Like a lot of comic book writers nowadays, Cullen Bunn works for DC and/or Marvel, but also for himself with some self-published series on the side. My favorite is The Sixth Gun and, to be honest, there’s not a real need for a reading guide with this one, but I just use the opportunity to talk about it.

What is The Sixth Gun about?

The Sixth Gun is a comic book series created by Cullen Bunn, like I said, and Brian Hurtt that was published by Oni Press. The story is set in the old west, shortly after the end of the Civil War.

It’s a western with fantasy elements (or sci-fi, I’m not quite sure about the way to define it). The story of The Sixth Gun centers around a set of six magic pistols connected to each other by dark powers. They will be used to rewrite the World.


Each one of the six guns is bound to the man that used it until his death. The Sixth one ends up in the hand of Becky Montcrief and now people want to kill her in order to take it back. With the help of the mysterious Drake Sinclair, Becky goes hunting for the other guns, and she’s not the only one.

The Sixth Gun Reading Order:

Reading The Sixth Gun is pretty straightforward. There’s the main series, but there are ‘spin-offs’, short miniseries set in the past.

I. The Sixth Gun Main Series

As you may have guess, you need to read them in order.

  1. Cold Dead Fingers – Collects issues #1–6
  2. Crossroads – Collects issues #7–11
  3. Bound – Collects issues #12–17

  1. A Town Called Penance – Collects issues #18–23
  2. Winter Wolves – Collects issues #24–29
  3. Ghost Dance – Collects issues #30–35

  1. Not the Bullet, But the Fall – Collects issues #36–41
  2. Hell and High Water – Collects issues #42–47
  3. Boot Hill – Collects issues #48–50

II. The Sixth Gun Spin-Offs

Each miniseries can be read independently from each other and from the main series, and in the order you prefer. Those are complementary stories, I recommend reading them after at least the end of the first half of the main series, and before the last volume, Boot Hill.

  1. Sons of the Gun – The backstories of Bloodthirsty Bill Sumter, Filthy Ben Kinney, Will Arcene, and Silas ‘Bitter Ridge’ Hedgepeth, also known as General Hume’s horsemen, the killers with magic guns.
  2. Days of the Dead – It’s better to read it after The Sixth Gun issue #20. It’s the backstories of Roberto Vargas and Jesup Sutter – one an agent of the Knights of Solomon, the other a priest of the Sword of Abraham.
  3. Dust to Dust – The story of Billjohn O’Henry as he goes on a heartbreaking adventure to save his beloved daughter. From the House of Death to a Wild West Medicine Show. Collected with Valley of Death in The Sixth Gun: Dust to Death.
  4. Valley of Death – Then, the story of the reclusive witch Buzzard Wife as she gathers a Hunting Party for a treacherous journey into the fabled Valley of Death. Collected with Dust to Dust in The Sixth Gun: Dust to Death.

The Deluxe Edition

If you are into beautiful and big editions, Oni Press started to republish The Sixth Gun in a deluxe edition. Each volume collects a lot more than the TPBs.

  1. The Sixth Gun: Volume One – Collects issues #1–11, and ‘Them’s What Ails Ya!’, a previously web-exclusive short story
  2. The Sixth Gun: Volume Two – Collects issues #12–23.
  3. The Sixth Gun: Volume Three – Collects issues #24–35, and ‘The Christmas Story’, also a previously web-exclusive short story.
  4. The Sixth Gun: Volume Four – Collects issues #36–41, and the miniseries The Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun.
  5. The Sixth Gun: Volume Five – Coming soon … ish