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Cedar Cove Books in Order

Cedar Cove Books in Order: How to read Debbie Macomber’s series?

This is small-town life at its best—and its most interesting…

What is Cedar Cove about?

From American author of romance novels Debbie Macomber, Cedar Cove is a book series that take place in the quaint, picturesque town on an island in Puget Sound in Washington state. Residents of Cedar Cove are old-fashioned in their values, neighbors on the most part trying to help neighbors, and people not locking their doors in their trust of their neighbors.

Discover this community, from Olivia Lockhart, a family court judge to Jo Marie, seeking a fresh start. There’s also Jack Griffith, editor of the local newspaper, Grace Sherman, Olivia’s librarian best friend, private detective Roy McAfee and his wife, Corrie and more…

The Parasol Protectorate Books in Order

The Parasol Protectorate Books in Order: How to read Gail Carriger’s series?

Somes Victorian Steampunk.

What is the Parasol Protectorate series about?

Created by Gail Carriger—the pen name of American archaeologist and author Tofa Borregaard—the Parasol Protectorate series is the heart of a large literary universe composed of multiple series of steampunk paranormal romance stories.

The Parasol Protectorate series is first about a young woman with no soul named Alexia Tarabotti who ended up dealing with the supernatural, a situation that leads her to a series of dangerous investigations of London’s high society. Another series chronicles the exciting life of a student at Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality, and the adventures of Prudence, the daughter of Alexia.

Shadow Children Books in Order

Shadow Children Books in Order: How to read Margaret Peterson Haddix’s dystopian series?

When being the third child in the family makes you illegal.

What is Shadow Children about?

Written by American author Margaret Peterson Haddix, Shadow Children is a book series set in a dystopian country where the government has enforced strict population control laws in order to control overpopulation after environmental conditions have severely limited resources, particularly food. It is against the law for families to have more than two children; the law is strictly enforced by the Population Police, killing or imprisoning “shadow children,” any child born after his or her first two siblings.

The story begins with Luke Garner, the third child of a farmer who has lived most of his life hidden in his house. He has two older brothers, Matthew and Mark. After meeting Jen Talbot, the third child and only daughter of his affluent new neighbors, the Talbots, Luke begins to question his status as a third child and the world he lives in.

Louis Kincaid Books in order

Louis Kincaid Books in Order: How to read P.J. Parrish’s series?

Some mystery thriller novels, from Michigan to Florida.

Who is Louis Kincaid?

Written by Detroit-born sisters Kelly Nichols and Kristy Montee under the pseudonym P. J. Parrish, the Louis Kincaid series is a mystery series set in Michigan during the 1980s.

The story resolves around the investigations led by biracial police Detective and later private investigator Louis Kincaid—and then with Female Detective Joe Frye—between Michigan and Florida.

The School for Good and Evil Books in order

The School for Good and Evil Books in order: How to read Soman Chainani’s series?

Soon to be a major motion picture from Netflix!

What is the The School for Good and Evil series about?

Written by American author Soman Chainani, The School for Good and Evil is described as a young adult fantasy fairytale series.

The series is composed of two trilogies, the first being about the adventures of two best friends named Sophie and Agatha. They joined the School for Good and Evil, an enchanted institution where children are trained to become fairytale heroes or villains.

Tales of Rowan Hood Books in Order

Tales of Rowan Hood Books in Order: How to read Nancy Springer’s series?

By the writer of The Enola Holmes Mysteries.

What is Tales of Rowan Hood about?

Written by American author Nancy Springer, Tales of Rowan Hood is a combination of the traditional Robin Hood legends with fantastical, pseudo-Arthurian elements.

The story centers on Rosemary, a young girl of 13 year-old age who lost her half-elf mother, burnt as a witch. She sets off to find her unknown father Robin Hood. She disguises herself as a boy named Rowan, and in her quest, befriends half-wolf Tykell, overgrown enchanting minstrel Lionel, and runaway princess Ettarde.

Cassie Dewell books in Order

Cassie Dewell books in Order: How to read C.J. Box series?

By the author of the Joe Pickett series.

Who is Cassie Dewell?

Before becoming the next David E. Kelley series for ABC next season, Cassie Dewell was created by Charles James Box, Jr.—aka C.J. Box—a Montana/North Dakota detective.

Everything begins with Cody Hoyt, a police investigator who introduces us to his former partner, Cassie Dewell. Together, they are at the center of what was called the Highway Quartet, a mystery series set against the majestic backdrop of the American West. But now, Cassie works alone, tracking a serial killer or leading other kinds of difficult investigations.

Gone Books in Order Michael Grant

Gone Books in Order: How to read Michael Grant’s dystopia series?

These are exciting, high-tension stories told in a driving, torrential narrative that never lets up. This is great fiction. — Stephen King.

What is Gone about?

The Gone series is a young-adult dystopian science fiction book series written by Michael Grant. The series is centered on the fictional Southern Californian town of Perdido Beach, in which every human aged 15 and older vanishes. The town and surrounding areas become encased within an impenetrable barrier that burns to the touch, with many of its inhabitants developing supernatural powers.

The books follow the exploits of Sam Temple, as he battles antagonists Caine Soren, Drake Merwin, and Diana Ladris as well as a mysterious, malevolent creature, known as the Darkness or the Gaiaphage.

Rick and Morty Comics Reading Order

Rick and Morty Comics Reading Order: How to read the comic book series based on the Adult Swim hit series?

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!!!

What is the Rick and Morty series about?

The crazy world created by Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland in their hit Adult Swim animated show Rick & Morty goes beyond the screen and in the comic book world!

Published by Oni Press, the Rick & Morty comic book series expand the universe of the super scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty—but also his teenage granddaughter Summer, his veterinary surgeon daughter Beth, and his hapless son-in-law Jerry—with a lot of as insane adventures.

John Corey Books in Order

John Corey Books in Order: How to read Nelson DeMille’s series?

From the author of the Joe Ryker series.

Who is John Corey?

Written by prolific American author Nelson DeMille, this action/suspense series is about a retired cop John Corey who starts working for the FBI to track down terrorists.

John Corey is indeed a former homicide detective. He is medically retired from the NYPD with 3 gunshot wounds. He ended up in Long Island where his career took an unexpected turn. He’s now working for the FBI’s Anti-Terrorist Task Force.

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