World War Hulk Reading Order: How To read the follow-up of Planet Hulk?

Last Updated 3 months ago.It seems that the news MCU movie, Thor: Ragnarok will integrate some bits and pieces from the World War Hulk storyline. It’s a good time to revisit it.

What is World War Hulk?

Written by Greg Pak with John Romita, Jr. as penciller, World War Hulk is a comic book crossover storyline published by Marvel Comics in 2007.

The story began with another story called Planet Hulk that started when a Gamma bomb causes the Hulk to lose control and attack Las Vegas. After that, the Illuminati decide the Hulk is too dangerous to remain on Earth and they trick him into leaving the planet. Everything didn’t go as planned. Hulk’s shuttle crashed on the planet Sakaar where he was taken into slavery and forced to fight gladiator battles for the planet’s emperor.

Now, he’s coming back on Earth and he wants vengeance. The World War Hulk begins.

Information This article will not be updated anymore. Since we have launched a blog dedicated to comic book reading orders, you can find an up-to-date version of this World War Hulk Order here.

World War Hulk Reading Order:

I. Previously on Planet Hulk

  1. Planet Hulk – It’s probably better to know where the story really began, even if it’s not indispensable, there’s always enough information given before everything starts. But still, all of Planet Hulk is in one omnibus – or just read Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #88–105 and Giant-Size Hulk vol. 2 #1.

II. World War Hulk

Like all those big crossover events, there are roughly three ways to read World War Hulk.

a. The World War Hulk series (without the tie-ins)

That’s the easiest and fastest way, but it may be a bit thin.

  1. World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker
  2. World War Hulk – #1 to #5

b. The World War Hulk with the Important tie-ins

The Incredible Hulk’s Tie-ins had a lot to the story. It’s the best option if you are not interested in the other characters. It’s very self contained and it’s pure green madness.

All the issues required are collected in those three TPBs

  1. World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker
  2. Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #106 – collected in The Incredible Hercules
  3. World War Hulk #1 – collected in World War Hulk
  4. Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #107
  5. World War Hulk #2
  6. Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #108
  7. World War Hulk #3
  8. Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #109
  9. Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #110
  10. World War Hulk #4
  11. World War Hulk #5
  12. Incredible Hulk vol. 2 #111

b. The full event

If you go for the full event, go with the omnibus!

  1. World War Hulk Prologue: World Breaker
  2. Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #106
  3. Iron Man Vol 4 #19
  4. World War Hulk #01
  5. Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #107
  6. World War Hulk: X-Men #01 to #03
  7. World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #01 to #04
  8. World War Hulk Front Line #01
  9. Heroes For Hire #11 to #15
  10. Ghost Rider Vol 6 #12 and #13
  11. Avengers Initiative #04
  12. Iredeemable Ant Man #10
  13. World War Hulk #02
  14. Avengers – The Initiative #04
  15. World War Hulk Front Line #02
  16. Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #107 to #109
  17. World War Hulk #03
  18. World War Hulk Front Line #03
  19. Iron Man Vol 4 #20
  20. Avengers – The Initiative #05
  21. Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #110
  22. World War Hulk #04
  23. Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #111
  24. World War Hulk Front Line #04 and #05
  25. World War Hulk #05
  26. World War Hulk Front Line #06

III. World War Hulk: Aftersmash

World War Hulk: Aftersmash are comics which tie-into the conclusion of the World War Hulk. The best order to read them is below. Note: Except for the Incredible Hulk issues, all those stories are in the World War Hulk omnibus.

  1. World War Hulk: Aftersmash
  2. World War Hulk: Warbound #01 to #05
  3. World War Hulk: Damage Control #01 to #03
  4. Incredible Hulk #112 to #115 (the series was renamed Incredible Hercules for a time)

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