Harriet Gordon Mystery Books in Order, How To Read A M Stuart’s Series?

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Written by A. M. Stuart, author of the Guardians of the Crown historical romance series, the Harriet Gordon Mysteries is a Historical crime series.

The story takes us in early twentieth-century Singapore where Harriet Gordon is making a fresh start. Her first job pushed her into a murder mystery. That’s how she met Inspector Robert Curran of the Straits Settlements Police Force and how she began a new career.

How To Read The Harriet Gordon Series in Order?

Every entry in the Harriet Gordon Mystery book series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. The Umbrella (Prequel Novella, 2023) – London 1909: After her years in India came to an end with the untimely deaths of her husband and kid, Harriet Gordon returned to London and struggled to fit in with her parents’ cozy middle-class lifestyle. Her yearning for belonging is met by the suffragette cause, but she ends up in Holloway after being wrongfully convicted of attacking a police policeman.
  2. Singapore Sapphire (2019) – At the height of colonial power, Harriet Gordon, desperate for a fresh start, ends up living in Singapore with her brother, a reverend and principal of a boys’ school. In an attempt to become financially independent, she posts an ad for her personal secretary services. Regretfully, she is going to find her first client, Sir Oswald Newbold, a mine magnate, explorer, and head of the prestigious Explorers and Geographers Club, dead from a knife wound to the throat. Inspector Robert Curran discovers he has a unique witness in Harriet when he is assigned to the case.
  3. Revenge in Rubies (2020) – At last, Harriet Gordon has found happiness. Will, her little ward, is settling in with Harriet and her brother, Julian, at their new house. In addition, Harriet’s job as a typewriter for the Straits Settlements Police Force has provided her the much-needed financial independence she needs along with an interesting way to pass the time. But Harriet’s newly found serenity is quickly dashed when her friend and employer, Inspector Robert Curran, is summoned to the scene of a horrible murder and asked to console the victim’s family.
  1. Evil in Emerald (2022) – Harriet Gordon has little time for hobbies outside of working at her brother’s school and typing up Inspector Robert Curran’s police reports. However, she has been enjoying her role in the newest performance of the Singapore Amateur Dramatic and Musical Society, which is called Pirates of Penzance. However, Harriet soon learns that there are serious conflicts within the theater group, and when the main actor is discovered dead, suspicions are raised, revealing both scandalous conduct and some subtle crimes.
  2. Terror in Topaz (2023) – After being fired from her dream job, Harriet Gordon is left on her own. She and Julian decide to leave Singapore for a few days after her brother gets an invitation to visit a prominent school in Kuala Lumpur. However, their enjoyable trip takes a tragic turn when a school visitor is murdered and killed on the front steps of the headmaster’s home.

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