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Tales of Rowan Hood Books in Order: How to read Nancy Springer’s series?

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What is the Tales of Rowan Hood series about?

Written by American author Nancy Springer, Tales of Rowan Hood is a combination of the traditional Robin Hood legends with fantastical, pseudo-Arthurian elements.

The story centers on Rosemary, a young girl of 13-year-old age who lost her half-elf mother, burnt as a witch. She sets off to find her unknown father Robin Hood. She disguises herself as a boy named Rowan, and in her quest, befriends half-wolf Tykell, overgrown enchanting minstrel Lionel, and runaway princess Ettarde.

How to read the Tales of Rowan Hood Books in Order?

Rowan Hood Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest - Tales of Rowan Hood Book Series in Order by Nancy Springer Lionclaw Tale of Rowan Hood - Tales of Rowan Hood Book Series in Order by Nancy Springer Outlaw Princess of Sherwood - Tales of Rowan Hood Book Series in Order by Nancy Springer

  1. Rowan Hood: Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest – Rosemary has nowhere to go when her beloved mother dies. She has never met her father-the outlaw Robin Hood. So she decides to change her name to Rowan, disguise herself as a boy, and undertake a perilous journey through Sherwood Forest, in search of Robin Hood. But how will she find him? And will he offer her a home?
  2. Lionclaw: A Tale of Rowan Hood – Banished by his warrior father for refusing to learn to fight, Lionel found refuge in the woods of Sherwood Forest, where he joined the misfit band of teens led by Rowan Hood, daughter of Robin. But when a couple of bounty hunters capture Rowan and use her as bait, the lion in Lionel is awakened, along with the courage to stand up to his father.
  3. Outlaw Princess of Sherwood: A Tale of Rowan Hood – It has been little more than a year since Etty-once Princess Ettarde-escaped from her father and joined Rowan Hood’s band of misfit teens and outlaws-in-the-making. Etty is so happy, she cannot imagine returning to her old life. That is, until her father appears to reclaim her. He will do anything. Even use his wife, Ettarde’s mother, as bait. Etty will not stand for it. Neither will Rowan Hood.

 Wild Boy A Tale of Rowan Hood - Tales of Rowan Hood Book Series in Order by Nancy Springer Rowan Hood Returns - Tales of Rowan Hood Book Series in Order by Nancy Springer

  1. Wild Boy: A Tale of Rowan Hood – Ever since the Sheriff of Nottingham killed his father, Rook has run wild in Sherwood Forest, dreaming of his day for vengeance. Finally, he has found his chance. Not with the sheriff himself, but with the evil man’s son, snared by one of the mantraps his own father planted to catch outlaws such as Rook.
  2. Rowan Hood Returns: The Final Chapter – Guy Longhead. Jasper of the Sinister Hand. Hurst Orricson. Holt, also Orricson, brother of Hurst.To anyone else, just four names. But to Rowan Hood, the gentle healer who has waited two long years to put names to the men who murdered her mother, they are fuel to feed her desire for revenge. And so she leaves the rowan grove that had become her home in Sherwood Forest, and along with her friends, sets off to seek these men. Yet she finds that the closer she draws to them, the farther she feels from the healer she has become.

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