tim Bryant’s Books in Order?

The Dutch Curridge Series

Dutch Curridge - Dutch Curridge Series - Tim Bryant Books in Order Southern Select - Dutch Curridge Series - Tim Bryant Books in Order Spirit Trap - Dutch Curridge Series - Tim Bryant Books in Order

  1. Dutch Curridge (2010) – Alvis Curridge is an ex-employee of the Fort Worth Sheriff’s Department. When he isn’t found at Peechie Keen’s Bar & Kanteen, drinking and swapping stories with buddies, he is busy trying to keep things in line around Cowtown-even if that means occasionally tangling with his former boss. Things are all going smoothly until Dutch-his friends all call him that, even if he isn’t thrilled about it-is contacted by an old friend to help locate her missing son.
  2. Southern Select (2013) – When the bartender at his favorite hangout, Peechie Keen’s, is murdered, it’s up to Dutch to set things right. And this time, he has to do it without Ruthie Nell Parker.
  3. Spirit Trap (2014) – There’s a dead family in a small country house, a blind man working in a gun store, a vindictive dancehall owner, and a wild animal waiting at the edge of the woods. All have one thing in common, and it isn’t their love for the Texas two-step.

Old Mother Curridge - Dutch Curridge Series - Tim Bryant Books in Order

  1. Old Mother Curridge (2016) – Private detective Alvis “Dutch” Curridge leaves his beloved Fort Worth to find some answers. He asks questions like: “Did Elvis Presley kill this poor dead girl?”, “Did I kill the bastard son of lawman Bat Masterson?” and “Did Alvis Sr. leave me with the greatest mystery of them all?”
  2. William Randolph Packard Hearse (2023) – William Randolph Packard Hearse… Dutch has his hand in at least two, maybe three kinds of fires. He’s investigating the mysterious house-fire that left Fisher Pulaski in the city morgue without a single burn on him. Then there’s the unknown man found burned to a crisp in a car on a desolate road. Nicknamed Bernie by the townspeople, word is he might have been with the mob. Then again, he might have been a cop.

The Wilkie John Western Series

A World of Hurt - Wilkie John Western - Tim Bryant Books in Order Dead and Buried - Wilkie John Western - Tim Bryant Books in Order

  1. A World of Hurt (2017) – For a young man of 17, Wilkie John Liquorish has lived one sorry life. From his ill-fated stint in the US Army to a back-breaking job as a gravedigger, Wilkie just can’t seem to catch a break. His latest gig – working a cattle drive from Mobeetie, Texas, to Fort Worth – is no exception. The food-poisoning death of a chuckwagon cook has everyone spooked, and the fear spreads like a disease. Wilkie barely makes it out alive. But when he shows up in Fort Worth, he has another kind of death waiting for him-in the unlikely form of Gentleman Jack Delaney….
  2. Dead and Buried (2018) – At Fort Concho, Wilkie John receives word that a bounty hunter is tracking the notorious outlaw known as Phantom Bill. Wilkie John has every reason to join the party: duty, honor, redemption, maybe even fortune and fame. But he has one reason to be wary: the bounty hunter is Gentleman Jack. He tried to kill Wilkie John once. This time, he might succeed . . .

The New Orleans Joys Series

Bywater - New Orleans Joys - Tim Bryant Books in Order Upriver - New Orleans Joys - Tim Bryant Books in Order

  1. Bywater (2021) – When we meet Judd Jesup, he’s a New Orleans musician who works part time in a small thrift store in the Bywater neighborhood. Like many before him, he has come to New Orleans to start a new life. He and his best friend, food-blog writer Neveah Andreasen, are having lunch one day when a mysterious woman on a bicycle rides into his life. Things begin to change.
  2. Upriver (2021) – Judd Jesup is back, fresh from his experience in Bywater. If you’ve read that book, you should be primed and ready for this one. It may also help if you have some knowledge of Storyville, the redlight district of late-nineteenth-century/early-twentieth-century New Orleans where jazz was born. Or if you’ve heard of Jelly Roll Morton. But if you know nothing on these subjects, don’t worry. This trip will take you back to those days. Time, it seems, isn’t at all what we think it is. Music, as Judd learns, is the real magic. And Storyville? Well, it just sounds like a place where stories are born.

Stand-alone Novels and Novellas by Tim Bryant

  • Bayou Saint Catherine (2013) – Novella. Years after an epidemic killed off the backwater community of Bayou Saint Catherine, it can’t quite be called a ghost town, because its dead are all right where they were deposited. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are being quiet about it.
  • Shimmie She Wobble (2013) – Novella. When Micah Lockwood finally stands up to bully Clement Whitaker, things get out of control in a damn hurry. How can the truth be expected to set anybody free when it’s being run out of town on a rail?
  • Constellations (2015) – When Artillery Conray Patton washes up on the bank of the Angelina River in 1958, it’s both the end of a journey and the beginning of a story. It’s one that stretches from the Civil War to the civil rights era, from the now-gone riverboat town of Pattonia, Texas to Senegal on the west coast of Africa. It takes a pretty big man to encompass that kind of span. Art Patton pulls it off and then some. There are skeletons and voices in Patton’s past to be sure. But the real mystery is Art himself. Solve him, and the rest of the story follows.

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