Alan Gregory Books in Order: How to read Stephen White’s Series?

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Alan Gregory is a clinical psychologist based in Boulder, Colorado, and the main protagonist of Stephen White’s thriller series.

Alan Gregory is married to Lauren, who is also a district attorney–and has multiple sclerosis. His friend is Sam Purdy, a rules-bending cop. Together, they solve crimes. Well, they solved crimes, because the series has recently ended.

How to read the Alan Gregory Series in Order?

Every entry in the Alan Gregory book series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. Privileged Information– Clinical psychologist Alan Gregory faces disgrace and ruin when several of his attractive female clients die untimely deaths. But professional ethics prevent Gregory from revealing the “privileged information” that will clear his name and perhaps save his life–since the killer responsible for these deaths may be one of his patients.
  2. Private Practices – As a nightmare blizzard of evil sweeps a Rocky Mountain winter wonderland, a trail of secret sins leads clinical psychologist Dr. Alan Gregory deeper into the heart and mind of a monstrous murderer.
  3. Higher Authority– Dr. Alan Gregory’s fianceé, attorney Lauren Crowder, is thrown into a maelstrom of violence as a case of sexual harassment strikes a devastating chord among the nation’s most powerful leaders. But this legal time bomb explodes when crucial evidence disappears–and a killer strikes.
  1. Harm’s Way– Dr. Alan Gregory investigates the brutal murder of his long-time friend and neighbor Peter Arvin, only to discover that Arvin had been hiding dark secrets that neither Gregory nor the victim’s wife had ever suspected.
  2. Remote Control – A shocking act of violence plunges Dr. Alan Gregory into the most challenging and dangerous case of his career. At the heart of a sensational crime are two women trapped by the furies of fame. Alan’s desperate search for answers will bring him face-to-face with true evil…
  3. Critical Conditions– Summoned to the hospital to learn the motives behind a teenage girl’s suicide attempt, Alan discovers that the girl’s young stepsister lies near death in another hospital with a heart disease. And when a wealthy executive of the family’s HMO is found dead, Alan and Denver detective Sam Purdy uncover the truth that links the teenage girl to his death.
  1. Manner of Death– The past resurfaces in ways that are as intimate as they are frightening when Dr. Alan Gregory and Dr. Sawyer Sackett–a woman he once loved–are plunged into the private nightmare of a killer who knows about the terrifying power of mind games.
  2. Cold Case – The unsolved double murder of two teenage girls. At the request of their families–this cold case is being reopened. Alan Gregory has been asked to compile a psychological profile of the two girls. To probe their deepest secrets. To uncover the darkest truth. Even if it condemns the innocent as well as the guilty…
  3. The Program– DA Kirsten Lord saw her husband gunned down before her eyes. Now Kirsten is living in fear, telling her secrets to psychologist Alan Gregory… and hiding deep in the Witness Protection Program,where every stranger is a threat, every phone call is a menace. Until she realizes… The Program is the deadliest place of all.
  1. Warning Signs– The brutal slaying of Boulder’s controversial DA strikes deep in the heart of everything Alan Gregory holds dear. But the bloodied body is just the first in a series of high-voltage incidents.
  2. The Best Revenge– Alan Gregory is living through a season of discontent. With a new daughter, a wonderful wife, and a prospering career, he has little to complain about and lots of regrets. But Gregory has two new patients who will drag him out of his introspection–and dare him to enter a storm of injustice and revenge.
  3. Blinded– Alan Gregory is juggling his responsibilities as a father, a husband, and a doctor when a beautiful woman walks into his office with an astounding admission. Gibbs Storey believes that her husband may have murdered a woman. Then, Gibbs stuns Alan again with another revelation: She thinks there are other victims…
  1. Missing Persons– Alan Gregory’s friend and fellow therapist Hannah Grant has died suddenly and mysteriously. The police are baffled, leaving another unsolved homicide in Boulder, Colorado. Only Alan can decipher Hannah’s clues–a quest that will take him to Las Vegas and lead him to question the integrity of those closest to him.
  2. Kill Me– Dr. Alan Gregory confronts the most morally perplexing challenge of his career in the case of an anonymous family man who, having survived a near-fatal accident, makes a Faustian agreement with a shadowy organization that terminates the lives of clients who do not want to burden their loved ones in the event of dire illnesses or injuries.
  3. Dry Ice– Psychopath Michael McClelland escapes from a mental hospital to exact revenge against those responsible for his confinement, including psychologist Alan Gregory and his family. McClelland has the upper hand–secrets from Alan’s past that set a diabolical game in motion.
  1. Dead Time – Alan Gregory is struggling to repair his insecure marriage when he makes an unexpected connection with the past. His ex-wife Merideth needs his help. She claims that the surrogate mother of her unborn child has vanished without a trace.
  2. The Siege– Disgraced Boulder detective Sam Purdy, FBI counter-terrorism specialist Christopher Poe, and CIA analyst Deirdre Drake are drawn to Yale University to investigate the disappearances of several students. An unseen enemy is playing by no rules, making no demands, somehow anticipating every FBI move–and executing hostages, one by one…
  3. The Last Lie– Thankfully Alan and Lauren Gregory aren’t on the guest list when their affluent new neighbors hold a housewarming party–because the next morning, a rape accusation rocks the town of Boulder. And though Alan discovers he has a most unusual perspective into what truly happened after the party-he may not be able to stop, people close to him from being murdered…
  1. Line of Fire– When authorities reopen their investigation into the suicide of a woman named J. Winter Brown, Alan Gregory and his equally culpable friend Sam Purdy inadvertently disclose details of their involvement in her death. Now, the trail that leads back to them, once cold, has turned white-hot.
  2. Compound Fractures– Nothing is as it seems to Alan, as unexpected threats and intimate betrayals force him to revisit a cruel ethical dilemma that turned his life upside down as a young psychologist. He must solve a deadly mystery in Eldorado Springs that has been brewing for more than a decade…

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