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Lacey Flint Books in Order: How to read Sharon J. Bolton’s mystery series?

A female detective constable with London’s Metropolitan police.

Who is Lacey Flint?

Lacey Flint is the heroine of the police procedural novels written by English author Sharon Bolton. She is a female detective constable with London’s Metropolitan police with a suspicious past.

Lacey Flint is a practical person, who has no difficulty defying orders to achieve the results she is looking for. She’s ready to go undercover to find out the deepest and darkest secrets London has to offer, with a tendency to unintentionally become involved with serial killer cases.

Dexter Books in Order

Dexter Books in Order: How to read Jeff Lindsay’s series?

Maybe the most famous fictional serial killer, after Hannibal.

Who is Dexter?

Dexter is the creation of american crime novelist Jeff Lindsay, made famous thanks to Showtime television series of the same name, where he is portrayed by Michael C. Hall.

Dexter Morgan is a forensic blood spatter analyst for the Miami-Dade Police Department by day, and a serial killer by day. Convinced the legal system failed to stop murderers, rapists and other criminals, Dexter takes justice in his own ends, and kill them.

Kendra Donovan Books in Order:

Kendra Donovan Books in Order: How to read Julie McElwain’s series?

What an FBI agent does in the 19th century? She solves old-timey crimes!

Who is Kendra Donovan?

Written by American writer Julie McElwain, the Kendra Donovan series is a mystery series mixed with time travel and historical adventures.

Rising star at the FBI, Kendra Donovan is on the way to the top when a disastrous raid leads her on a path to vengeance, in England. But while trying to escape into a stairwell, she stumbles into another time. Now she’s stuck in 1815 where she’s using her 21st century knowledge to get out complicated situations. All she needs is a plan to return home.

SPQR Books in Order

SPQR Books in Order: How to read John Maddox Roberts’ series?

Murder in ancient Rome…

What is the SPQR series about?

Collection of historical mystery stories written by John Maddox Roberts, the SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus) series is set in the time of the Roman Republic.

Told by Senator Decius Caecilius Metellus, an investigator determined to uncover the corruption running rampant in the highest levels of the Roman Republic government, the stories are about conspiracies and murder mysteries taking place from 70 BC to 20 BC.

Ellie Quicke Books in Order

Ellie Quicke Books in Order: How to read Veronica Heley’s series?

By the author of The Abbot Agency series.

Who is Ellie Quicke?

Written by British author Veronica Heley, the Ellie Quicke series is about a widow living in the suburbs of London.

After the death of her husband, who was always critical of her, Ellie Quicke starts to develop new skills as an amateur sleuth. With her friends and neighbors’ help, she now solves crimes in her pleasant London suburb.

Veronica Speedwell Books in Order

Veronica Speedwell Books in Order: How to read Deanna Raybourn’s series?

By The Writer of The Lady Julia Grey series.

Who is Veronica Speedwell?

Written by American author of historical fiction and historical mysteries Deanna Raybourn, the Veronica Speedweel series, like her Lady Julia Grey series, takes us back to the Victorian era in England.

It follows the intrepid adventuress and sleuth Veronica Speedwell. She’s a natural historian with a specialty in lepidoptery which makes her a butterfly hunter and world traveler who is always up for adventure.

Anderson and Costello Books in Order: How to read Caro Ramsay’s series?

Some Scottish murder mysteries…

What is the Anderson and Costello series about?

From Scottish writer Caro Ramsay, the Anderson and Costello series is a crime procedural taking place in Glasgow.

For more than ten books, the series follow Detective Inspector Colin Anderson and his long-time partner Detective Sergeant Freddie Costello as they investigate murder mysteries in a sea of red herrings filled with a lot of suspense.

The Lady Sherlock Series Books in Order

The Lady Sherlock Books in Order: How to read Sherry Thomas’ series?

If Sherlock Holmes was a woman.

Who is Lady Sherlock?

Written by American novelist Sherry M. Thomas, The Lady Sherlock series gender-flips Sherlock Holmes into Charlotte Holmes.

Charlotte Holmes creates the fiction of a “Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective” and masquerades as his sister to solve investigates crimes in Victorian-era London with the help of a female benefactor and a handsome gentleman.

Alex Duggins Books in Order: How to read Stella Cameron’s series?

Murder in the Cotswolds.

Who is Alex Duggins?

Written by Stella Cameron, this mystery series started as an ebook success story before becoming a paperback one.

The series centers on Alex Duggins who, after the end of her marriage, came back to her hometown of Folly-on-Weir in the Cotswolds. She started anew, opened a pub named The Black Dog and stumbled onto murder mysteries, becoming an amateur sleuth in the process.

DI Tom Harper Books in Order

DI Tom Harper Books in Order: How to read Chris Nickson’s series?

A Victorian police procedural.

Who is DI Tom Harper?

Taking place at the end of the Victorian era, this historical mystery series about the investigations of a Detective Inspector is written by British novelist Chris Nickson.

More precisely, the stories focus on the work of DI Tom Harper—and his team—who mostly lead complex investigations in murder cases around Leeds, England, during the 1890s.

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