Naomi Blake Books in Order: How to read Jane A. Adams’s series?

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Not the British sculptor, but the blind investigator.

What is the Naomi Blake series about?

The Noami Blake series is a mystery series by British psychological thrillers writer Jane Adams.

The story revolves around the investigations led by Noami Blake who was blinded in an accident and she now is a reluctant ex-policewoman. That doesn’t stop her from working cases with DI Alec Friedman.

How to read the Naomi Blake Books in Order?

Every book in the Naomi Blake series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

Mourning the Little Dead Naomi Blake Books in Order Touching The Dark Naomi Blake Books in Order Heatwave Naomi Blake Books in Order Killing A Stranger Naomi Blake Books in Order

  1. Mourning The Little Dead – She was twelve years old and no trace of her was ever found. But now a confession in a sealed envelope has been discovered in possession of a dead man. Strangely, this discovery has only come to light now that another young girl has gone missing. Naomi Blake was the last person to have seen her alive. Blinded from an accident and now a reluctant ex-policewoman, Naomi sets out to uncover the long-hidden truth behind Helen’s vanishing.
  2. Touching The Dark – When Tally Palmer, a renowned international photographer, breaks off a relationship with Simon Emmet, no one – except for Simon himself – is very surprised. But Simon is devastated and increasingly obsessed with Tally. Friends and family of Simon are so concerned about this growing obsession that they ask for help from their old friends Alec and Naomi Blake.
  3. Heatwave – A long-running heatwave has been dominating the news for weeks, and a state of lethargy is affecting the city. As the heat wears on, blind ex-policewoman Naomi Blake and two friends visit a high-street bank when an armed gang storm the building and take everyone hostage. Naomi is one of the captives.
  4. Killing A Stranger – When popular high school student Rob Beresford comes home crying and covered in blood, his mother, Clara, can’t believe the boy’s shocking admission: “He’s dead. I killed him.” Nor can she fathom that only hours later her son’s body would be found drowned in the English Midlands. An open-and-shut case of murder/suicide? To ex-Detective Inspector Naomi Blake and her boyfriend, DI Alec Friedman, there must be more to the story.

Legacy of Lies Naomi Blake Books in Order Blood Ties Naomi Blake Books in Order Night Vision Naomi Blake Books in Order Secrets Naomi Blake Books in Order

  1. Legacy Of Lies – Naomi Blake and boyfriend Alec Friedman travel to the Fenlands for the funeral of Alec’s beloved Uncle Rupert, who ran an antique business and wrote books on local history. It seems that there were some suspicious circumstances and that the ostensible cause of death – a heart attack – may not hold true.
  2. Blood Ties – When Alec and Naomi Blake take a much-needed Winter holiday in Somerset, they encounter local eccentric Eddy Thame, a historian and metal detectorist obsessed with the Monmouth rebellion of 1685 and the alleged Kirkwood treasure. A few days after their arrival, Eddy is found dead.
  3. Night Vision – What had Neil Robinson been about to tell journalist Jamie Dale? Whatever it was, it got them both killed, and Alec and his DCI are called away to help with the investigation. Jamie was an old friend of Naomi Blake’s, and now she is being harassed by phone calls seemingly from the dead journalist.
  4. Secrets – When a man breaks into Molly Chambers’ house she tells the police that she has never seen him before. Ex-DI Alec Friedman isn’t so sure. Molly has lived an eventful life, as the wife of a diplomat, and he knows she is still haunted by the horrors of more than one war. Alec and his blind wife, Naomi Blake, want to help, but prickly Molly is a private person.

Gregory's Game Naomi Blake Books in Order Paying the Ferryman Naomi Blake Books in Order A Murderous Mind Naomi Blake Books in Order Fakes and Lies Naomi Blake Books in Order

  1. Gregory’s Game – Ex-DI Alec Friedman is recovering from the car crash that almost killed him. Now back at home, with his wife Naomi Blake, he feels as though he has lost something of himself. He may be alive, but he is hollowed out and empty.
  2. Paying the Ferryman – Victor Griffin seemed to be one of the good guys, but that didn’t stop someone coming to his home and killing him and his wife. The last act of Vic’s life was to try and save his children: fifteen-month-old Jack, and his beloved stepdaughter, Sarah.
  3. A Murderous Mind – A young student is found brutally murdered in her room, killed while her flatmates slept nearby. The police soon recognize that this is frighteningly similar to a crime committed fifteen years before. A crime investigated by the now discredited Detective Inspector Joe Jackson, but never solved.
  4. Fakes and Lies – When artist and sometime forger Freddie Jones is found dead of an apparent heart attack, no one is surprised. Freddie drank heavily and was a lifelong smoker. The only dissenting voice comes from Freddie’s daughter, Bee. Before he died, her father confided that he was afraid of something – and she is convinced he was murdered.

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