The Darcy Sweet Mystery Books in Order: How to read K.J. Emrick’s series?

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Some sweet sweet murder mysteries with a touch of magic.

What is Darcy Sweet Mystery Series about?

Written by K.J. Emrick, The Darcy Sweet Mystery series is known as a cozy mystery series with a touch of fantasy.

Set in the city of Misty Hollow, the books center around Darcy Sweet, the owner of Sweet Read bookstore who has a connection to “the other side.”

That’s why she lives with her psychic cat named Smudge, and talks to the ghosts who create all sorts of problems for her and her neighbors.

How to read The Darcy Sweet Mystery Books in Order?

Every book in the Darcy Sweet Mystery series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. Death Comes to Town – Darcy Sweet would like to think that she is just an ordinary woman, happy in her life running the Sweet Read bookstore. But she isn’t ordinary. She has a connection to the other side that seems to draw her into mysterious situations more often than not. Add to the mix the antics of a rather naughty, slightly psychic cat and the eccentric ghost of her great-aunt Millie, and you have a recipe for anything but the ordinary.
  2. Mists of the Past – Darcy Sweet isn’t what you would call a girly girl. She almost never wears makeup and loves nothing more than to wear a well worn pair of jeans, a t-shirt and her most comfortable pair of sneakers. So she felt a little strange as she prepared for her first official date with her new cop boyfriend. They were going to have a quiet romantic dinner in a nice restaurant. There was nothing to worry about, right?
  3. From the Ashes – When Darcy Sweet’s friend asks her for help in finding out more about a young woman’s mother she thinks that it will just be a routine communication with the other side. But when she is unable to establish any contact with the woman she is confused. There seemed to be only one reason for it but it didn’t make any sense.

  1. The Ghost of Christmas – Darcy Sweet loves the Christmas season. She also loves the Christmas pageant that her town puts on every year. However this year things don’t go as smoothly as hoped when an unexpected visitor shows up: The ghost of a murdered man who was a former pageant Santa. The ghost needs Darcy to find out who his killer is so he may finally rest in peace.
  2. The Stolen Valentine – Love is in the air for the folks in Misty Hollow as they prepare for their annual Valentine’s Day dance. Darcy Sweet thinks that she has nothing more to worry about than decorating the Sweet Read bookstore, and what to get her boyfriend on the most romantic day of the year. She couldn’t have been more wrong! There is cause for worry when Aaron, her brother-in-law, fails to return home one night after receiving some exciting news. Things look even more dire when he doesn’t turn up the next day either. His family begins to fear the worst.
  3. Hiding From Death – When Darcy Sweet returned home from a short vacation with her boyfriend she found that her deceased neighbor’s house had been sold. The new owner are a mysterious dark haired woman and her young son. Darcy became intrigued with her new neighbor and even though the woman demanded that Darcy leave them alone, she couldn’t. Darcy felt that the woman had a secret. Especially after having a vision that reveals the danger that the woman is in.

  1. A Murder of Crows – A trip out of town to take in a seminar should have been an enjoyable week away for Darcy Sweet. But like so many times before in her life, it’s not to be… Things get a bit weird when she starts seeing her deceased ex-husband’s ghost who gives her a cryptic message. “Beware the Crow.” What does it mean? And if that isn’t unsettling enough, her traveling companion is murdered the first night they are away…
  2. Family Secrets – When the Misty Hollow town treasurer is murdered in her own home for once it looks like it is an open and shut case. The alleged murderer is caught red-handed near the body but is it that straightforward? Things are complicated even further by the relationship that the alleged murderer has with Darcy Sweet’s cop boyfriend. Darcy finds out things that she never knew about Jon, and not all of it is good.
  3. The Language of Death – Darcy Sweet thought that her life was going one way only to have it go another way entirely. While trying to adjust to life without Jon, and at the same time helping to plan her mother’s wedding, she receives a ghostly message that leaves her reeling. Her best friend is dead and is asking Darcy for help. While everyone else seems to have accepted it as a suicide it’s up to Darcy to uncover the truth.

  1. The Greatest Gift – Darcy Sweet gets an urgent call from a friend of her Great Aunt Millie. Someone has been rearranging the furniture inside Belinda Franco’s home and Belinda believes that it is the ghost of her dead husband, Dominic. She asks Darcy to communicate with him to find out why he is suddenly causing mischief. With the unexpected help of her estranged boyfriend Jon, she plans to get to the bottom of the mystery.
  2. Resorting to Murder – Three days alone in a cabin in the mountains with her on-again, off-again-and now on-again-boyfriend Jon Tinker should have been perfect for Darcy Sweet. Their romantic mini vacation was thrown into turmoil when a stranger knocked on the door of their getaway cabin. Darcy was catapulted into a vision that indicated the person may not be quite who they were pretending to be.
  3. Death at the Wheel – ‘The Mysterious is all Around Us’ could be the catchphrase for Darcy Sweet’s life with the way she always seems to end up in mysterious situations. And it was very mysterious indeed when a car accident that crashes its way into town results in a missing driver and a dead body. What happened? Where did the driver of the death car go? Could it have been a ghost driving?

