Shipyard Girls Books in Order: How to read Nancy Revell’s series?

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A former journalist who worked for all the national newspapers, Nancy Revell also wrote inspirational true-life stories for woman’s magazines. Now she’s still writing about women, but ones that are from the past.

The Shipyard Girls series is set in the North-East of England during World War II and follows the women who go to the shipyards to do their bit for the war effort. The story mostly focuses on three women: Polly, Rosie, and Gloria. As the world war continues the shipyard girls face hardships at home, but work and friendship give them the strength to carry on.

How to read the Shipyard Girls Series in Order?

  1. The Shipyard Girls (2016) – Sunderland, 1940. Polly never dreamed she would be able to work in the shipyards like the men in her family but times are tough. However, her new job ends up giving her more than she ever expected when she meets enigmatic dock diver Tommy Watts. During the day, head welder Rosie teaches her fledgling flock of trainees their new trade, but at night she hides a secret life… And mother hen Gloria signs up to escape her brutal husband, but finds she cannot run from her problems.
  2. Shipyard Girls at War (2017) – 1941. Rosie is flourishing in her role as head-welder while still keeping her double life a secret. But a dashing detective is forcing Rosie to choose between love and her duty. Gloria is hiding her own little secret – one that if found out, could not only threaten her job, but her life. And the shipyards are proving tougher than Polly ever imagined, while she waits for her man to return home safely.
  3. Secrets of the Shipyard Girls (2017) – Gloria is smitten with her newly arrived bundle of joy, but baby Hope’s first weeks are bittersweet. Hope’s father is missing at sea, and with their future as a family so uncertain, Gloria must lean on her girls for support. Meanwhile, head welder Rosie has turned her back on love to keep her double life secret. But her persistent beau is determined to find out the truth and if he does, it could ruin her. And there is finally a glimmer of hope for Polly and her family when Bel and Joe fall in love. But it isn’t long before a scandalous revelation threatens to pull them all apart.
  1. Shipyard Girls in Love (2018) – With a brief break in air raids providing some much-needed respite from the war, things are looking up for head welder Rosie, who has fallen head over heels for Detective Sergeant Miller. But how long can their romance last in such uncertain times? Life remains full of challenges for Gloria, who must face her abusive ex-husband and confront her own guilty conscience about baby Hope’s real father. The secret is tearing her apart but if she admits the truth, she will risk losing everything.
  2. Victory for the Shipyard Girls (2018) – Sunderland, 1942. With the war showing no sign of abating, Helen is thriving in her role as shipyard manager. But at home, the return of her father brings a shocking discovery that tears her family apart. Gloria is shouldering the burden of a terrible secret. If the truth comes out there could be dire consequences, and it will take all her resolve to resist the pressure around her. Meanwhile, Rosie is throwing herself into her work, taking on as many shifts as she can. Anything to keep her mind off the fact that she hasn’t heard from her sweetheart in months…
  3. Courage of the Shipyard Girls (2019) – Polly’s sweetheart Tommy has been declared missing while serving overseas, and although there is no certainty that he is dead, there is no guarantee that he will return home. Now Polly needs her friends more than ever, and the other women welders are ready to rally around her while she waits for news. The only one not showing support is shipyard manager, Helen. But looks can be deceiving, and beneath her cold exterior, Helen is wrestling with demons of her own, including one life-changing decision that could lead to potential ruin.
  1. Christmas with the Shipyard Girls (2019) – Against all odds, Polly’s fiancé has finally returned home from the front line. If they can keep things on an even keel, she might get the winter wedding she’s always dreamed of. Meanwhile, shipyard manager Helen is determined to move on after a turbulent year. Her sights are set on breaking the yard’s production record and no one, not even the handsome Dr Parker, is going to get in her way. And head welder Rosie’s little sister Charlotte has turned up unannounced. Why is she back and so set on staying?
  2. Triumph of the Shipyard Girls (2020) – Sunderland, 1943. Head-welder Rosie is just about managing to keep her double life hidden from little sister Charlotte’s prying eyes. But Charlotte senses something is up and, with a secret this big, the truth is bound to come out. After a whirlwind wedding, Polly must bid farewell to her sweetheart as he returns to the front line. And there is something odd about yard manager Helen’s newest recruit Bel. But in resolving to uncover the truth, Helen might discover more than she bargained for…
  3. A Christmas Wish for the Shipyard Girls (2020) – Helen would love to find the courage to tell the dashing Dr Parker of her true feelings for him. But how can she when he clearly has eyes for someone else? More than a year has passed since Bel’s wedding to sweetheart Joe. She knows she has much to feel thankful for and yet there is still one burning desire which she cannot ignore. And as Polly grows with child, she hopes against hope for a safe delivery – and that her husband Tommy can soon return from the front line to meet their new arrival.
  1. The Shipyard Girls on the Home Front (2021) – Gloria is over the moon to be reunited with her sweetheart Jack. But her sons Bobby and Gordon are away with the Navy and still know nothing of their mother’s divorce and new half-sister. Rosie’s squad of welders must work grueling hours in the yard as they prepare for the Allied invasion of Normandy. All the while Rosie herself waits anxiously for news of her husband Peter, who is carrying out dangerous work as an undercover operative in France. Meanwhile, welder Dorothy has a feeling that her beau Toby is planning to pop the question when he’s next on leave. But it seems that her head is being turned by someone closer to home…
  2. Shipyard Girls Under the Mistletoe (2021) – Sunderland, 1944. As the promise of victory draws closer, this Christmas will surely be one to remember. It should be a magical time for Dorothy, who has just been proposed to by her sweetheart Toby. But with each day that passes, Dorothy’s feelings for someone else are growing stronger. Now she has an impossible choice to make. Gloria is thrilled that her sweetheart Jack is finally home after more than two years away. But his past is continuing to catch up with them both – creating untold heartache for Gloria and everyone she holds dear. Meanwhile, Helen must contend with the fall-out of a shocking family secret that has repercussions for all the Shipyard Girls, while holding out hope for her own happy ending…
  3. Three Cheers for the Shipyard Girls (2022) – January 1945. Wedding bells are ringing at long last for Gloria and her soon-to-be husband Jack. But she can’t rest until her youngest son is safely home. Head welder Rosie is delighted her own husband has returned from enemy territory. But the promise of victory brings more change… Her squad has come so far – what will happen when the war ends? Meanwhile, Helen is caught between two men – but must hide her true feelings from the one she loves. Can her fellow women welders help Helen follow her heart?


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