Shaye Archer Books in Order: How to read Jana DeLeon’s Series?

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The Shaye Archer series is a crime series featuring an amnesiac private investigator that was written by New York Times author Jana DeLeon (Miss Fortune Mystery series). When the police are unable to assist, qualified private investigator Shaye Archer is committed to finding solutions for her clients. The one question she can’t get an answer to is, “Who am I?”

When the police discovered Shaye Archer roaming about the French Quarter, battered and mistreated, and lacking any recollection of the past fifteen years–not even her name–everything started nine years earlier.

How to read the Shaye Archer Series in Order?

Every entry in the Shaye Archer book series may be read alone, although the lives of the many characters change as the series progresses.

  1. Malevolent (2015) – After killing her violent husband, Emma Frederick believed her nightmare had ended. However, someone is now haunting her and taunting her with objects from her past. The police reject Emma’s accusations as post-traumatic stress since they have no proof to back them up, but private investigator Shaye Archer is sure that someone is purposely harassing Emma and engaging in a cat-and-mouse game with just one intention. to Emma’s death.
  2. Sinister (2016) – Street kids are going missing, but how can you tell the police about it when, in their eyes, the missing persons never were in the first place? Hustle is convinced that his friend Jinx has been victimized, and Shaye Archer, a private investigator, is the only resource he has.
  3. Diabolical (2016) – The night police discovered Shaye Archer in an alley, battered and mistreated, with no recollection of the past fifteen years-not even her name. This was the moment Shaye Archer’s life truly started. More than anybody had imagined was revealed in her most recent case, and Shaye’s missing history has come to light with unforeseen results. She’s beginning to recall. Will Shaye discover the information locked away in her mind? And more importantly, if she does, can she handle the truth?
  1. Wicked (2017) – Tara Chatry, a college student, is confident that her best friend Ethan Campbell has suffered a terrible loss. When Tara tries to contact the police about the missing clever, geeky kid, they ignore her worries, believing Ethan is just another college student out on a bender. Tara knocks on Shaye Archer’s door and asks for assistance before she has even been back in New Orleans for a full day.
  2. Unseen (2017) – Madison Avery is a young person who has a serious issue. She saw a murder take place in the building across the street from her penthouse apartment, but when the police showed there, the scene had been cleaned up. Madison, who had a clear view of the murder but is face-blind due to prosopagnosia, is unable to identify either the victim or the murderer. The police are forced to close the case since there is no forensic proof that a crime was committed and no match between the victim’s description and a body. Shaye Archer, however, is not constrained in the same ways.
  3. Dreadful (2018) – Five buddies visited New Orleans during Mardi Gras six years ago. Four of them came back. One just vanished. Things are becoming worse for Jenny Taylor, who has never recovered from the abduction of her twin sister Caitlyn. Caitlyn begs Jenny to locate her in her dreams by calling to her. However, Jenny has no recall of the evening at all. Shaye Archer is the best person to understand what it’s like to have huge gaps in your background and how terrifying nightmares may leave you powerless. However, there are issues with this case on all fronts.

  1. Damned (2019) – When Nicholas Chatry, a young priest, took his vows, he believed the most difficult challenge he would face was doing his responsibilities while in a wheelchair. Before a killer enters the confessional. Nicolas is unable to identify the speaker since he cannot distinguish the voice or move swiftly enough to obtain a glimpse of the murderer. And even if he did, his oaths forbid him from disclosing it to anybody. Nicolas violates his vows and hires Shaye to attempt the impossible-find the killer before he murders again–because he cannot bear the idea that a predator is prowling the streets of New Orleans.

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