  1. Ghost Story – It’s almost Halloween in Misty Hollow… but Darcy Sweet won’t be having a fun time trick or treating this year. With a psychopathic ghost that is running rampant through town causing dark mischief wherever he goes and a dead body that is dumped on the Mayor’s front lawn Darcy is going to have her hands full trying to sort it all out.
  2. Christmas Spirit – Christmas is almost here. Darcy Sweet is finally getting a taste of what it’s like to live an ordinary life. And, it’s… Boring! So the last thing she is expecting while watching her all time favorite movie is to be suddenly thrown into another mystery. Someone is in the movie who shouldn’t be there. Is it a ghost? Darcy is sure it is. Darcy isn’t sure what that means but she intends to work it out.
  3. A Murder of Consequence – A surprise early morning phone call from an old friend sets Darcy Sweet’s sixth sense humming. Darcy’s friend needs her help with something but won’t say what it is. Darcy promises to drive the five hours to her friend’s house the next day. Upon arrival she discovers the shocking news that her friend’s husband, Braden has just been murdered!

  1. Til Death do Us Part – Spring is in the air in Misty Hollow. As Darcy Sweet prepares for her upcoming wedding it should be the talk of the town. However, the discovery of human bones in a box overshadows that. The gossip mill is buzzing and it’s all anyone can talk about. Not Darcy though… She is just glad that this particular mystery is happening outside of Misty Hollow…
  2. Murder Down Under – Darcy and Jon are finally married and heading to Australia for their honeymoon. A whole week in Tasmania staying at the Pine Lake Inn. It will be a welcome change having nothing to worry about. That is until they actually arrive at their destination. They find that three people have died just recently under suspicious circumstances and a fourth has just been released from hospital.
  3. Laid to Rest – The spirit world in Misty Hollow is uncharacteristically quiet and peaceful and even her Great Aunt Millie is unusually quiet. Which is very odd. It was like all of the ghosts have just… gone. Darcy doesn’t mind… At least, that is, until she discovers something strange about her Great Aunt’s death that raises some questions about how Millie actually died. But she died from natural causes… didn’t she?
  4. The Missing Years (short stories) – A collection of six short stories covering the five-year time period between Laid to Rest and Death Comes Home.

  1. Death Comes Home – The mists have returned! Darcy Sweet couldn’t work out why the mists would have come back to town. Things have been calm, almost normal, since she’d put the Pilgrim Ghost to rest and solved the mystery of Great Aunt Millie’s death. So why would the mists be back now?
  2. The Naughty List – It’s just another Christmas in Misty Hollow and it’s business as usual for Jon and Darcy with a disturbing mystery to solve. The further they dig into the mystery the more secrets they uncover. It seems that everyone has a secret including someone close to Darcy. The stakes are raised for Jon and Darcy when the mystery turns more deadly…
  3. Death Takes a Letter – For forty years Darcy Sweet’s friend Linda Becht has believed that her mother died of natural causes. She has had no reason to question that fact. But her discovery of some old love letters belonging to her mother would seem to cast the shadow of doubt upon that belief. Was her mother murdered? Linda enlists Darcy’s help to find out for sure.

  1. Count Your Blessings – Confined to the house, convalescing, Darcy Sweet has plenty of time to organize the family dinner she and Jon are hosting for Thanksgiving. When the insurance rep handling Darcy’s case visits her home to discuss her work place accident claim he unknowingly brings along a ghostly companion. A very angry ghostly companion!
  2. The Ghost of Murders Past – While Misty Hollow is gearing up for the fourth of July, Darcy and Jon are expecting visitors from out of town for a small dinner party. Things don’t go exactly as planned when someone from their past turns up dead. And it’s definitely murder!
  3. A Vote For Death – On an unusually warm day in November, Darcy Sweet and her family are excited to go out for a day of mini golf. But their plans are derailed when her husband, Jon, receives a call with some bad news. A longtime friend of the family had passed away overnight. It is ruled as natural causes but Darcy isn’t so sure.

