The Lying Game Books in Order: How to read Sara Shepard’s series?

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By the author of Pretty Little Liars.

What is The Lying Game series about?

Written by American author Sara Shepard, The Lying Game is a series about secrets, lies, and consequences. Emma Paxton recently discovered she had a long-lost twin sister named Sutton Mercer. As Emma went into foster care, Sutton was adopted by a wealthy family. Their life and personality couldn’t be more different.

Sutton Mercer had a life anyone would kill for. Then someone did. Now, it’s up to Emma to discover who could have wanted her sister gone… and the list of suspects is quite long.

How to read The Lying Game Books in Order?

The Lying Game’s Prequels

Sara Shepard wrote two prequels novella, from Sutton’s point of view.

The First Lie - The Lying Game Books in Order True Lies - The Lying Game Books in Order

  1. The First Lie – It’s the summer before junior year and Sutton Mercer and her friends rule Hollier High. Then Thayer Vega returns home from soccer camp. The now hot soccer god has a major ego-and a bone to pick with the Lying Game girls.To bring him back down to earth, Sutton’s friends convince her to string Thayer along so she can publicly reject him. But as she gets to know the real Thayer, Sutton starts to wonder: Is flirting with Thayer still just a game to her?
  2. True Lies – Approximately a year after the first prequel. Sutton Mercer’s world is turned upside down when her secret boyfriend, Thayer Vega, disappears without a trace. When he finally calls, he says he needs “space.”Sutton does what any jilted girl would do-she gets over her last boyfriend by finding a new one : Garrett Austin. The only catch: Garrett used to date Sutton’s best friend Charlotte. Now, Charlotte is insisting that Sutton’s younger sister, Laurel, be admitted to the Lying Game clique. Will Sutton prove she’s the only Mercer fit for the club? Or is the Lying Game queen about to get overthrown by her not-so-loyal subjects?

The Main Lying Game Series

The Lying Game Books in Order The Lying Game Book 2 Never Have I Ever - The Lying Game Books in Order The Lying Game 3 Two Truths and a Lie - The Lying Game Books in Order

  1. The Lying Game – Shortly before her seventeenth birthday, Emma discovers she has a long-lost twin named Sutton Mercer. She contacts Sutton, who agrees to a rendezvous but never shows up. Curious at first, Emma slips into Sutton’s ultra-glamorous life, assuming her identity. When it becomes clear that Sutton is not coming back, that someone made sure she never could, Emma plunges in to investigate who could have wanted her sister gone.
  2. Never Have I Ever – Sutton Mercer is dead, but only a few people know it. Her long-lost twin, Emma, has stepped into her shoes-all while tracking down Sutton’s murderer. But the killer wants Emma to keep playing the part of Sutton-after all, no missing person means no investigation-and will do anything to make sure Emma toes the line…or else.
  3. Two Truths and a Lie – Foster child Emma Paxton tries to track down Sutton’s murderer. But Sutton was no angel, and the pranks she and her friends pulled leave Emma with a long list of suspects. The most mysterious of them is Thayer Vega, who’s currently missing-a fact which many of Sutton’s friends blame on her. Emma has no idea what Sutton did that could have driven Thayer away. Until Thayer himself shows up on her doorstep.

The Lying Game 4 Hide and Seek - The Lying Game Books in Order The Lying Game 5 Cross My Heart, Hope to Die - The Lying Game Books in Order The Lying Game 6 Seven Minutes in Heaven - The Lying Game Books in Order

  1. Hide and Seek – Separated at birth, twin sisters Emma Paxton and Sutton Mercer never had a chance to meet. Someone murdered Sutton and forced Emma into taking her place. Emma tries to figure out who killed her-and why. But as she digs deeper, she discovers that the truth may be far more terrible than she’d ever imagined-and the killer may be a lot closer to home….
  2. Cross My Heart, Hope to Die – As Emma gets closer to discovering what exactly happened the night Sutton was killed, she learns that Becky isn’t all that she seems. Turns out Sutton wasn’t the only Mercer girl with dark secrets.
  3. Seven Minutes in Heaven – When Sutton’s body is discovered, Emma suddenly becomes the number-one suspect in her twin’s murder. Now she needs to find the killer before she ends up behind bars-or worse.

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