Cole & Hitch Books in Order: How to read Robert B. Parker’s series?

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Series created by the author of Jesse Stone and Spenser

Who are Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch?

Created by Robert B. Parker who wrote the first four books before his death, the Cole & Hitch series has been continued by actor and screenwriter Robert Knott.

Set in the American Old West, these Western novels are about Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, two itinerant lawmen for hire. When they come into town, it’s for cleaning it up.

They take care of a lawless community because they always work within the law.

How to read the Cole & Hitch Books in Order?

Every book in the Cole & Hitch series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. Appaloosa – When Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch arrive in Appaloosa, they find a town suffering at the hands of a renegade rancher who’s already left the city marshal and one of his deputies dead. Cole and Hitch are used to cleaning up after scavengers, but this one raises the stakes by playing not with the rules-but with emotion.
  2. Resolution – A greedy mine owner threatens the coalition of local ranchers in the town of Resolution, pitching two honorable gunfighters, Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, into a make-shift war that’ll challenge their friendship -and the violently shifting laws of the West.
  3. Brimstone – Determined to locate a woman he loves who inexplicably ran off, hired gunman Virgil Cole, along with deputy Everett Hitch, makes his way across New Mexico and Texas before finding her in a brothel, a situation complicated by a religious man and saloon violence.
  1. Blue-Eyed Devil – Once, Appaloosa law was Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch. Now it’s Amos Callico, a vindictive, power-hungry tin star with bigger aims-and he could use Cole and Hitch on his side. This time the paid guns aren’t for hire, which makes Callico a very vengeful man. But threatening Cole and Hitch ignites something just as dangerous.
  2. Robert B. Parker’s Ironhorse – Newly appointed as Territorial Marshals, Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch are traveling by train on a mission to escort Mexican prisoners to the border. But when the Governor of Texas climbs aboard with his wife, daughters, and $500,000 in tow, the journey becomes a lot more complicated. An old enemy-still carrying plenty of scars from the last time he saw Virgil-has hitched a ride. He’s not alone. And he’s got vengeance on his mind.
  3. Robert B. Parker’s Bull River – A bank robbery in San Cristóbal is yielding its fair share of surprises for Territorial Marshal Virgil Cole and Deputy Everett Hitch. It also draws the duo into a mystery involving the bank president himself, the daughter of St. Louis’s most prominent millionaire, and a notorious desperado who holds the key to unlocking a family secret that raises revenge to a whole new level.
  1. Robert B. Parker’s The Bridge – An ominous storm is rolling in over Appaloosa, carrying with it a band of night riders who show up at the Rio Blanco camp, where a three-hundred-foot bridge is under construction. When Appaloosa’s sheriff and deputies suddenly vanish without a trace, territorial Marshals Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch saddle up to sort things out. But Cole and Hitch have no idea of the dangers they’re about to face, or how far-reaching the destruction will be as the clouds over Appaloosa grow even darker.
  2. Robert B. Parker’s Blackjack – Appaloosa, the hometown of Territorial Marshals Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, continues to prosper, but with prosperity comes a slew of new trouble: carpetbaggers, gamblers, migrants, peddlers, drifters, thieves, and whores, all boiling in a cauldron of excess and greed. And there’s a new menace in town: a wealthy, handsome easterner-and the owner of Appaloosa’s new casino-Boston Bill Black.
  3. Robert B. Parker’s Revelation – Territorial marshals Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch figured things had finally settled down in Appaloosa when Boston Bill Black’s murder charge was dropped. But all that changed when Augustus Noble Driggs was transferred to a stateside penitentiary just across the border from Mexico. Square-jawed, handsome, and built like a muscled thoroughbred stallion, Driggs manages to intimidate everyone inside the prison walls, including the upstart young warden.
  1. Robert B. Parker’s Buckskin – When gold is discovered in the foothills just outside of Appaloosa, it sets off a fight between two shrewd local business operations as their hired gun hands square off over the claim. First, a young miner disappears, then another. And then one of the businessmen himself is killed, right on his front doorstep. Meanwhile, as Cole and Hitch try to put a stop to the escalating violence, another killer is making his way toward town in pursuit of a long-lost dream, and a mission of vengeance. Cole and Hitch will have their work cut out for them to keep the peace, especially when all these ruffians converge at the huge Appaloosa Days festival, where hundreds of innocent souls might get caught in the crossfire…
  2. Robert B. Parker’s Opium Rose – Marshals Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch haven’t seen much trouble of late. Fact is, burgeoning Appaloosa and the territory had been without incident for months. But with recent reports of village raids, coupled with the arrival of a young widow from San Francisco, the lawmen are about to be put to the test. Rose McMaster, the feisty daughter of Virgil’s half-brother, ushers in a whole new unsuspected brand of trouble.

What should you read after the Cole & Hitch series?

Robert B. Parker was the author of more terrific series, you may want to take a look at Spenser, Sunny Randall, and Jesse Stone.

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