Detective Mark Turpin Books in Order: How to Read Rachel Amphlett’s Series?

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Coming from British author Rachel Amphlett, who’s also writing the Detective Kay Hunter books, this series is focusing on Detective Sergeant Mark Turpin.

It all starts when DS Turpin is transferred in from another police station. He is new the area. He has a new partner, Jan West. And he has new gripping murder mysteries to solve.

How To Read The Detective Mark Turpin Series in Order?

Every book in the Detective Mark Turpin series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. None the Wiser (2020) – The gruesome murder of a parish priest in cold blood shocks and terrorizes a rural village. Detective Sergeant Mark Turpin, who recently moved to the Vale of the White Horse, learns that the murder had all the makings of a brutal murderer who has no regrets for his victim and disappears without a trace. There is a frightening fact that the police must face after another priest is slain, his broken body displaying similar ritualistic abuse: there is a serial murderer on the loose with a sinister grudge.
  2. Her Final Hour (2020) – A championship jockey’s discovery of a young woman’s body on a chilly morning’s training ride shocks the whole racing scene. She was praised by everybody for being the ideal daughter, friend, and fiancée. But as Detective Mark Turpin looks into the girl’s tragic final hours, he uncovers a history that is shrouded in mystery and falsehoods. When Mark looks into the reasons for her brutal murder, he finds that the little town is full with jealousies and ambitious people who are also uneasy about cooperating with the authorities.
  3. The Lost Boy (2021) – Detective Mark Turpin is entrusted with the responsibility of apprehending the person responsible for the stabbing murder of a young adolescent at a crowded festival. But this was not a senseless killing. Both the victim and the individual who gave the killing order are known to Mark. Filtering through the last days of the young victim, he discovers a formidable criminal organization that will stop at nothing to further its own agenda. After a tragic event, Mark finds himself battling for his own life rather than merely trying to uncover a murder.
  1. A Silent Truth (2022) – Police initially believe there may have been a hit-and-run when they discover a young woman’s body on the side of a peaceful country road. The victim’s deadly addiction that ultimately caused her tragic death is shown to be her darker side. Finding her killer will be a difficult chore for Detective Mark Turpin, as the local people is not very sympathetic. Mark discovers that someone is desperate to keep the facts hidden when a second victim perishes following a vicious attack.
  2. Cover the Bones (2023) – When a skeleton is found in a remote forest, investigators first believe it to be connected to a prehistoric Saxon village. Subsequently, the shredded and decomposing bones of an additional woman are discovered, her wounds exhibiting indications of maltreatment and a brutal demise. Detective Mark Turpin is assigned to track out their murderer; however, the forensic evidence is confusing and it is becoming difficult to identify the victims’ remains. Mark and his colleagues realize they’re running out of time to uncover the person(s) responsible when a third victim is found within meters from the first. Does a serial murderer lurk in the shadows, waiting to find their next victim, or are the horrible killings the only clues in a case that has gone cold?

If you like the DS Mark Turpin novels, you may be interested in Rachel Amphlett’s Detective Kay Hunter series or JD Kirk’s DCI Logan Crime Thrillers.

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