Canadian West/When Calls The Heart Books in Order: How to read Janette Oke’s series?

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Written by American author Janette Oke, The Canadian West series follows a man and a woman as they stumble through foolish mistakes and misunderstandings, yet find a depth of character and courage within themselves as their love deepens.

A Christian historical fiction, the first book in the series, When Calls the Heart, has inspired the TV show of the same name on Hallmark Channel. Janette Oke has continued to expand the series with her daughter, Laurel Oke Ogan, with Return to the Canadian West and When Hope Calls.

How to read the When Calls The Heart Series in Order?

The following reading order starts with the Canadian West series, then Return to the Canadian West, and finally When Hope Calls.

I. The Canadian West series in order

  1. When Calls the Heart – Brought up in a well-to-do Eastern family, Elizabeth is surprised by the unrefined style of life she finds when she travels to the Canadian frontier to take a new teaching position.
  2. When Comes the Spring – Elizabeth has braved the western frontier and spent a year teaching in a one-room schoolhouse. While Wynn is accustomed to life in the north, Elizabeth is not. Can their love for each other sustain them through a harsh winter, loneliness, and rigors of life without any of the conveniences they’re used to?
  3. When Breaks the Dawn – Having survived the harshness of their first year in the far Northwest, Elizabeth, and Wynn, her Royal Canadian Mountie, now face new challenges. Just when they’ve made new friends and started a new school, they are presented with a new posting.
  1. When Hope Springs New – Leaving behind their dear friends in Beaver Creek, Elizabeth, and Wynn take over an even more primitive RCMP outpost in the Canadian Northwest. Elizabeth finds herself isolated when the local Indian women are afraid to even communicate with her. Would they be able to survive the challenges ahead?
  2. Beyond the Gathering Storm – Henry–a Canadian Mountie like his father–struggles between the call of duty and the call of his heart. When he informs a young logger’s wife of her husband’s death, the memory of that loss haunts him for years. Assigned to a new beat five years later, he rediscovers Amber and gains her trust…and eventually her heart.
  3. When Tomorrow Comes – Christine is recovering from a broken heart and finds solace in helping her adored brother Henry settle into married life. The “call of the North” tugs at her, making one young man’s interest in her doubly attractive–but also filling her with uncertainty. Is Christine willing to give up her dreams of living in the North and let God help her choose a lifelong love?

Return to the Canadian West series in order

The series is co-written by Janette Oke and her daughter, Laurel Oke Logan.

  1. Where Courage Calls – When new schoolteacher Beth Thatcher is assigned a post in a remote mining community, her courage–and her heart–will be tested in unexpected ways.
  2. Where Trust Lies – After a year of teaching in the Canadian West, Beth Thatcher returns home to her family for a luxurious steamship tour along the eastern coast of Canada and the United States. Beth quickly realizes that things have changed since she went away, and renewing the close bond with her family is going to be more challenging than she expected. Torn between her family and her dreams, will Beth finally discover where her heart truly belongs?
  3. Where Hope Prevails – When Beth Thatcher returns to Coal Valley, she anticipates Jarrick’s proposal of marriage. The mine is expanding, and there are more schoolchildren than ever. But Beth finds herself going head-to-head with a very different philosophy of education. Fearful for the children who sit under the influence of Robert Harris Hughes, Beth struggles to know how to respond.

When Hope Calls series in order

This is a companion to the series Return to the Canadian West. Also written with her daughter, Laurel Oke Logan.

  1. Unyielding Hope – After enduring the death of her adoptive mother, Lillian Walsh must find her place in the world. Just as her adoptive father is leaving for an extended trip to his native Wales, a lawyer appears at the door to inform Lillian that she has inherited a small estate from her birth parents–and that the sister she had long believed dead is likely alive.
  2. Sustaining Faith – So much has been accomplished. Lillian Walsh has stepped out courageously beyond what she’d ever dreamed of being able to achieve. She and her newly rediscovered sister, Grace, have settled three children from England into new Canadian homes and are prepared to place two more just after the New Year, when it happens–another painful disruption.
  3. Unfailing Love – Lillian Walsh and Grace Bennett have learned so much already about caring for children in distress. It hasn’t been easy, but it becomes even more difficult when they suddenly discover that three children have run away. Concerned for the trio’s safety, the sisters will do all they can to find the children. But the runaways are not the only thing putting the future of the children’s home in question.

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  1. Enjoyed the Netflix series, When calls the heart looking forward to reading the books now. Brilliant stories. Pat Hunter England.

    1. I started watching in January and then discovered that they would only be available until January 24. I had progressed to S3, Ep6, so I purchased S3 and 4. I am on the 3rd episode of Season 4. Today I saw an advertisement about the beginning of Season 8. Unfortunately, the content has upset me so badly that I don’t know if I will be able to watch each episode now that I know what is going to happen in the last episode of #5. I wish I didn’t know, but I can’t unknow it. Why couldn’t they have just re-casted him?????

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