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The Empire of Bones Saga in Order: How to read Terry Mixon’s series?

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By the author of The Humanity Unlimited Saga.

What is The Empire of Bones Saga about?

Written by American science fiction author Terry Mixon, The Empire of Bones Saga is a mix of military science fiction and grand adventure on a galaxy-spanning scale.

Set at a time when a New Terran Empire emerges, the story put Commander Jared Mertz, the bastard son of the Emperor, and his half-sister, Princess Kelsey Bandar, at the center of a war against the implacable artificial intelligence of the Rebel Empire. To win it, the must fight battle after battle to save humanity.


The Empire of Bones Saga in Order:

Empire of Bones The Empire of Bones Saga Books in Order Veil of Shadows The Empire of Bones Saga Books in Order Command Decisions The Empire of Bones Saga Books in Order Ghosts of Empire The Empire of Bones Saga Books in Order

  1. Empire of Bones – After a terrible war almost extinguished humanity, the New Terran Empire rises from its own ashes. Sent on an exploratory mission to the dead worlds of the Old Empire, Commander Jared Mertz sets off into the unknown. Only the Old Empire isn’t quite dead after all. Evil lurks in the dark. With everything he holds dear at stake, Jared must fight like never before.
  2. Veil of Shadows – Princess Kelsey Bandar made a terrible, life-altering mistake. Her enemies gave her unspeakable agony in return. She must forge the iron will to control the weapon her body has become. If she fails, the monsters who tortured her come for humanity. And horrors worse than she knows wait in the darkness.
  3. Command Decisions – Commander Jared Mertz thought the glories of the Old Terran Empire once more within his people’s grasp. One bold strike to make them his. But no plan survives contact with the enemy. With the odds stacked against him, the battle to save humanity starts now.
  4. Ghosts of Empire – Princess Kelsey Bandar stared at the graveyard of dead warships. Fifty thousand wrecks from the civil war that destroyed the Terran Empire five hundred years ago. She must lead the fight against the forces that killed those ships. The implacable artificial intelligence of the Rebel Empire. With five old and damaged ships at her command, that seemed an impossible battle. One she must win.

Paying the Price The Empire of Bones Saga Books in Order Reconnaissance in Force The Empire of Bones Saga Books in Order Behind Enemy Lines The Empire of Bones Saga Books in Order The Terra Gambit The Empire of Bones Saga Books in Order

  1. Paying the Price – Admiral Jared Mertz returns to the New Terran Empire a conquering hero. But not everyone cheers his success. Crown Prince Ethan Bandar tried to kill Jared once. Paranoia and ambition demands he succeed this time. Only Jared’s sister and their battle-hardened allies stand between him and death.
  2. Reconnaissance in Force – Know your enemies. Especially those capable of crushing you like a bug. Princess Kelsey Bandar must lead a bold strike deep into enemy space to steal the technology the New Terran Empire needs to survive. Success gives them a fighting chance. Failure dooms them to death and worse.
  3. Behind Enemy Lines – Cut off from home, Princess Kelsey Bandar needs a place to hide from the vengeful Rebel Empire. The secrets she stole give her people a fighting chance in the war that brought down the original Terran Empire. If she gets them home. If her prisoners cooperate. Should that prove impossible, she must then convince a long-hidden people to help her. After she finds them, of course.
  4. The Terra Gambit – Sent on a mission critical to the survival of the New Terran Empire, Jared Mertz must travel deep into the AI-dominated Rebel Empire on an operation of deception. Only there are games afoot that no one could foresee and players at the table that no one could expect. The stakes couldn’t be higher. When unexpected enemies deal themselves in, Jared must bet everything on a single hand. Bluffing might get him killed but folding isn’t an option.

Hidden Enemies The Empire of Bones Saga Books in Order Race to Terra The Empire of Bones Saga Books in Order Ruined Terra The Empire of Bones Saga Books in Order Victory on Terra The Empire of Bones Saga in Order

  1. Hidden Enemies – Trapped between murderous xenophobes and calculating artificial intelligences, an interstellar war threatens to wash Princess Kelsey Bandar away in a tide of blood. With her most powerful ship crippled, only a desperate mission to steal what she needs right out from under the noses of her enemies offers a way to get her people safely home. As if that wasn’t hard enough, success requires her foes never learn of her existence and therein lies the problem. Few have ever accused Kelsey Bandar of subtlety.
  2. Race to Terra – Separated by an almost unimaginable gulf in space, Princess Kelsey Bandar and Admiral Jared Mertz must fight to stop the diabolical artificial intelligences that destroyed the Old Terran Empire. Though unable to communicate with one another, they must overcome terrible odds and defeat foes determined to kill or enslave them. They cannot allow themselves to fail. Yet time is running out. Unless both quickly make their way to Terra, the computers win and humanity loses.
  3. Ruined Terra – Marooned on ruined Terra, Kelsey Bandar and Jared Mertz must march to the Imperial Palace to recover the key to defeating the savage AIs that have enslaved humanity. If, of course, the fierce and primitive Terrans don’t kill them first. Trapped without their advanced technology, they must overcome foes determined to take everything they have left, including their very lives. If they don’t find allies fast, humanity is doomed.
  4. Victory on Terra – Kelsey Bandar and Jared Mertz must retrieve the electronic override buried under the ruins of the old Imperial Palace to win the war against the AIs. Oh, and get off the planet in spite of the murderous warships orbiting the destroyed world. How hard could that be? Imprisoned in a dead megacity and surrounded by howling savages thirsty for their blood, they must triumph or die. And if they die, humanity dies with them.


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    No mention of Book 12? And Book 12 has another cliff-hanger ending, so is there going to be a book 13? Or is there going to be a series as they reclaim the Empire from the AIs?

  2. Fabien

    Indeed, I forgot Book 12! I don’t know how it happened, but it’s fixed now. Thanks for your comment.

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