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Roderick Alleyn Books in Order: How to read Ngaio Marsh’s series?

From the Golden Age of Detective Fiction…

Who is Roderick Alleyn?

Roderick Alleyn is agentleman detective and the main protagonist of the famous mystery series written by New Zealand crime writer (and theatre director) Ngaio Marsh and published from 1932 to 1982,

After serving during World War I and a stint in the British Foreign Service, Roderick Alleyn joined the Metropolitan Police. This tall, dark and good looking detective in the CID at Scotland Yard solves crime, as a gentleman like him does.

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J.P. Beaumont Books in Order: How to read J.A. Jance’s series?

By the author of the Joanna Brady series and the Ali Reynolds series.

Who is J.P. Beaumont?

J.P. Beaumont is the main protagonist of J. A. Jance’s mystery series. He’s a Homicide Detective for the Seattle Police Department.

His full name is Jonas Piedmont Beaumont—simply call Beau by his friends—and he is a sympathetic but flawed detective who, as the series progresses, puts his life back together piece by piece while catching violent killers.

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Flavia Albia Books in Order: How to read Lindsey Davis’s series?

The follow-up to the Marcus Didius Falco series.

Who is Flavia Albia?

After the end of the Marcus Didius Falco series, Lindsey Davis didn’t stop here, keeping the investigations going with a new investigator.

Adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco and Helena Justina, Flavia Albia learned from her mother how to blend in at all levels of society; and from her father, the tricks of their mutual professional trade. Now, she’s working as a private informer in Rome during the reign of Domitian.

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Marcus Didius Falco Books in Order: How to read Lindsey Davis’s series?

Before the Flavia Albia series.

Who is Marcus Didius Falco?

Fictional central character and narrator in the series of historical mystery crime novels by Lindsey Davis, Marcus Didius Falco is solving crimes in the Roman Empire under Vespasian.

More precisely, Marcus Didius Falco is a private investigator (or an informer/imperial agent)… and an amateur poet. He is working in Rome’s empire during the first century.

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Morgan Dane Books in Order: How to read Melinda Leigh’s series?

Even in a small community, a lawyer has to work hard to find the truths she seeks.

Who is Morgan Dane?

Written by the “She can” series author Melinda Leigh, this mystery/thriller series is about a lawyer named Morgan Dane.

After losing her husband, Morgan Dane returns to her hometown, Scarlet Falls, where she works as a lawyer. With the help of her friend Lance Kruger, an ex-cop turned private eye, Morgan usually investigates crimes that rock the community in order to help innocents to stay free.

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DI Hillary Greene Books in Order: How to read Faith Martin’s Series?

For those British country murder mystery fans. A bit like Barnaby.

Who is DI Hillary Greene?

Written by English author Jacquie Walton under the pen name Faith Martin, this is a crime series about a British detective.

Set in Oxfordshire, this series follows DI Hillary Greene, a member of the Criminal investigation department (CID) who works out of Thames Valley Police headquarters in Kidlington. DI Hillary Greene mostly investigates crimes in the towns and villages in the north of Oxfordshire.

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Expeditionary Force Books in Order: How to read Craig Alanson’s series?

If you like the Old man’s war series, maybe try The Expeditionary Force.

What is the Expeditionary Force series about?

Written by self-published author Craig Alanson, the Expeditionary Force is a military science-fiction series that will be composed of 14 novels.

Humanity realizes suddenly that space is full of more advances species when the conflict between the Ruhar and the Kristang affects Earth. The humans are recruited in an intergalactic war. That’s how Army Specialist Joe Bishop got shipped to another solar system for training before realizing that, maybe, he was fighting on the wrong side…

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Phryne Fisher Books in Order: How to read Kerry Greenwood’s series?

Before the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries TV Show, there were the books.

Who is Phryne Fisher?

Often called “Miss Fisher”, Phryne Fisher is the main character in Australian author Kerry Greenwood’s series, a private detective in the late 1920s.

Phryne is a wealthy british aristocrat, but not your ordinary aristocrat of course, because she’s also a private detective. Now, she lives in St Kilda, Melbourne, where, with the assistance of her maid Dot, and Bert and Cec (sometimes cabbies and sometimes men for hire), she investigates all kinds of crimes, doing so with style and class.

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Mary Russell Books in Order: How to read Laurie R. King’s series?

What if an older Sherlock Holmes had a protégé…

Who is Mary Russell?

Set in the world of famous literary detective Sherlock Holmes, this mystery series written by American author Laurie R. King introduces us to Mary Russell, the new protégé of the British detective.

Mostly set between 1915 and the late 1920s, those memoirs written and compiled apparently by an aged Mary Russell began with the meeting of the bright young woman with an older Holmes who takes her under his wing. Now, they solve crime together.

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Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Books in Order: How to read Anne Perry’s series?

By the author of the William Monk series.

Who are Charlotte and Thomas Pitt?

Written by English author Anne Perry, this historical detective series is about Thomas Pitt, a police inspector in Victorian London.

It’s not only about him, because the series also features his wife, Charlotte. Thomas Pitt is from a working-class background, but Charlotte is from an upper-class family and she likes to use her connections to the landed gentry and aristocracy to help her husband solve murder investigation.

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