The Famous Five Books in Order: How to read Enid Blyton’s series?

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Meet Julian, Dick, Anne, George, and Timothy. Together they are The Famous Five. Created by English author Enid Blyton, they are the stars of a series of children’s adventure novels and short stories. The group goes on numerous adventures during the school holidays. They go hiking and biking, camping, and exploring by themselves places like Kirrin Island, Smuggler’s Top, Owl’s Dene, the lighthouse at Demon’s Rocks, and farms, castles, caves, and secret passages galore. They can’t go anywhere together without falling into adventure, meeting criminals, thieves, smugglers, or kidnappers, but also searching for lost treasures.

How to Read The Original Famous Five Series in Order?

There are 21 original Famous Five books by Enid Blyton written between 1942 and 1963.

  1. Five on a Treasure Island – Julian, Dick, and Anne are spending the holidays with their tomboy cousin George and her dog, Timothy. One day, George takes them to explore nearby Kirrin Island, with its rocky little coast and old ruined castle on the top. Over on the island, they make a thrilling discovery, which leads them deep into the dungeons of Kirrin Castle on a dangerous adventure. Who – and what – will they find there?
  2. Five Go Adventuring Again – In their second adventure, the Famous Five find a thief at Kirrin Cottage. They think they know who it is, but need to prove it. Will the discovery of a very old map help uncover the true culprit?
  3. Five Run Away Together – the Famous Five discover that someone has been on George’s island. And what is locked in the mysterious trunk hidden on Kirrin Island? The Famous Five think they’re on the trail of smugglers – until they hear a child scream…
  1. Five Go to Smuggler’s Top – the Famous Five stay at the large old house at Smuggler’s Top. They discover secret hiding places, and underground tunnels, and one night they catch people signaling out to sea! Are there still smugglers at Smuggler’s Top?
  2. Five Go Off in a Caravan – the Famous Five go on a caravan holiday. When they stumble across a circus troupe, the gang is thrilled. But some of the circus people have more sinister plans than just clowning around…
  3. Five on Kirrin Island Again – Uncle Quentin has locked himself away on Kirrin Island. What’s he up to and why won’t he let anyone visit? Then the Famous Five discover that a suspicious stranger is watching Uncle Quentin’s every move. Can the Famous Five warn Uncle Quentin in time?
  1. Five Go Off to Camp – The Famous Five investigate spook trains in the dead of night. The trains seem to vanish into thin air, but where do they go? The Five discover an unusual underground tunnel system and a secret train-service. If they follow the tracks, will they solve the mystery?
  2. Five Get into Trouble – Dick’s been kidnapped – but he’s been mistaken for somebody else! The Famous Five track him down to a lonely out-of-the-way house, but they are seized and imprisoned too! Can the Five escape?
  3. Five Fall into Adventure – The Famous Five are really worried – George and her devoted Timmy have disappeared. Not only that, somebody has broken into Kirrin Cottage. Could there be a connection? Will the Five find George and Timmy and bring them home safe?
  1. Five on a Hike Together – Dick is woken by a light flashing through his window. Is someone trying to send him a coded message? When the Famous Five hear of an escaped convict in the area, they are on red alert. The police won’t help, so the Five have no choice – yet again, they’ll be solving this mystery by themselves…
  2. Five Have a Wonderful Time – The Famous Five are on an adventurous holiday in horse-drawn caravans. They discover a ruined castle that looks deserted. But is that a face at the window? Or is it a trick of the light? Just who is hiding in the castle?
  3. Five Go Down to the Sea – Somebody is flashing lights from the top of the old tower on the treacherous rocks off the Cornish coast. The Famous Five sense danger. But can they solve this mystery without getting hurt themselves?
  1. Five Go to Mystery Moor – The Famous Five find out about something dangerous out in Mystery Moor. They’ll have to risk the treacherous mists and follow the trail if they want to find what’s lurking in the shadows. Do they know what they’ve let themselves in for?
  2. Five Have Plenty of Fun – George is not pleased when Berta, a spoilt American girl, turns up at Kirrin Cottage in the dead of night. But George hasn’t got time to be jealous, Berta is in hiding from kidnappers. The Famous Five are the only ones who can protect her – but will they take on dangerous criminals to help out a stranger?
  3. Five on a Secret Trail – The Famous Five go camping and pitch their tent near a ruined and seemingly abandoned cottage. When Anne hears strange noises at night the others don’t believe her… Until they see the ghostly lights. Is the cottage really haunted, or is there another, equally sinister, explanation?
  1. Five Go to Billycock Hill – It’s holiday time at Billycock Hill and the Famous Five make a new friend – a real pilot! But when he disappears with top secret equipment, the Five begin to wonder if their new friend could be a spy, or worse, a traitor. Whatever his motives, the gang feels duty-bound to investigate…
  2. Five Get into a Fix – The Famous Five are skiing and having lots of fun. But who is living in the mysterious house near their chalet? The caretaker claims it’s been deserted for years, but the Five are sure they’ve seen a face at the window. A terrified, and haunted face. Have the gang got the courage to find out?
  3. Five on Finniston Farm – The Famous Five hunt for the lost dungeons of a ruined castle on Finniston Farm. The friends are determined to find them, and whatever they hide, but they are not alone.
  1. Five Go to Demon’s Rocks – The Famous Five travel to Demon’s Rocks and discover a very old and valuable gold coin. Demon’s Rocks is famous for its stories of bountiful treasure, but if the myth is reality, who does the treasure belong to? The Five are determined to find out, but first they need to know who else is exploring Demon’s Rocks for the treasure…
  2. Five Have a Mystery to Solve – The Famous Five visit Whispering Island, another mysterious place with a million stories surrounding it. Is it really haunted? It’s all fun and games until the Five get stranded there and realize they’re not the only ones on the island.
  3. Five Are Together Again – The Famous Five are camping out near the home of a famous scientist. But when his important research papers go missing, he needs the gang’s help to get them back. Can the Five work out who took them? And why?

