The Ballantyne Books in Order: How to read Wilbur Smith’s series?

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Published since 1980 by Zambian-born author Wilbur Smith, The Ballantyne Series chronicles the lives of the Ballantyne family – like the Courtney series does. In fact, the two series are connected.

From the 1860s until 1980s, this historical series follows the lives of the members of the Ballantyne family against the background of the history of Rhodesia (now known as Zimbabwe).

How to read The Ballantyne Series in Order?

  1. A Falcon Flies – In search of a father they barely remember, Zouga and Dr Robyn Ballantyne board Mungo St John’s magnificent clipper to speed them to Africa. But long before they sight that mighty continent, Robyn knows that she and Mungo will battle with all the fury of natural enemies – and love with all the desperation of those unable to evade the commands of fate. For if she can bring hope and healing to Africa’s fever-ridden shores, he, a lawless trader in human cargo, will possess any man – or woman – he chooses…
  2. Men of Men – It is the age of empire, of blood and conquest, of boundless excitement and possibility. Striding in the footsteps of the pioneers is Zouga Ballantyne. His dream begins in the danger and drudgery of the diamond pits and ends up on the rich grasslands of Matabeleland – but not before a king and a proud warrior nation have paid the price of history…
  3. The Angels Weep – At the dawn of a new century, the pioneers of Rhodesia have staked their claims and stocked their farms in the land they have carved as their own. But in the hills, the Matabele indunas are preparing for the bloody rebellion which will scar the opponents for ever – and etch for them the same tragic legacy for generations to come….
  1. The Leopard Hunts in Darkness – Craig Mellow, acclaimed author but unhappy exile, seizes the chance to return to Zimbabwe when he is given a spying mission for the World Bank. Accompanied by beautiful photographer Sally-Anne Jay, he is at first unaware of the dangerous currents of tribal conflict that swirl below the calm surface of Zimbabwean politics. Then he stumbles upon a highly organised ivory-poaching operation which masks the treacherous plot to sell the country he once fought for into slavery….
  2. The Triumph of the SunConnected to the Courtney series. They’ve come from out of the shifting sands and down from ancient mountains. Mounted on horse and camel, carrying gleaming swords and plundered rifles, the sons of Allah are led by a holy warrior imbued with jihad, driving his army of thousands to wipe out the last Englishmen from the isolated Nile city… Along with hundreds of others, British trader and businessman Ryder Courtney is trapped in the capital city of Khartoum.
  3. King of KingsConnected to the Courtney series. Cairo, 1887. Penrod Ballantyne and his fiancée, Amber Benbrook, stroll hand in hand. The future is theirs for the taking. But when Penrod’s jealous former lover, Lady Agatha, plants doubt about his character, Amber leaves him and travels to the wilds of Abyssinia with her twin sister, Saffron, and her adventurer husband, Ryder Courtney. On a mission to establish a silver mine, they make the dangerous journey to the new capital of Addis Ababa, where they are welcomed by Menelik, the King of Kings.

Call of the Raven The Ballantyne Books in Order

  1. Call of the Raven – The son of a wealthy plantation owner and a doting mother, Augustus Mungo St John is accustomed to the wealth and luxuries his privilege has afforded him. That is until he returns from university to discover his family ruined, his inheritance stolen and his childhood sweetheart, Camilla, taken by the conniving Chester Marion. Fuelled by anger, and love, Mungo swears vengeance and devotes his life to saving Camilla – and destroying Chester.

The Ballantyne Books in Chronological Order:

  1. Call of the Raven
  2. A Falcon Flies
  3. Men of Men
  4. The Triumph of the Sun
  5. King of Kings
  6. The Angels Weep
  7. The Leopard Hunts in Darkness

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