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Batwoman Reading Order: What to read with Kate Kane?

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Last Updated 9 months ago.Meet the new super-heroine of the Arrowverse…

Who is Batwoman?

Remember Kathy Kane from the ’50s? Well, we’re not talking about her, but about Kate Kane, the modern incarnation of Batwoman. She is younger, as she makes her first appearance in 2006, when Batman is absent.

She’s also Bruce Wayne’s cousin and one badass super-heroine, making her a worthy member of the Bat-family. Like everyone in this family, she will make mistakes and will take bad decisions.

Information This article will not be updated anymore. Since we have launched a blog dedicated to comic book reading orders, you can find an up-to-date version of this Batwoman Reading Order here.

Batwoman Reading Order (Non Exhaustive):

What’s coming next is not an exhaustive reading order, as Batwoman/Kate Kane begins in the shadow of another character before being put in the spotlight. It’s not meant to be about all the apparitions and other main events in her history. This is a listing of comics where Kate Kane plays a bigger role. That said, if you want to suggest more readings with Batwoman, leave a comment!

  1. 52 Vol. 1 & 2 – Let’s begin with 52. It’s still optional in a way, but this is where Kate Kane put on her cowl for the first time, during the aftermath of Infinite Crisis, a crisis that left the world without its three biggest heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman).
  2. Batwoman by Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III – After three years living in Renee Montoya’s shadow, Kate Kane gets a more prominent role in a year of Detective Comics. So much that the title is published under the name Batwoman in TPB. Collects Detective Comics #854–863, previously collected under the title Batwoman: Elegy.

  1. Batwoman Vol. 1: Hydrology – We enter New 52 territory and Batwoman is the star of her own series where she faces deadly new challenges in her war against Gotham City’s underworld–and new trials in her personal life. Collects Batwoman #0–5.
  2. Batwoman Vol. 2: To Drown the World – Batwoman’s story continues and enters in collision with Detective Maggie Sawyer, DEO Agent Cameron Chase, Colonel Jacob Kane and Maro, a new villain corrupting Gotham City. Collects Batwoman #6–11.
  3. Batwoman Vol. 3: World’s Finest – Batwoman’s search for Medusa brings her together with the Amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman, but even the teaming of the World’s Finest might not be enough to bring wn the mythological monster. Collects Batwoman #12–17.

  1. Batwoman Vol. 4: This Blood is Thick – After taking down Medusa, Batwoman expected her life to get easier. Not so much when caught in the crossfire between Batman and the D.E.O., Department of Extranormal Operations. The organization has their sights set on the Dark Knight, and could be using Batwoman to capture him. But is Batman the true threat? Collects: Batwoman #18-24.
  2. Batwoman Vol. 5: Webs – Batwoman starts her next chapter and faces a threat that might just have her rethinking her career as a hero! But her life as a hero isn’t Kate’s only concern, as Maggie has a surprising revelation and her very angry ex-husband shows up! Can Kate and Maggie work together to discover the secret of the Wolf Spider? Collects Batwoman Annual #1 And Batwoman #25-34.
  3. Batwoman Vol. 6: The Unknowns – Meet The Unknowns: Clayface, Ragman, Etrigan the Demon and Batwoman. Heroes, villains, something in between-to each of them, the others are a complete unknown. But an ancient evil has returned from beyond the grave: Morgan Le Fey, the mad witch who destroyed King Arthur’s Camelot and would do the same to all civilization. It’s an evil this fearsome foursome can only stop together-if they don’t tear each other apart first… Collects Batwoman #35-40, Batwoman Annual #2, And Batwoman: Futures End #1.

