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The Oz Books in Order: How to read L. Frank Baum’s children series?

Oz Books in Order

Last Updated 11 months ago.We’re not in Kansas anymore.

What is Oz about?

Created by author L. Frank Baum, Oz is a land consisting of four vast quadrants. Each province has its own ruler, but the realm itself has always been ruled by a single monarch. It’s a land with magic, witches, wizards, Munchkin and many more wonders.

Baum didn’t plan for multiple sequels to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but the book’s success push him to wrote a sequel to address popular demand. In total, Baum wrote fourteen books in the Land of Oz, but the adventure didn’t stop there as, after his death, his publisher appointed other writers to continue the Oz series.

Oz Books in Order:

Books by L. Frank Baum

 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Marvelous Land of Oz - Oz Books in Order Ozma of Oz - Oz Books in Order Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – The adventures of a young farm girl named Dorothy in the magical Land of Oz, after she and her pet dog Toto are swept away from their Kansas home by a tornado.
  2. The Marvelous Land of Oz –  After Dorothy returned to Kansas, a young boy named Tip and Jack Pumpkinhead confront General Jinjur’s all-girl Army of Revolt, which is planning to take over the Emerald City.
    • Queer Visitors From The Marvelous Land Of Oz –  In 1904, to promote his second book, Baum, along with cartoonist Walt McDougall, brought his famed characters to Earth in a new medium, the comic strip. these cartoons are collected in this book.
    • The Woggle-Bug Book – It grew out of the Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz comic strip. It is generally not considered part of the Oz canon. Be aware this book contains some problematic stereotypes (thanks to Jay Davis in the comment!)
  3. Ozma of Oz – Blown overboard while sailing with her uncle, Dorothy finds herself in the fairy realm of Ev. She sets out with her friends to rescue the Queen of Ev and her ten children, who have been imprisoned by the cruel Nome King. But even Ozma, the wise Ruler of Oz, is no match for the clever king, and it’s up to Dorothy to save everyone from terrible danger.
  4. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz – Dorothy Gale, on her way back from Australia, visits her cousin, Zeb in California and the both of them soon becoming swallowed up by an earthquake, along with Zeb’s horse Jim and Dorothy’s cat Eureka on another great journey back to Oz.

 The Road to Oz - Oz Books in Order The Emerald City of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Patchwork Girl of Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. The Road to Oz – Dorothy and Toto become lost when they try to help the strange but lovable Shaggy Man. To find their way home they travel to Oz, and on the way there they meet a host of amusing and astonishing characters.
  2. The Emerald City of Oz – Dorothy Gale and her Uncle Henry and Aunt Em coming to live in Oz permanently. While they are traveling through the Quadling Country, the Nome King is assembling allies for an invasion of Oz.
  3. The Patchwork Girl of Oz – Forced to venture out of the dark forest, Unc Nunkie and Ojo the Unlucky call on the Crooked Magician, who introduces them to his latest creation: a living girl made out of patchwork quilts and cotton stuffing. But when an accident leaves beloved Unc Nunkie a motionless statue, it is up to Ojo to save him.
    • Little Wizard Stories of Oz – A set of six short stories. Each Little Wizard Story revolves around the adventures of two famous Oz characters, and their humorous adventures in and around the land of Oz

Tik-Tok of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Scarecrow of Oz - Oz Books in Order Rinkitink in Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. Tik-Tok of Oz – Join Tik-Tok, the Shaggy Man, and a host of other friends–both old and new–on an exciting, imaginative journey through the world of Oz.
  2. The Scarecrow of Oz – Cap’n Bill and Trot journey to Oz and, with the help of the Scarecrow, the former ruler of Oz, overthrow the villainous King Krewl of Jinxland.
  3. Rinkitink in Oz – Wherein is recorded the Perilous Quest of. Prince Inga of Pingaree and King Rinkitink in the Magical Isles that lie beyond the Borderland of Oz.

