Sunny Randall Books in Order: How to read Robert B. Parker’s Series?

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Like the most famous Robert B. Parker’s series, Spenser, the Sunny Randall one is about a private eye in Boston, Massachusetts. Before becoming a P.I., Sunny Randall was a former cop. She’s also a college graduate, an aspiring painter, a divorcée, and the owner of a miniature bull terrier named Rosie. The series came from Robert B. Parker, but was also written by Mike Lupica and now Alison Gaylin.

How to read the Sunny Randall Series in Order?

Every entry in the Sunny Randall book series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. Family Honor – Sunny Randall is a Boston P.I. and former cop, a college graduate, an aspiring painter, a divorcée, and the owner of a miniature bull terrier named Rosie. Hired by a wealthy family to locate their teenage daughter, Sunny is tested by the parents’ preconceived notion of what a detective should be. With the help of underworld contacts, she tracks down the runaway Millicent, who has turned to prostitution, rescues her from a vicious pimp, and finds herself, at thirty-four, the unlikely custodian of a difficult teenager when the girl refuses to return to her family.
  2. Perish Twice – Boston P.I. Sunny Randall is coming to the aid of three very different women in three very dangerous situations. One is for business. One is for a friend. One is for family. And all could be fatal…
  3. Shrink Rap – Boston private detective Sunny Randall agrees to protect a touring writer from her abusive ex-husband, but she quickly learns that the stalker in question is much more sophisticated, intelligent, and potentially deadly than most.
  1. Melancholy Baby – Upset by her ex-husband Richie’s upcoming marriage, private detective Sunny Randall takes the case of college student Sarah Markham, a troubled young woman searching for her birth parents, but her investigation uncovers dangerous secrets that could not only shatter Sarah’s life but also lead to painful secrets about her own past.
  2. Blue Screen – Buddy Bollen is a C-list movie mogul who made his fortune producing films of questionable artistic merit. When Buddy hires Sunny Randall to protect his rising star and girlfriend, Erin Flint, Sunny knows from the start that the prickly, spoiled beauty won’t make her job easy. And when Erin’s sister, Misty, is found dead in the lavish home they share with sugar daddy Bollen, there doesn’t seem to be a single lead worth pursuing.
  3. Spare Change – When a serial murderer dubbed “The Spare Change Killer” by the Boston press surfaces after three decades in hiding, the police immediately seek out the cop, now retired, who headed the original task force: Phil Randall. As a sharp-eyed investigator and a doting parent, Phil calls on his daughter Sunny to help trap the criminal who eluded him so many years before.

Sunny Randall by Mike Lupica

After Robert B. Parker‘s death, bestselling author Mike Lupica started writing the Sunny Randall series.

  1. Robert B. Parker’s Blood Feud – Sunny Randall is “on” again with Richie, the ex-husband she never stopped loving and never seemed to be able to let go of, despite her discomfort with his Mafia connections. When Richie is shot and nearly killed, Sunny is dragged into the thick of his family’s business as she searches for answers and tries to stave off a mob war.
  2. Robert B. Parker’s Grudge Match – When Sunny’s long-time gangster associate Tony Marcus comes to her for help, Sunny is surprised–after all, she double-crossed him on a recent deal, and their relationship is on shakier ground than ever. But the way Tony figures it, Sunny owes him, and Sunny’s willing to consider his case if it will clear the slate.
  3. Robert B. Parker’s Payback – PI Sunny Randall has often relied on the help of her best friend Spike in times of need. When Spike’s restaurant is taken over under a predatory loan agreement, Sunny has a chance to return the favor. She begins digging into the life of the hedge fund manager who screwed Spike over – surely a guy that smarmy has a skeleton or two in his closet – and soon finds this new enemy may have the backing of even badder criminals.
  4. Robert B. Parker’s Revenge TourPI Sunny Randall owes a favor. Her landlord and former client, famous novelist Melanie Joan Hall, is being threatened and blackmailed, and it is up to Sunny and her best friend Spike to ensure her protection. But as Sunny looks into the identity of Melanie Joan’s stalker, she learns that much of the author’s past is a product of her amazing imagination, and her loyalty to her old friend is challenged as she searches for the truth.

Sunny Randall by Alison Gaylin

As Mike Lupica just published his first Spenser novel, bestselling author Alison Gaylin (The Collective) started writing the Sunny Randall series.

  1. Robert B. Parker’s Bad Influence – Sunny Randall’s newest client, Blake, seems to have it all: he is an Instagram influencer, with all the perks the lifestyle entails–a beautiful girlfriend, wealth, and adoring fans. But one of those fans has turned ugly, and Sunny is brought on board by Blake’s manager, Bethany, to protect him and to uncover who is out to kill him. In doing so, she investigates a glamorous world rife with lies and schemes…and ties to a dangerous criminal scene.Robert B. Parker’s Buzz Kill
  2. Robert B. Parker’s Buzz Kill – Coming Soon.

If you like the Sunny Randall reading order, know that Robert B. Parker was the author of more terrific series. You may want to take a look at Spenser, Cole & Hitch, and Jesse Stone.

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