  1. When it Rains it Pours – There’s a lot going on in Darcy Sweet’s life right now and she is beginning to feel just a little overwhelmed. Her precious daughter, Colby, is sick with a mysterious ailment and the doctors aren’t able to work out what it is. While caring for her daughter, she receives a package from her mother with a mystery of its own hidden within. If that isn’t enough for her to deal with, her husband Jon has a seemingly unsolvable murder to contend with.
  2. Death Lends a Hand – At the end of an unseasonably warm summer Darcy, along with Cha Cha the dog, take relaxing stroll through nature. Along the way they stop by a peaceful river when Cha Cha begins barking madly. Curious as to what has got her canine friend upset, Darcy investigates. What does she find? A desiccated, severed human hand!
  3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Murder – A massive snow storm has the folks in Misty Hollow all hunkered down and that’s what Darcy Sweet would like to be doing too. Only she can’t! A late night visit from the ghost of a young boy bouncing a red ball draws her into another mystery. A man and his son are dead… murdered in their car… and their mother is missing.

  1. Dream a Little Dream – With Valentine’s day just days away and their preparations still up in the air, Jon is approached by the new Mayor of Misty Hollow with a rather unusual problem. The trophy of the annual SpringFest has been stolen from a locked room in the Town Hall. But why would anyone steal it? It has no monetary value at all. There must be more to it than first meets the eye!
  2. Now You See It – Jon Tinker… a murderer? No way… Not possible… And yet… He is! Darcy would never have believed he was capable of such a thing… Nobody would have believed it. This is Jon Tinker they’re talking about for Pete’s sake! But… There is evidence… Video evidence that shows him doing the deed. It surely must be faked… right? Darcy doesn’t know what’s going on but she’s sure going to find out!
  3. Murder Under the Mistletoe – A nice family trip away for Christmas is just what Darcy Sweet needs… There’s only one problem – trouble tends to follow her wherever she goes. But she’s determined it won’t this time… With her track record though, Jon is not convinced. But hey, what does it matter? Trouble can just as easily find her in Misty Hollow – and it frequently does. So why shouldn’t they take some time to relax at the cozy Hideaway Inn? And if any trouble were to happen, she can handle it… She hopes.

  1. Death is in the Deal – The Sweet-Tinker family is discussing the idea of a Californian summer vacation when a phone call puts the kibosh on that. They certainly didn’t expect to be heading back to Pittsfield and the Hideaway Inn so soon after their visit last Christmas. They also didn’t expect to be walking into complete chaos. The new manager is incompetent and uncaring, and so it falls to Darcy and Jon to try to keep the place running smoothly. And it does… for less than a day. When a former employee of the Inn is found dead the day after they arrive the police rule it a suicide. Darcy knows that things are not as they seem and there’s more to the death than meets the eye. Is it murder?
  2. The Promise of Murder – The whole town was buzzing with excitement as a huge festival had been planned for the town’s Semiquincentennial which was being held in the park in the center of town. Surely this one thing could go off without a hitch… Darcy Sweet should have known better… this was Misty Hollow of course… nothing ever went smoothly here, did it? Firstly, the Mayor was acting all suspicious, in a huddle with some of the town’s business people and excluding Darcy from knowing what was going on. Secondly, an uninvited guest turned up on Darcy and Jon’s doorstep, looking to stay for a couple of weeks. Thirdly, and most important of all, a direct descendant of the towns settlers is found dead…
  3. Worth a Thousand Words – After gathering in the Misty Hollow park for a group photo it was off to Darcy’s house for dinner and reminiscing. Except… one of her old friends doesn’t show up for dinner. What could be keeping him? Darcy discovers his face has been blurred out of the group photo, as if it is predicting his… Death! He is found murdered in his car with no good leads as to who could have done it. Not long after that, another of her friends’ faces blur in the photo.

  1. The Ghost of Christmas Present – It’s nearly Christmas in Misty Hollow and Darcy Sweet is anticipating a wonderful family gathering for the day. It’s been quiet around town lately and there’s absolutely nothing out of the ordinary to be stressed about, right? Well, Darcy should have known better… While unpacking a new shipment of books for her bookstore she discovers a tall slender book with a white cover she’s sure she didn’t order. How odd… Even odder still, the book has just a title. There’s no author name and nothing on the back or spine either. While she’s inspecting the book she catches a flicker of dark movement from the corner of her eye. She convinces herself it’s nothing to worry about but… In Darcy’s world, nothing to worry about seems to have a habit of turning into something to worry about more often than not.
  2. Candidate for Murder – Darcy Sweet has had enough… enough of the antics of the current mayor of Misty Hollow, Andy Blanchard. She has decided to run for office herself! However, her campaign takes a dark turn when another candidate is found murdered, casting suspicion on both herself and Andy. Determined to clear her name, Darcy teams up with her Police Chief husband Jon to investigate the murder. As they dig deeper into the case, they discover that the victim had a complicated past, full of secrets and deceit.

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