The Lost Princess of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Tin Woodman of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Magic of Oz - Oz Books in Order Glinda of Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. The Lost Princess of Oz – It begins with the disappearance of Princess Ozma, the ruler of Oz and covers Dorothy and the Wizard’s efforts to find her.
  2. The Tin Woodman of Oz – Join the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow as they journey across the fantastic magical Land of Oz in search of the Tin Woodman’s long-lost sweetheart.
  3. The Magic of Oz – Princess Ozma of Oz has decreed that no one in Oz can practice magic except for Glinda the Good Witch and the Wizard of Oz. But Kiki Aru, a Hyup Munchkin, has discovered the magic word “Pyrzqxgl” and, alongside his evil accomplice Ruggedo, plans to use the magic to wreak his revenge on the people of Oz.
  4. Glinda of Oz – Princess Ozma and Dorothy travel to an obscure corner of the Land of Oz, in order to prevent a war between two local powers, the Skeezers and the Flatheads.

Oz Continued Series

Following L. Frank Baum’s death, the Oz series continue with writers Ruth Plumly Thompson, John R. Neill, Eloise Jarvis McGraw, Sherwood Smith. And a few more.

By Ruth Plumly Thompson

The Royal Book of Oz - Oz Books in Order Kabumpo in Oz - Oz Books in Order The Cowardly Lion of Oz - Oz Books in Order Grampa in Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. The Royal Book of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – The Scarecrow is upset when Professor Woggle-bug tells him that he has no family, so he goes back to the corn-field where Dorothy Gale found him to trace his “roots.”
  2. Kabumpo in Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – During Prince Pompadore of Pumperdink’s eighteenth birthday celebration, his birthday cake explodes, revealing a magic scroll, a magic mirror, and a doorknob. The scroll warns the prince that if he doesn’t wed a “proper princess” within seven days, his entire kingdom will disappear.
  3. The Cowardly Lion of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – Mustafa of Mudge is a turbaned desert monarch with blue whiskers, who collects lions. Mustafa demands one more lion-he already has nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine and a half lions, but there are no more lions in Mudge, and Mudgers are forbidden by Ozma, on penalty of death, to travel beyond the desert borders of Mudge.
  4. Grampa in Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – Things are going from bad to worse in the dilapidated kingdom of Ragbad. To top it all off, King Fumbo’s head is blown away in a ferocious storm. Prince Tatters of Ragbad, and Grampa, a former soldier and the bravest man in the kingdom, set out on a three-fold quest: for King Fumbo’s lost head, a fortune to save the bankrupt kingdom, and a princess for Tatters to marry.

The Lost King of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Hungry Tiger of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Gnome King of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Giant Horse of Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. The Lost King of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – Mombi, perhaps the wickedest witch in Oz history, sets out to find the legendary Lost King of Oz whom she enchanted many years before.
  2. The Hungry Tiger of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – When the winsome Hungry Tiger is whisked away to the Kingdom of Rash in an attempt to satisfy his appetite, Little Betsy Bobbin and the perky Vegetable Man join him and young Prince Reddy in a search for the three magic Rash Rubies.
  3. The Gnome King of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – Ruggedo, the wicked old Gnome King, escapes from Runaway Island and sets out to reclaim his own kingdom and ravage Oz. Together with Peter, an unsuspecting lad from Philadelphia, he discovers the magic casket of Soob the Sorcerer and a flying cloak of Invisibility.
  4. The Giant Horse of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – The Scarecrow, tiny Trot from California, and Benny (a living stone statue from Boston) encounter High Boy, whose telescopic legs and airy personality make him in every way the Giant Horse of Oz! High Boy himself is on an expedition with Herby the Medicine Man and little Prince Philador of the spectacular Ozure Isles, whose home has been threatened with utter destruction by a terrifying monster sea serpent.

Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Yellow Knight of Oz - Oz Books in Order Pirates in Oz - Oz Books in Order The Purple Prince of Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – Peter, the lad from Philadelphia, joins forces with Jack Pumpkinhead to rescue Ozma and the Emerald City from conquest by Mogodore, the infamous Red Baron of Baffleburg.
  2. The Yellow Knight of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – Sir Hokus of Pokes sets off on a quest and discovers instead of one of the greatest feats of enchantment in Oz history: two entire kingdoms transformed and hidden away for five hundred years by the evil Sultan of Samandra.
  3. Pirates in Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – The old Gnome King attempts to capture the Emerald City and regain his magic belt, much to the horror of Peter, the Philadelphia boy who returns on a flying poetical pig to try to save Oz.
  4. The Purple Prince of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – Prince Randy of Regalia must prove his right to be a royal. But can Randy pass the seven magical tests as well as save the conquered Kingdom of Pumperdink—and can Jinnicky’s Red Magic help him?