  1. Detective Comics Vol. 1: Rise of the Batmen – We’re leaving New 52 behind for Rebirth and Batwoman is a big part of Detective Comis relaunch by James Tynion. Facing an elite fighting force modeled after the Dark Knight, Batman is organizing the next generation of Gotham heroes with Kate Kane’s help. Collects Detective Comics #934–940.
  2. Batman: Night of the Monster Men – A Batman Crossover Event. Thanks to the machinations of macabre scientist Dr. Hugo Strange, the storm of the century has unleashed a rain of monsters upon Gotham City—and onto Batman, Nightwing and Batwoman. Collects: Batman #7–8, Nightwing #5–6 And Detective Comics #941–942.
  3. Detective Comics Vol. 2 – Innocent victims maimed or broken by Batman’s greatest enemies band together, and Batman and his newly trained team of allies must take on these troubled souls. Collects: Detective Comics #943–949.

  1. Batwoman Vol. 1: The Many Arms of Death – Fresh from her adventures in Detective Comics, Katherine Kane returns with her own DC Rebirth title. Someone is selling cutting-edge weaponry on the black market, and their aim is to kill as many people—from as many nations—as possible. Batwoman quickly tracks the weapons to their source: a small, lawless island known as Coryana, home to pirates, outlaws … and a year of Batwoman’s life. Collects: Batwoman: Rebirth #1, Batwoman #1–6.
  2. Detective Comics Vol. 3: League of Shadows – They thought the League of Shadows was just a rumor—a secret society of nihilistic killers often whispered about but never seen. But now the League is here, in Gotham. They’re destroying Batman’s team one by one. Collects: Detective Comics #950–956.
  3. Detective Comics Vol. 4: Deus Ex Machina – Azrael was raised to be the perfect assassin by the mysterious Order of St. Dumas … before he rebelled. But when the Order decides to create a more perfect assassin, Azrael and the entire team find themselves in the crosshairs of the deadly A.I. known as Ascalon. Collects: Detective Comics #957–962.

  1. Batwoman Vol. 2: Wonderland – Batwoman is on the hunt for the deadly terrorist group called the Many Arms of Death, but little does she know that their leader, the Mother of War, is on the hunt for her. Soon Kate Kane finds herself abandoned and alone in the Sahara Desert, at the mercy of the man the Many Arms of Death calls the Needle … but his victims call the Scarecrow! Collects: Batwoman #7–11.
  2. Detective Comics Vol. 5: A Lonely Place of Living – For months, Batman has been haunted by the death of Tim Drake, the young hero who fought beside him as Red Robin. In reality, Tim has been held captive. Now he must escape this prison that exists outside of time, but he isn’t coming back alone. Back to Gotham, Tim’s escape partner sets a plan in motion to murder one of Batman’s allies. Can Batman and his team of heroes protect one of their own from a killer who knows them better than they know themselves? Collects: Detective Comics #963–968 and Detective Comics Annual #1.
  3. Detective Comics Vol. 6: Fall of the Batmen – The First Victim and his Victim Syndicate want one thing: to make Batman pay. They have turned the whole city against the Batmen in protest, abducted Clayface and threatened to release all of Arkham Asylum’s most dangerous villains if Batman doesn’t unmask on live television. Everything Red Robin has built to ensure a new future for the team could crumble if the Victim Syndicate triumphs … or if one member of the team makes a detrimental decision that could tear them apart.. Collects: Detective Comics #969–974.

  1. Detective Comics Vol. 7: Batmen Eternal – Following her deadly actions in their last adventure, Batwoman faces scrutiny from Batman and Red Robin but stands up for her actions. Will Batman allow her to continue bearing his symbol after everything she has done? And will the fallout put these cousins–Bruce Wayne and Kate Kane–at irreconcilable odds with one another? Collects Detective Comics #975–981.
  2. Batwoman Vol. 3: Fall of the House of Kane – After her deadly trip around the world hunting the infamous Many Arms of Death, Batwoman returns to Brussels, the site of her most brutal losses and memories. As the clock begins to tick on a new cycle of violence, Kate must overcome her haunted past to ensure her terrorist foes don’t begin the New Year with a bang!

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