Odd Thomas Books in Order: How to read Dean Koontz’s series?

Last Updated 5 months ago.There may be is only one Odd Thomas movie (RIP Anton Yelchin), but there are a lot more Odd Thomas books than that!

Who’s Odd Thomas?

Created by author Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas is a short-order cook working at the Pico Mundo grill. He is not like everybody else because he has the ability to see the lingering dead and uses it to try and bring peace to the ghosts he encounters, so that they can move on to the next life.

His journey takes him to places strange and wonderful, mysterious and terrifying. Across the land, in the company of mortals and spirits alike, he’s borne witness to humanity’s greatest good and darkest evil.

Odd Thomas Books in Order:

I. Order of the books only

Odd Thomas Odd Thomas Books in Order Forever Odd Odd Thomas Books in Order Brother Odd Odd Thomas Books in Order Odd Hours Odd Thomas Books in Order

  1. Odd Thomas— A stranger comes to Pico Mundo, accompanied by a horde of hyena-like shades who herald an imminent catastrophe. Aided by his soul mate, Stormy Llewellyn, and an unlikely community of allies, Odd will race against time to thwart the gathering evil. His account of these shattering hours, in which past and present, fate and destiny, converge, is a testament by which to live.
  2. Forever Odd—When a childhood friend disappears, Odd discovers something worse than a dead body and embarks on a heart-stopping battle of will and wits with an enemy of exceptional cunning. In the hours to come there can be no innocent bystanders, and every sacrifice can tip the balance between despair and hope.
  3. Brother Odd—Odd Thomas has come to St. Bartholomew’s Abbey to learn to live fully again, and among the eccentric monks, their other guests, and the nuns and young students of the attached convent school, he has begun to find his way. But trouble has a way of finding Odd Thomas, and it slinks back onto his path in the form of the sinister bodachs he has met previously, the black shades who herald death and disaster.
  4. Odd Hours—Haunted by dreams of an all-encompassing red tide, Odd is pulled inexorably to the sea, to a small California coastal town where nothing is as it seems. Now the forces arrayed against him have both official sanction and an infinitely more sinister authority … and in this dark night of the soul dawn will come only after the most shattering revelations of all.

Odd Apocalypse Odd Thomas Books in Order Deeply Odd Odd Thomas Books in Order Saint Odd Odd Thomas Books in Order

  1. Odd Apocalypse— The magnificent West Coast property known as Roseland is home to a reclusive billionaire financier and his faithful servants. And, at least for the moment, it’s also a port in the storm for Odd Thomas and his traveling companion, the charming Annamaria, the Lady of the Bell. In the wake of Odd’s most recent clash with lethal adversaries, the opulent manor’s comforts should be welcome. But there’s far more to Roseland than meets even the extraordinary eye of Odd, who soon suspects it may be more hell than haven.
  2. Deeply Odd—Three helpless innocents will be brutally executed unless Odd can intervene in time. Who the potential victims are and where they can be found remain a mystery. The only thing Odd knows for sure is who the killer will be: the homicidal stranger who tried to shoot him dead in a small-town parking lot.
  3. Saint Odd—Whatever destiny drives Odd knows has finally steered his steps home, where those he cares for most surround him, the memory of his tragically lost true love haunts him, and one last challenge—vast and dreadful—awaits him. For Odd Thomas, born to serve a purpose far greater than himself, the wandering is done. Only the reckoning remains.

II. Full order, with short stories and graphic novels

  1. Odd Thomas: You Are Destined To Be Together Forever (Short Story)
  2. In Odd We Trust
  3. Odd Is On Our Side
  4. House of Odd
  5. Odd Thomas
  6. Forever Odd
  7. Brother Odd
  8. Odd Hours
  9. Odd Interlude (Short Story)
  10. Odd Apocalypse
  11. Deeply Odd
  12. Saint Odd

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  1. One of the best characters I have ever cared about!! Didn’t realize you had written so many more after the first 3. I will greatly enjoy reading them one by one. All of them will have a place in my home library!!

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