The Famous Five Short Stories by Enid Blyton

In addition to the Famous Five novels, Enid Blyton wrote a clutch of short stories based on the characters. These were published in magazines and collected in the Famous Five Short Story Collection (Hodder).

  1. Five Have a Puzzling Time – When George is kept awake in the middle of the night by toothache, she notices a light on the supposedly empty Kirrin Island. While George is at the dentist, Julian, Dick and Anne decide to investigate and strange things start happening … can the Famous Five solve this mystery?
  2. George’s Hair Is Too Long! – Borrowing some scissors is the beginning of an adventure for the Famous Five, as George manages to get mixed up with some burglars. Julian, Dick, and Anne are too busy eating ice cream to realize that George is in trouble! Will the Famous Five manage to catch up with the burglars and save the day?
  3. Good Old Timmy! – After the Five see a boy being kidnapped at the beach, they set out to find him. But where have the kidnappers hidden the boy? Will Timmy lead them to the answer?
  1. A Lazy Afternoon – It’s so terribly hot, the Five are having a lazy afternoon … but the gang don’t get the peace and quiet they imagined! What are the men on the motorbikes up to? Can they be stopped?
  2. Well Done, Famous Five! – The most famous racehorse in England is being trained in Kirren, and the Famous Five are eager to watch. But when the horse bolts the Famous Five need to think quickly to make sure he isn’t lost or injured. The whole of England is depending on them!
  3. Five And A Half-Term Adventure – George’s dog Timmy sniffs out an adventure when he spots some suspicious-looking passengers on a train. He is very interested in one of them, but what has he spotted? Can the Famous Five solve the mystery?
  1. Happy Christmas, Five! – It is Christmas Eve, and the Famous Five are very excited about their mountain of presents – even Timmy! But when Timmy barks furiously he is sent outside, leaving a thief free to steal all the presents. Can Timmy still manage to save the day?
  2. When Timmy Chased the Cat! – The Famous Five are on their way to the cinema when Timmy spots a cat and tears after it, taking the gang on a detour to an empty house. But is it really empty? Some strange sounds suggest otherwise…

Les Cinq : French Famous Five books by Claude Voilier

The Five Famous was very popular in the French-speaking parts of Europe, and new stories were written in French by Claude Voilier between 1971 and 1985. In total, 24 books have been written in this series, but only 18 were translated into English.

  1. The Famous Five and the Stately Homes Gang
  2. The Famous Five and the Mystery of the Emeralds
  3. The Famous Five and the Missing Cheetah
  4. The Famous Five Go On Television
  5. The Famous Five and the Golden Galleon
  6. The Famous Five Versus the Black Mask
  7. The Famous Five in Fancy Dress
  8. The Famous Five and the Blue Bear Mystery
  9. The Famous Five and the Inca God
  10. The Famous Five and the Cavalier’s Treasure
  11. The Famous Five and the Strange Legacy
  12. The Famous Five and the Secret of the Caves
  13. The Famous Five and the Hijackers
  14. The Famous Five and the Strange Scientist
  15. The Famous Five in Deadly Danger
  16. The Famous Five and the Knights’ Treasure
  17. The Famous Five and the Z-Rays
  18. The Famous Five and the Pink Pearls

Following is the 6 books not translated in English, for those who read french:

  1. Les Cinq et le diamant bleu/Les Cinq et le rubis d’Akbar (1979)
  2. Les Cinq en croisière
  3. Les Cinq contre les fantômes
  4. Les Cinq en Amazonie
  5. Les Cinq et le trésor du pirate
  6. Les Cinq contre le loup-garou

Gamebooks (Choose your own adventure)

Between 1984 and 1988, Stephen Thraves wrote eight Famous 5 Adventure Game Books series, loosely based on the original books

  1. The Wreckers’ Tower Game – based on Five Go Down to the Sea
  2. The Haunted Railway Game – based on Five Go Off to Camp
  3. The Whispering Island Game – based on Five Have a Mystery to Solve
  4. The Sinister Lake Game – based on Five On a Hike Together
  5. The Wailing Lighthouse Game – based on Five Go to Demon’s Rocks
  6. The Secret Airfield Game – based on Five Go to Billycock Hill
  7. The Shuddering Mountain Game – based on Five Get into a Fix
  8. The Missing Scientist Game – based on Five Have a Wonderful Time

Between 1987 and 1989, Mary Danby wrote a series entitled “The Famous Five and You”, consisting of abridged versions of the original text, with additional text for the alternative story routes (based on the first six Famous Five books)

  1. The Famous Five and You: Search for Treasure!
  2. The Famous Five and You: Find Adventure!
  3. The Famous Five and You: Run Away!
  4. The Famous Five and You: Search for Smugglers!
  5. The Famous Five and You: Take Off!
  6. The Famous Five and You: Underground!

Just George, the spin-off series

Just George is a series of books written by Sue Welford that predate the adventures of the Famous Five, focusing on the character George and her loyal friend, Timmy the dog.

  1. George, Timmy and the Haunted Cave
  2. George, Timmy and the Curious Treasure
  3. George, Timmy and the Footprint in the Sand
  4. George, Timmy and the Secret in the Cellar
  5. George, Timmy and the Stranger in the Storm
  6. George, Timmy and the Lighthouse Mystery
  7. Adventures with George and Timmy

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