Ojo in Oz - Oz Books in Order Speedy in Oz - Oz Books in Order The Wishing Horse of Oz - Oz Books in Order Captain Salt in Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. Ojo in Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – When Ojo is kidnapped, he makes an adventurous escape in the company of two new friends: Snufferbux, the singing and dancing bear, and Realbad, the bandit chieftain with the mysterious past.
  2. Speedy in Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – Legendary Umbrella Island flies magically through the air . . . until it careens smack into the forehead of an extremely unpleasant giant! Meanwhile, Speedy—the New York lad—is making a soaring trip skyward himself, propelled by an erupting geyser and encased in Terrybubble, the jolly, living skeleton of a huge dinosaur.
  3. The Wishing Horse of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – In which three emerald necklaces cause everyone in Oz to forget all about Princess Ozma, the Wizard, and Glinda the Good and acknowledge instead a fat old king named Skamperoo as supreme rule!
  4. Captain Salt in Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson –  Captain Samuel Salt sails the Nonestic Ocean and discovers Ozamaland, a legendary land of flying animals, as well as the famous White City of Om, and other places.

Handy Mandy in Oz - Oz Books in Order The Silver Princess in Oz - Oz Books in Order Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Wonder City of Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. Handy Mandy in Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – An underground spring erupts in a geyser that blasts Mandy –who has has seven arms and hands– into the sky. The force propels her across the Deadly Desert to Oz. Mandy finds a silver hammer, and meets a white ox with golden horns before she blunders into the court of King Kerr of Keretaria and his courtiers, full of two-handed people…
  2. The Silver Princess in Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – young King Randy of Regalia is visited by his old friend, Kabumpo. Together, they set out to visit their friend Jinnicky the Red Jinn in the Land of Ev. On the way, they meet Planetty, the silver Princess from Anuther Planet, and her fire-breathing colt, Thun.
  3. Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – The Wizard, Dorothy, and the Cowardly Lion find their trip to Red Top Mountain full of unexpected complications
  4. The Wonder City of Oz by John R. Neill – Jenny Jump captures a leprechaun and forces him to make her into a fairy; but he only does half the job before escaping. Jenny then jumps to Oz using her half-fairy gifts and quickly expresses her desire to be a queen herself. Her ambition lures her into running against Ozma in an Ozlection to become ruler of the Land of Oz.

The Scalawagons of Oz - Oz Books in Order Lucky Bucky in Oz - Oz Books in Order The Magical Mimics in Oz - Oz Books in Order The Shaggy Man of Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. The Scalawagons of Oz by John R. Neill – When the strange and mysterious Bell Snickle “snickles” around the scalawagons of Oz, there is big trouble in the Emerald City.
  2. Lucky Bucky in Oz by John R. Neill – After an explosion blows Lucky Bucky sky-high, he meets Davy Jones, a wooden whale who helps him voyage to Oz.
  3. The Magical Mimics in Oz by Jack Snow – With Ozma and Glinda gone, will anyone notice that Dorothy and the Wizard haven’t quite been themselves? And can Ozma’s cousin Ozana and the real Dorothy get to the Emerald city before it is completely overthrown by legions of shape-shifting body-snatchers?
  4. The Shaggy Man of Oz by Jack Snow – When a simple trip to get the Love Magnet repaired goes awry, unlikely companions Twink, Tom, Twiffle, and the legendary Shaggy Man of Oz must get their heads out of the clouds and escape the sappiest romantic drama if they hope to cross the Deadly Desert in time to foil a sinister plan.

The Hidden Valley of Oz - Oz Books in Order Merry Go Round in Oz - Oz Books in Order Yankee in Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. The Hidden Valley of Oz by Rachel R. Cosgrove – Jam, a boy from Ohio, builds a kite and attaches it to a crate and sets off to Oz with his two guinea pigs, Pinny and Gig, and a lab rat named Percy. Once in Oz, Jam realizes his pets can talk. He lands in the Hidden Valley and becomes a prisoner, but they escape and set out on adventures with the Tin Woodman.
  2. Merry Go Round in Oz by Eloise Jarvis McGraw – Robin joins Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, Prince Gules, and a unicorn on a quest to save the Kingdom of Halidom.
  3. Yankee in Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – Tompy, a drummer boy from the United States and Yankee, an Air Force dog meet the Red Jinn of Ev and together defeat an evil giant who is threatening both America and Oz.

