Riverworld Saga Books in Order: How to read Philip José Farmer’s series?

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Everyone is alive.

What is the Riverworld series about?

Riverworld is a fictional planet and the setting for a series of science fiction books written by American author Philip José Farmer.

Thirty-five billion people from throughout Earth’s history were resurrected along the great and winding waterways of Riverworld. Most began life anew–accepting without question the sustenance provided by their mysterious benefactors.

But a rebellious handful burned to confront the unseen masters who controlled their fate–and these few launched an invasion that would ultimately yield the mind-boggling truth.

How to read The Riverworld Saga Books in Order?

To Your Scattered Bodies Go Riverworld Saga Book 1 - Riverworld book series in order The Fabulous Riverboat Riverworld Saga Book 2 - Riverworld book series in order The Dark Design Riverworld Saga Book 3 - Riverworld book series in order

  1. To Your Scattered Bodies Go – All those who ever lived on Earth have found themselves resurrected–healthy, young, and naked as newborns–on the grassy banks of a mighty river, in a world unknown. Miraculously provided with food, but with no clues to the meaning of their strange new afterlife, billions of people from every period of Earth’s history–and prehistory–must start again. Sir Francis Burton would be the first to glimpse the incredible way-station, a link between worlds. This forbidden sight would spur the renowned 19th-century explorer to uncover the truth. Along with a remarkable group of compatriots, Burton sets sail on the magnificent river. His mission: to confront humankind’s mysterious benefactors, and learn the true purpose–innocent or evil–of the Riverworld.
  2. The Fabulous Riverboat – Samuel Langhorne Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) has a dream: to build a riverboat that will rival the most magnificent paddle-wheelers ever navigated on the mighty Mississippi. But before he can carry out his plan, he first must undertake a dangerous voyage to unearth a fallen meteor.
  3. The Dark Design – Years have passed on Riverworld. Yet the truth about the Ethicals, the powerful engineers of this mysterious “afterlife,” remains unknown. Intrepid explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton leads the most remarkable voyage of discovery he has ever undertaken. Hot on his heels are Samuel Clemens, King John of England, and Cyrano de Bergerac. Spurred by the promise of ultimate answers, they chart a course across the vast polar sea–and toward the awesome tower that looms above it. But getting there will be more than half the battle. For death on Riverworld has become chillingly final…

Riverworld and Other Stories - Riverworld book series in order The Magic Labyrinth Riverworld Saga Book 4 - Riverworld book series in order Riverworld War - Riverworld book series in order

  1. Riverworld and Other Stories – Short story collection. Contains the novelette Riverworld, which follows Tom Mix, a silent-film star originally from early-twentieth-century Earth, in search of familiar faces from his own time.
  2. The Magic Labyrinth – Burton and Clemens are about to reach the end of the River. But there is a religion, The Church of the Second Chance, that has grown up along the River and its adherents are determined to destroy the riverboats. A coming battle may destroy Burton and Clemens, but even if they survive, how can they penetrate the tower of the Ethicals?
  3. Riverworld War – Contains two stories. One of them is a chapter that was cut from the Riverworld novel The Magic Labyrinth.

The Gods of Riverworld Riverworld Saga Book 5 - Riverworld book series in order River of Eternity - Riverworld book series in order Tales of Riverworld - Riverworld book series in order Quest to Riverworld - Riverworld book series in order

  1. Gods of Riverworld – Riverworld’s omnipotent leaders must finally be confronted, and the renegades of Riverworld-led by the intrepid Sir Richard Francis Burton-will control the fantastic mechanism that rules them. But the most awesome challenge lies ahead. For in the vast corridors and secret rooms of the tower stronghold, an unknown enemy watches and waits to usurp the usurpers….
  2. River of Eternity – Can be considered a bonus. It is an earlier version of Riverworld, which formed the basis for the five novels in Farmer’s series.
  3. Tales of Riverworld – A collection of stories based on Farmer’s world.
  4. Quest to Riverworld – Short stories about Riverworld mostly written by other writers.

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