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Serenity Firefly Reading Order

Serenity/Firefly Reading Order: How to read/watch Joss Whedon’s series?

Meet the most spaced-out crew in the galaxy.

What is Firefly about?

Firefly is an American space Western media franchise created by Joss Whedon. It includes the TV series Firefly, the film Serenity, some novels and multiples comic books.

The series is set in the year 2517, after the arrival of humans in a new star system , and follows the adventures of the renegade crew of Serenity, a “Firefly-class” spaceship. In this future, the only two surviving superpowers, the United States and China, fused to form the central federal government, called the Alliance, resulting in the fusion of the two cultures.

Slough House/Jackson Lamb Books in Order:

Slough House/Jackson Lamb Books in Order: How to read Mick Herron’s series?

Where the disgraced spies go to work…

What is the Slough House series about?

From British mystery and thriller novelist Mick Herron, the Slough House series takes us to London, England, to follow a group of disgraced spies.

The Slough House is where the washed-up MI5 spies are relegated when their careers are derailed. Maybe they got in the way of an ambitious colleague and had the rug yanked out from under them or they drink a little too much. Now, if they want to get back in the action, they have to collaborate with one another.

Guido Brunetti Books in Order

Guido Brunetti Books in Order: How to read Donna Leon’s series?

Murder in Venice, Italy!

Who is Guido Brunetti?

From American author Donna Leon, this crime series takes us in Italy, in or around Venice, for some murder mysteries.

The series resolves around Guido Brunetti, a happily married father of two vice-commissario of police. Intelligent, pragmatic and compassionate, Brunetti works with his colleague Lorenzo Vianello to solve crimes for a long time now.

The Keys to the Kingdom Books in Order

The Keys to the Kingdom Books in Order: How to read Garth Nix’s fantasy-adventure series?

Welcome to the Center of the Universe.

What is The Keys to the Kingdom about?

Written by Australian fantasy author Garth Nix, specialized in children’s and young adult fantasy novels, The Keys to the Kingdom chronicles the adventures of Arthur Penhaligon, an asthmatic 12-year-old boy who is chosen to become the Rightful Heir of the House, the center of the universe.

Arthur must now attempt to defeat the Morrow Days, the criminal Trustees of the House. The series takes place over a span of three weeks. Time moves at different speeds at different locations in the series.

Joseph O'Loughlin Books in Order

Joseph O’Loughlin Books in Order: How to read Michael Robotham’s series?

The psychologist who catches murderers.

Who is Joseph O’Loughlin?

From Australian crime fiction writer Michael Robotham, this series is about a psychiatrist solving crimes.

The psychologist is forty-two-year-old Joseph O’Loughlin, a man who had every reason to be happy, until his life took an unexpected turn when he’s diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Then the police asked for his help. That’s when he starts working with Vincent Ruiz, a hard-drinking tough talking homicide detective.

Sister Fidelma Books in Order

Sister Fidelma Books in Order: How to read Peter Tremayne’s series?

For those who like Medieval Murder Mysteries, but not with Brother Cadfael.

What is the Sister Fidelma series about?

Written by Peter Tremayne (pseudonym of Peter Berresford Ellis), The Sister Fidelma series is a historical mystery series taking us back to the 7th century.

Sister Fidelma is an Eognacht princess and sister to the king of Cashel, a religieuse of the Celtic Church and an advocate of the Brehornn court. With the help of her partner Brother Eadulf, a Saxon monk, she solves crime, mainly in Ireland.

Liss MacCrimmon Books in Order

Liss MacCrimmon Books in Order: How to read Kaitlyn Dunnett’s series?

Cozy murders in Moosetookalook, Maine.

Who is Liss MacCrimmon?

Written by Kaitlyn Dunnett, the cozy mystery series takes us in the town of Moosetookalook, Maine for some amateur sleuthing.

At the center of the series, there’s Liss MacCrimmon who, after a knee injury, is forced to end her professional career as a Scottish dancer. So, she gives up her life of performing strathspeys, reels, jigs and Highland flings and returns to her hometown of Moosetookalook, Maine, where she runs a Scottish Emporium. There, murder find her pretty quickly and she starts investigating.

Hellmouth Reading Order

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel: Hellmouth Reading Order: How to read the Buffy/Angel Boom Studios’ event?

As explained in the Buffyverse Comics Reading Order, Dark Horse Comics’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer license expired at the end of 2018, and the license is now in the hands of BOOM! Studios who relaunched the series in 2019 and followed 3 months later with an Angel title. The publisher didn’t lose time and offered the first cross-over event, Hellmouth.

What is the Hellmouth event about?

Written by Jordie Bellaire and Jeremy Lambert and illustrated by Eleonora Carlini and Marco Renna, Hellmouth is a miniseries of the crossover event tying into the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel comic book series.

As Boom Studios explain to us, Buffy and her Scooby Gang will have to muster all their strength as they deal with an open Hellmouth that threatens the lives of everyone they love in Sunnydale. Meanwhile, Angel, the vampire cursed with a soul, arrives in town to find his redemption by doing whatever it takes to close the Hellmouth… and no human, demon, or Slayer will stand in his way.

Dr. Siri Paiboun Books in Order: How to read Colin Cotterill’s series?

The Lao People’s Democratic Republic has a coroner now…

Who is Dr. Siri Paiboun?

Written by English/Australian author Colin Cotterill, this mystery series takes us back in the 1970s in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

The story resolves around seventy-two-year-old Dr. Siri Paiboun, one of the last doctors left in Laos after the Communist takeover. He is untrained for the job, but has been drafted to be national coroner anyway. Worse, his lab is underfunded, his boss is incompetent, and his support staff is quirky. But that will not stop him from doing his work and catch killers.

Lacey Flint Books in Order: How to read Sharon J. Bolton’s mystery series?

A female detective constable with London’s Metropolitan police.

Who is Lacey Flint?

Lacey Flint is the heroine of the police procedural novels written by English author Sharon Bolton. She is a female detective constable with London’s Metropolitan police with a suspicious past.

Lacey Flint is a practical person, who has no difficulty defying orders to achieve the results she is looking for. She’s ready to go undercover to find out the deepest and darkest secrets London has to offer, with a tendency to unintentionally become involved with serial killer cases.

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