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The Endarian Prophecy Books in Order: How to read Richard Phillips’s series?

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The Endarian Prophecy Books in Order

An ancient prophecy. A young woman’s destiny.

What is The Endarian Prophecy about?

Written by American author Richard Phillips, The Endarian Prophecy is a fantasy series about… a prophecy. More precisely, it has been prophesized that a noble sorceress will destroy the evil Kragan before he lays waste to the kingdom of Endar and reigns as an unholy god.

The story follows Lorness Carol’s journey, daughter of the warlord Lord Rafel, coming to terms with her place in the prophecy, learning magic and working towards defeating evil before it’s too late.

The Endarian Prophecy Books in Order:

Mark of Fire - The Endarian Prophecy Books in Order Prophecy's Daughter - The Endarian Prophecy Books in Order Curse of the Chosen - The Endarian Prophecy Books in Order

  1. Mark of Fire — Lorness Carol, coming of age in the kingdom of her warlord father, Lord Rafel, aspires to wield magic. But she’s also unknowingly become the obsession of Kragan, an avenging wielder as old as evil itself. He’s waited centuries to find and kill the female prophesied as the only human empowered to destroy him. Then, Carol and her family are urged away on their own desperate route of escape. Now, traversing the lawless western borderlands, Carol struggles to understand the uncanny magic she possesses and must learn to master.
  2. Prophecy’s Daughter — One step ahead of her pursuer, Lorness Carol has led her people to a new stronghold in a verdant valley. Here, she’s been reunited with Blade, the assassin she has loved since childhood. But her spell book holds the secrets to powers she never imagined. As Carol grows more desperate to learn and control the powers of enchantment she was born to wield, Kragan and his minions wage a war to destroy Carol’s destiny before it’s realized. But if her people require the summoning of an ancient darkness to save them, then by all the gods, she will bring it.
  3. Curse of the Chosen — Kragan, wielder of dark magic, has failed to vanquish the light in Lorness Carol Rafel, the woman prophesied to destroy him. Now Kragan has leveled a new threat against her: an unholy order of foul priests enlisted to storm her stronghold and destroy her and her companions once and for all. But even Carol is unprepared for where this new battle will take her. For her brother, Lord Alan, is unwittingly fulfilling a prophecy as well. As the Chosen of the Dread Lord, he is amassing an army of feared soldiers—a battalion that could save the world, or pitch his sister’s legacy into everlasting darkness.

The Shattered Trident - The Endarian Prophecy Books in Order The Time Seer - The Endarian Prophecy Books in Order Prophecy's End - The Endarian Prophecy Books in Order

  1. The Shattered Trident — Lorness Carol Rafel was prophesied to destroy the unfathomably dangerous Kragan. But as the magic wielder’s monstrous horde marches on Endar Pass, razing everything in its wake, Carol fears that Kragan is not only unstoppable but that he has risen from his tomb more powerful than ever. Only one thing stands in his way: the woman foreordained to destroy him. Now, stirred by visions of a doomed future, Carol and her companions must risk their very souls and sanity to defeat the tyrant mage. However, in the face of Kragan’s machinations, their seeming triumph over the enemy might seal the land’s catastrophic fate.
  2. The Time Seer— Carol Rafel knows the lengths to which the sorcerer Kragan will go to impede the fulfillment of her prophecy: destroy the wielder of necrotic magic before she destroys him. Never far from Kragan’s evil grasp, she is struck down by his wicked spell. Carol’s assassin husband, Arn, has no choice but to cast aside his precious weapon to embrace a more powerful one: the clairvoyance he shares with Carol. With time-sights linked, they must now rely on the dreamscapes of their minds to track Kragan into the shadows as he nears his own invaluable weapon: the legendary shattered trident, which will ensure him godlike powers. As Kragan’s armies amass for a raging war between good and evil, Carol fears that the ancient prophecy she’s been chosen to bear out may be impossible to survive.
  3. Prophecy’s End — Kragan, wielder of malignant magic, is nearing his ultimate goal. Lorness Carol Rafel is pursuing her millennia-old destiny as well. It has been prophesized that the noble sorceress will destroy Kragan before he lays waste to the kingdom of Endar and reigns as an unholy god. In Kragan’s favor is the mighty Dread Lord, bound to Kragan’s will, and an army of the resurrected dead that far outnumbers the Forsworn followers at Carol’s side. But Carol has the edge. She possess the last remaining pieces of a magical puzzle. In the shards of a shattered trident lies the very key to Kragan’s dark dreams. As Carol draws on her own increasing forces of magic, more is at stake than she imagines in an endgame in the land of the dead that no one could have foreseen.

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