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The MacGregors Books in Order: How to read Nora Roberts’s family saga series?

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A family Saga by the Queen of Romance.

What is The MacGregors about?

Four years after the publication of her first book and ten years before she took the pen name J.D. Robb, Nora Roberts published in 1985 Playing the Odds, the first novel in the MacGregor family series and an instant bestseller. Comprised of ten novels and a novella, this saga will conclude in 1999 with The Perfect Neighbor.

Who are The MacGregors? The family clan lives at Cape Cod, headed by the wealthy and eccentric patriarch Daniel MacGregor, and his wife Anna. They raised their three children with pride about their Scottish roots. The elder, Alan MacGregor, is a proud and ambitious politician who likes a challenge. The middle child, Caine, is a brilliant man from Harvard and a great seducer. The eldest, Serena, is an accomplished biologist determined to see her dreams come true.

Each book centers around a different member of the family, with Daniel MacGregor having a hand in getting their children with their perfect match.

The MacGregors Books in Publication Order:

Playing the Odds - The MacGregors Books in Order Tempting Fate - The MacGregors Books in Order All the Possibilities - The MacGregors Books in Order

  1. Playing the OddsRaised in wealth and luxury, Serena MacGregor wanted something money couldn’t buy, an independent experience she can get only by living it. Working as a blackjack dealer on a cruise ship, she keeps her elite privilege a secret. Then gambler Justin Blade appears and drops big bucks on her table. He’s a mystery who keeps his cards close to his chest—but finds himself desiring to prove to Serena that together they’ve hit the jackpot.
  2. Tempting FateAttorney Caine MacGregor has never lost a case. His combative persona serves his clients well in the courtroom, and his persuasive arguments have won him many conquests in the bedroom. But in counselor Diana Blade, Caine has met his match. Her legal expertise would make her an excellent partner, and discovering her personal passions would make an enticing challenge. And as Caine deliberates with Diana about business and pleasure interests, he realizes he’s truly mediating for a chance at love.
  3. All the PossibilitiesAmong the ambitious influencers crowding Washington D.C.’s hallowed halls, Shelby Campbell stood apart from the petty politicians demanding Senator Alan MacGregor’s time. Fearless in expressing her beliefs, she challenged his views with an impressive intellect that also captured his heart. However, Shelby and Alan are connected by an enmity shared between their families for generations. Unwilling to let the past decide their future, Alan commits himself to proving his love for Shelby—and healing them both.

  One Man's Art - The MacGregors Books in Order For Now Forever - The MacGregors Books in Order Rebellion - The MacGregors Books in Order

  1. One Man’s Art A lighthouse keeper on the shores of Maine, Grant Campbell convinced himself he was content with being alone, free of the harmful entanglements that bind people. Then Genevieve Grandeau appeared on his doorstep one night after abandoning her stalled car, seeking shelter from a raging storm. Grant is not the friendliest or most gracious of hosts, but Gennie senses a kindness and compassion deep within him yearning to be free. Unexpected fate may have brought them together, but healing love is their shared destiny.
  2. For Now, ForeverDaniel MacGregor amassed a millionaire’s fortune through hard work and ingenuity. He wants for nothing, except for someone to share his life. The beautiful Anna Whitfield has captivated his mind and heart like no one he has ever met, but she has her own ambitious medical career to pursue and isn’t interested in marrying such a domineering personality. Undeterred, Daniel will prove to Anna that his value lies in more than his wealth—promising her a love and a future that has much to offer the world.
  3. Rebellion — Set in 1745, Rebellion tells the story of Serena MacGregor, whose hatred of all things English extends to her brother’s friend Brigham Langston. He’ll prove himself worthy of the MacGregor’s respect, but piercing Serena’s pride will take all the passion he can muster.

In From The Cold - The MacGregors Books in Order The MacGregor Brides - The MacGregors Books in Order The Winning Hand - The MacGregors Books in Order

  1. In from the Cold — novella. In from the Cold follows the MacGregors during the American Revolution. Injured minuteman Ian MacGregor flees into the wilderness, where he finds refuge for his body and soul with Irish spitfire Alanna Flynn.
  2. The MacGregor Brides — Daniel MacGregor has been blessed with a happy marriage his entire life—one that bore him many children and grandchildren. Proud of his family’s notable achievements, he is concerned that some of them have chosen careers over love. Laura, Gwendolyn, and Julia are his oldest granddaughters, and the ninety-year-old patriarch has taken it upon himself to play matchmaker by finding each a potential husband. Neither brides- nor grooms-to-be appreciate his efforts, but if there’s one thing Daniel knows, it’s how to find the perfect mate.
  3. The Winning Hand — Casino manager Robert MacGregor Blade has seen his share of people try their luck to improve their fortunes—or lose them altogether. But when Darcy Wallace wins a jackpot worth two million on a three-dollar bet, he finds himself going all in to meet the mysterious beauty who nearly lost everything. Hiding out from an ex-fiancé obsessed with possessing her, Darcy is wary of Mac’s attention and considers just taking the money and running—until he proves that his growing love for her is a sure thing.

 The MacGregor Grooms - The MacGregors Books in OrderThe Perfect Neighbor - The MacGregors Books in Order


  1. The MacGregor Grooms — For all his wealth and success, ninety-year-old Daniel MacGregor knows that his greatest achievement is a lifelong loving marriage. If only his grandsons D.C., Duncan, and Ian shared his belief instead of rushing through their lives on endless quests for reward and respect. Daniel knows each young man’s heart better than they do themselves—which gives him great insight into finding each of them the perfect bride.
  2. The Perfect Neighbor — Cybil Campbell paints her ideal life—full of sunshine and laughter—into her comic-strip art. An eternal optimist who sees limitless joyful possibilities every day, she cannot understand why her handsome new neighbor across the hall chooses to believe darkness shadows his every waking hour. Preston McQuinn just wants to be left alone, not to be the object of his neighbor’s patronizing pity about his well-being. But Cybil’s genuine good cheer and compassionate kindness breaks through Preston’s cynicism and opens his heart to pursue what may be the perfect love of his life.

Bonus: Supporting character Myra Ditmeyer appears in Endings & Beginnings.

The MacGregors Books in Chronological Order:

The publication order starts with Daniel’s children, goes backward in time, and then forward. If you prefer, you can read them in chronological order:

  1. Rebellion
  2. In from the Cold
  3. For Now, Forever
  4. Playing the Odds
  5. Tempting Fate
  6. All the Possibilities
  7. One Man’s Art
  8. The MacGregor Brides
  9. The Winning Hand
  10. The MacGregor Grooms
  11. The Perfect Neighbor

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