There’s a new Spider-Man big event, the biggest event of 2018, obviously.

What is Spider-Geddon?

Like the name suggests it, Spider-Geddon is a Spider-Man event taking place in the Marvel comics universe. It’s a sequel to the massively popular event Spider-verse.

The Inheritors are back. They have found a way out of the decimated world they were imprisoned on. Now they are planning there revenge on the Spider-Army. It’s time for the spider-men and spider-women of all the univeses to team up again.


Spider-Geddon Reading Order:

I. The Spider-Verse

The way comics are written, there are plenty of exposition, you will probably understand most of the event even if you didn’t read the Spider-verse event, but I’m quite sure that reading is pretty much required to understand and to enjoy everything.

If you want, you can just read the main Spider-verse series, but you can read the all event, there’s a reading order for that.

II. Edge of Spider-Geddon

Like all this kind of event, there’s a lot of preparation. Like the precedent event, everything starts with the miniseries “the edge of…”.

  1. Edge of Spider-Geddon #1 [easyazon_link identifier="130291474X" locale="US" tag="howtoread06-20"]
  2. Edge of Spider-Geddon #2
  3. Edge of Spider-Geddon #3
  4. Edge of Spider-Geddon #4
  5. Spider-Geddon #0
  6. Superior Octopus #1

III. Spider-Geddon

  1. Spider-Geddon #1
  2. Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #311
  3. Spider-Geddon #2
  4. Spider-Girls #1
  5. Spider-Gwen – Ghost-Spider #1
  6. Spider-Force #1
  7. Vault of Spiders #1optional
  8. Spider-Geddon #3
  9. Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #312
  10. Vault of Spiders #2optional
  11. Spider-Force #2
  12. Spider-Force #3
  13. Spider-Geddon #4
  14. Spider-Gwen – Ghost-Spider #2
  15. Spider-Girls #2
  16. Spider-Girls #3
  17. Spider-Gwen – Ghost-Spider #3
  18. Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #313
  19. Spider-Geddon #5

Spider-Geddon Collected Editions

Of course, you can wait for the collected editions. You can pre-order them.

  1. Edge of Spider-Geddon – out on January 15, 2019. Collects Edge of Spider-Geddon #1-4, Superior Octopus #1.
  2. Spider-Geddon – out on February 26, 2019. Collects Spider-Geddon #0-5, Vault of Spiders #1-2.