Death of Wolverine Reading Order, a guide to the deadly Marvel Event

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If there’s one X-Men that will not die, it’s Wolverine. He is just too much popular for that, even if they go down that road in the movie universe. Well, in the comics, they also killed Logan but, you know, it’s Marvel! That said, in 2014, there was a big pseudo-crossover event around the death of Wolverine.

What’s the Death of Wolverine?

Like I said, it’s a Marvel Event that lead to the death of the most famous x-man in all the universes, especially ours. There’s a big problem though, Wolverine can’t be killed… or can he? Logan will indeed lose is healing factor, then come the famous death.

There’s a bounty on Wolverine’s head, a price so big his enemies and few assassins can’t pass the chance. The race is on to find Wolverine, but who put out the contract? When Logan discovers that his mystery foe wants him alive, he turns on the offensive. As the hunted becomes the hunter once more, he’s determined to die the way he lived.

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Inhumans Vs X-Men Reading Order: How to read the IvX Marvel Event?

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Lately, Marvel just jumps from one event to another big crossover and so on. In fact, there soon will be a new big earthquake in the Marvel Universe with Secret Empire. Before that, there were the Civil War II and – in the spiderverse – The Clone Conspiracy that just concluded. And of course, Inhumans Vs X-Men.

Like with the spidey one, this event doesn’t affect all of the Marvel Universe, just the X-Men and the Inhumans.

What is Inhumans Vs X-Men about?

Everything started when Marvel decided that the X-Men were not as welcome in their universe as they once were. Mostly, the idea was to promote the Inhumans into a X-Men shape place in the universe. The children of the Atom were not in the Marvel Studio roster after all, but the Inhumans will be soon (a fact that is not true anymore). Well, it was a bad idea and the time to change the status quo once more has come.

This time, the Inhumans had to enter in a war with the mutants. In the end, the Inhumans will come back to what they were from the start and the X-Men Universe will reboot in an attempt to make it good again. After all those years of mediocre at best adventures, there is certainly work to do. Let’s hope it will work. For now, it’s time to read some Inhumans Vs X-Men.

The story begins with the Inhumans’ power-granting Terrigen mists threatening the lives of every mutant on the planet, the X-Men have no choice but to declare war in order to save their future.

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How to read Marvel Civil War, the first one?

I was thinking about writing a reading order for Civil War II, Marvel finally published the last issues. Then I realized that I should probably start with the first one. It’s not really my favorite Marvel Event, but it’s one of the most important of the last decade.

What is Marvel Civil War?

First, we are not talking about the Captain America movie. I think it’s pretty obvious, but I wanted to specify it anyway. So, it’s a huge event in the Marvel Universe about a law that devided the Heroes.

Everything started during a televised raid of a house by the New Warriors. Their goal was to apprehend villains that had recently escaped from prison. When Nitro let off a massive explosion that killed the majority of the New Warriors and the children at a nearby elementary school, something had to change. The U.S. Government proposed the Superhuman Registration Act, intending to register all super-powered beings as living weapons of mass destruction and requiring all costumed heroes to unmask themselves before the government and subject themselves to federally mandated standards. Heroes had to choose between rallying behind either Iron Man’s pro-registration forces or Captain America’s opposition. The Civil War began.

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X-23 Reading Order: Where to start with the new Wolverine?

After watching the trailer for the next Wolverine movie, it seems clear to me that X-23 is gonna be big in a few months and some people will certainly want to know more about this mini-wolvy. Why wait for the movie? Let’s start now! Even if this is a relatively new character in the X-Men timeline, X-23 already got a bit of history under her belt.

Who is X-23 a.k.a. Laura Kinney?

The short answer is that X-23 is a sort of clone of Wolverine. The Facility is an organization who attempted to recreate Weapon X and failed. The geneticist Sarah Kinney thought that cloning was the way to go, but the genome recovered from Wolverine was too damaged. Sarah decided to alter the DNA against the Facility orders and Laura was born. She was trained to kill Wolverine, but when she got the opportunity, she joined the X-Men. Wolverine became a father figure to her and, now, she is his legacy.

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How to read The Clone Conspiracy, a Spidey event ?

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When Marvel announced [easyazon_link identifier=k-Civil+War+II/US/howtoread06-20/” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener” data-cart=”n” data-cloak=”y” data-keywords=”Civil War II Civil War II, I was afraid because the first one didn’t really help Spider-man. On the contrary, pardon my French, but the post-Civil War was a shit show for Spidey. One More Day anyone ??? Fortunately, our friendly neighborhood Spider-man was untouched. In fact, Carol Danvers is the real victim this time around, the one I am seeing for now. Maybe not the only one. I mean, Rhodey, Banner, Stark, even Hawkeye (but we get a solo Kate Bishop in return, not a bad deal), they all pay a stupid price.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker was preparing for The Clone Conspiracy, his own event. Maybe I should have started with the Civil War II reading guide, but I prefer talking about less enraging thing today.

What is The Clone Conspiracy?

As I was saying, it’s the actual Spidey Event. The full name of the storyline is Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy. It’s been written by Dan Slott, with Christos Gage. Jim Cheung is the artist.

If there is “clone” in the title, of course the Jackal is back. Weirdly, this time he took the form of a mysterious man in a red suit with an Anubis mask. He visits Spider-Man’s enemies and offers them a deal: he will revive their lost loved ones if they follow his orders. Peter’s family is touched by a tragedy and his enemies allied against him, then dead people come back to life… of course, that’s only the beginning and there are a lot of twists and turns.

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The Boys Reading Order: How to read Garth Ennis’ satirical comics ?

If there was only one Garth Ennis to read, it wouldn’t be The Boys, because nothing is better than Preacher. That said, in my opinion, The Boys is quite fun, especially if you are a superhero comics fan.

What is The Boys about?

Illustrated by Darick Robertson, The Boys follows Billy Butcher and his team. They work for the CIA in order to keep an eye on the superhero community. Of course, because Ennis wrote this, the “heroes” are mostly fuck ups. Everything starts when Wee Hughie – based on Simon Pegg – watched his girlfriend being killed in front of him by a superhero who didn’t care about the collateral damages. Butcher invites him to join his team in the US and teaches him all he needs to know about the birth of superheroes and how they are just propaganda material for a failed military consortium.

The Boys is full of Marvel and DC references, there’s although an Animal House storyline and a lot of really dark and disturbing things, you know, like in a Garth Ennis comics. I really like the idea that the heroes are just for show and the comics industry told “their” stories which is basically a tool to criticize the real industry. It’s satirical, but it’s not the main point. The evolution of Hughie and Butcher is the heart of the story. Overall, The Boys is pure Ennis with a lot of rage, a lot of dark and twisted humor, a lot of violence, really good characters and a healthy dose of emotions.

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