The Enchanted Island of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Forbidden Fountain of Oz - Oz Books in OrderThe Ozmapolitan of Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. The Enchanted Island of Oz by Ruth Plumly Thompson – David Perry is a boy from Pennsylvania; on a visit to a circus, he wishes that a camel could talk — and is amazed when his wish is granted. David nicknames the talking camel Humpty Bumpty; together the boy and camel embark on a whirlwind tour of strange lands, including Somewhere, Dwindlebury, and the flying island of Kapurta.
  2. Forbidden Fountain of Oz by Eloise Jarvis McGraw and Lauren Lynn McGraw – Ozma takes a sip from limeade made from the Forbidden Fountain, forgets who she is and disappears. As the androgynous Poppy, she befriends reformed unsuccessful bandit Tobias Bridlecull, Jr. and a white lamb named Lambert.
  3. The Ozmapolitan of Oz by Dick Martin – Septimius Septentrion is three weeks into a job as a printer at the Ozmapolitan in the Emerald City of Oz. A chance meeting with Princess Dorothy leads to a plan to drum up news to promote the sleepy Ozite newspaper. Accompanied by a mifket named Jinx and Dorothy’s cat Eureka, “Tim” and Dorothy embark on a cross-country trip through the Winkie Country

 The Wicked Witch of Oz - Oz Books in Order The Runaway in Oz - Oz Books in Order The Rundelstone of Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. The Runaway in Oz by John R. Neill – Running away from Oz, Scraps, the patchwork girl, encounters the Wogglebug’s castle in the air, Fanny the Weather Witch, and Popla, a power plant.
  2. The Rundelstone of Oz by Eloise Jarvis McGraw – Poco, a living marionette, is on his own at Witheraway Castle, working for its master, the Whitherd, and must find the mysterious Rundelstone to see his friends again and to keep the hidden kingdom of Fyordi-Zik from darkness.

 The Emerald Wand of Oz - Oz Books in Order Trouble Under Oz - Oz Books in Order Sky Pyrates Over Oz - Oz Books in Order

  1. The Emerald Wand of Oz by Sherwood Smith – Meet Em and Dori, two modern-day descendants of Dorothy Gale (yes, THAT Dorothy), who follow in her famous footsteps to the magical land of Oz — and adventure.
  2. Trouble Under Oz by Sherwood Smith – Sinister clouds boil ominously over the Emerald City, Dorothy has gone missing, and there are rumblings of rebellion in the Nome Kingdom. So a desperate plea for help goes out from Princess Ozma to two resourceful sisters from Kansas through the magic snow globe that helped bring them to Oz once before.
  3. Sky Pyrates over Oz by Sherwood Smith – There’s a plot afoot with a dastardly villain who kidnapped Princess Dorothy. It’ll take Glinda, Rikki the Nome, Dori, Emma, Scraps, and many more to contend with this threat…

4 thoughts on “The Oz Books in Order: How to read L. Frank Baum’s children series?”

  1. If you’re going to include Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz, you should also include The Woggle-Bug Book. It follows from the same setup as Queer Visitors. It should be noted that these depict an ethnically diverse America, but Baum used several regrettable stereotypes to depict these characters, perpetuating racism.

    1. Jay Davis, Thank You for your comment.
      I updated the reading order with a note for the Woggle-Bug Book, though it seems some consider this book non-canon. I must admit being a little bit lost with the Oz-related book written by Baum. So I just change the presentation, making them more complementary for those I put in this reading order.

  2. If you’re doing an extensive list of Oz books, then I think you should include some of Baum’s non-Oz books. Mainly the following:

    1. Dot & Tot in Merryland
    2. The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
    3. The Magical Monarch of Mo
    4. Queen Zixi of Ix
    5. John Dough and the Cherub
    6. The Sea Fairies
    7. Sky Island.

    Books 1, 2, 4, and 5 that I mentioned, characters from those books appear in “The Road to Oz” at Ozma’s birthday party.

    Book 3, that I mentioned, a character from that book appears in “The Patchwork Girl of Oz.

    Books 6 and 7 that I mentioned, is where Trot and Cap’n Bill first appear (Apparently, Baum tried to end the Oz series after “The Emerald City of Oz” and wrote those two books. But because of poor sales of those books, and stuff going on in Baum’s personal life at the time, Baum continued the series with The Patchwork Girl of Oz.)

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