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Valerian and Laureline Reading Order: How to read this classic French Sci-Fi series?

After Tintin, I finally come back to some French comics. In my country, and possibly in others, the Valerian and Laureline series is highly influential. It’s not really a surprise that Luc Besson decided to direct an adaptation. If you like the movie or not, the books are certainly better, even if the first ones are not really that good.

Who are Valerian and Laureline?

Written by Pierre Christin and drawn by Jean-Claude Mézières, the Valerian and Laureline series is a Franco-Belgian sci-fi comic book series that takes us to Galaxity, capital of the Terran Galactic Empire in the 28th century.

There, we met Valerian and Laureline who are two agents who protect mankind as they travel the universe through space and time.

How to read the adventures of Tintin ?

I’m French, so I basically grew up reading The Adventures of Tintin, Asterix & Obelix, Lucky Luke and other famous comics of that type. In fact, my grandmother used to offer me a new one every year for my birthday and for Christmas. I just re-read those comics so much. Well, I know that there are not as well known outside of my country as I thought they were. So, here is a small guide to enter Hergé’s world.

What are The Adventures of Tintin?

Created by Belgian cartoonist Hergé in 1929, The Adventures of Tintin follow the intrepid globetrotter reporter and adventurer named Tintin as he travels all over the world to investigate mysteries. Aided by his faithful dog Snowy and his friends, the brash and cynical Captain Haddock and the intelligent but hearing-impaired Professor Calculus, Tintin evolves in realistic environment as well as in pure science fiction and fantasy.

Disclaimer: It’s an old comics, so there are some ideas and representations that are quite offensive today. It’s sometime racist. Just saying. You know, like in the old issues of The Spirit.

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