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Savannah Reid Books in Order: How to Read GA McKevett’s series?

Savannah Reid Books in Order: How to Read GA McKevett’s series?
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Murder is on the menu!

Who is Savannah Reid?

Coming from author G.A. McKevett (also known as Sonja Massie), the Savannah Reid mysteries is a cozy mystery series about a full-figured sleuth in California.

More precisely, this series features plus-sized PI Savannah, a transplanted Georgia peach with a ravenous appetite for justice and a healthy appreciation of her own abundant curves. She and her Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency enjoy good food, each another’s company, and taking a bite out of crime in an exclusive California beach town.

Also, there’s a spin-off! The Granny Reid Mysteries is about Savannah’s grandmother solving crimes in the 1980s.

Savannah Reid Books in Order:

Each book in the Savannah Reid series is offering a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one book to the other.


  1. Just Desserts – Finding herself in over her head with a case involving a politician’s infidelities, Detective Sergeant Savannah Reid is fired from the local police force for being overweight and sets up shop as a private eye. 
  2. Bitter Sweets – Savannah Reid must call on all her resources to save herself and her fledgling Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency after her first case takes a murderous turn and she becomes the prime suspect in the crime.
  3. Killer Calories – When a former actress is found murdered in a hot tub of her new health spa, full-figured P.I. Savannah Reid is on the case.


  1. Cooked Goose – Savannah Reid is back, keeping the streets of exclusive San Carmelita, California, safe while indulging both her passion for food and her appetite for solving crime. 
  2. Sugar and Spite – Savannah Reid returns to investigate the murder of her ex-partner’s ex-wife, whose body has turned up in his trailer, as she sets out to clear Dirk’s name and find the real killer. 
  3. Sour Grapes – Just when Savannah Reid’s life seems calm and peaceful, her spoiled, egocentric baby sister comes knocking. Atlanta is determined to become a star, and the Miss Gold Coast Beauty Pageant is her first step. Savannah’s alarmed at Atlanta’s growing obsession with her appearance. She blames it on the beauty pageant . . . where the competition has become so fierce that someone’s been driven to murder.


  1. Peaches and Screams – Savannah Reid is about to discover the answer to that age-old question: What could be worse than going back home to the Deep South in the height of August humidity? It’s going home to a wedding–not your own–without a ring on your finger or a date on your arm. But a hideous bridesmaid’s dress is the least of Savannah’s problems after her kid brother is arrested for murder. . . 
  2. Death by Chocolate – Business has been a little slow, but Savannah Reid doesn’t have time to drown her sorrows in a box of double-chocolate truffles. She’s too busy watching the Gourmet Network—and drooling over the sinfully scrumptious confections that Lady Eleanor (“The Queen of Chocolate”) whips up on-air. But someone isn’t sweet on the Queen’s charming chatter—and wants her to hang up her oh-so-quaint apron—for good…. When Savannah hears that Lady Eleanor’s been getting death threats, she jumps at the chance to be her round-the-clock bodyguard.
  3. Cereal Killer – In a world where stick-thin women adorn fashion magazines and silver screens, plus-sized private eye Savannah Reid is grateful for the wild success–and fabulous fashion tips–of full-figured model Cait Connor. When Cait is found dead after months of extreme dieting, everyone assumes the risky regimen did her in. But then a second full-figured model meets an untimely end, and it’s time to weigh the facts. . .and search for suspects.


  1. Murder a la Mode – As a special birthday treat, Savannah’s friends have arranged for her to compete for Lance’s affections on a reality TV show called Man of My Dreams. She and four other women will be living in a medieval “castle” with Lance, trying to win his heart. Unfortunately, the antics take a sinister turn when one of the show’s producers, Tess Jarvis, turns up dead. It appears she was felled by a carton of Killer Fudge ice cream, but Savannah’s convinced there’s more to the story.
  2. Corpse Suzette – Despite New Year’s resolutions to avoid irritating houseguests and nerve-wracking cases, Savannah Reid finds herself playing host to her assistant’s cranky cousin–in town for an unwanted makeover at a local spa. But when the spa’s renowned plastic surgeon goes missing, murder’s on the menu…
  3. Fat Free and Fatal – Savannah Reid learns that you can never be too rich, too thin, or too twisted when her boss, the newly svelte actress Dona Papalardo, becomes the target of a very determined killer who is desperate for fifteen minutes of fame.


  1. Poisoned Tarts – Halloween in Southern California just doesn’t have the frosty bite Savannah Reid’s used to, although her latest job promises chills aplenty. The Skeleton Key Three, a celebutante clique so named by the media because of their super-skinny figures and fat trust funds, are in the spotlight again–but this time, it’s for something more than partying. It seems the one member of the Three who was neither wealthy nor particularly svelte hasn’t been heard from in days. 
  2. A Body To Die For – Savannah Reid isn’t a huge fan of diets and she’d rather walk through fire than go to the gym. But when the nation’s hottest weight loss guru becomes a suspect in a big, fat murder case, even Savannah can’t resist the chance to find out once and for all if the beloved queen of fitness took the “die” in diet a little too far…
  3. Wicked Craving – Savannah Reid’s latest case puts her hot on the trail of a shady weight loss therapist who’s made a killing treating–and cheating–his overweight patients. The question is, did he kill his wife, too? 


  1. A Decadent Way To Die – Savannah Reid prides herself on cracking even the toughest cases. But her latest investigation is leaving her hungry for answers as she tries to unmask the identity of a cunning, would-be killer. His prey? Legendary designer Helene Strauss, creator of the world-famous Helene doll. While Helene’s brassy, take-no-prisoners style made her a huge success, it also made her quite a few enemies. 
  2. Buried in Buttercream – Hailed as the wedding planner to the stars, Madeline Aberson has orchestrated some of the most exclusive soirees in Hollywood. But when Madeline becomes embroiled in a nasty divorce, her life falls apart, and rumors swirl that her parties have become total duds. Desperate for work, Madeline finds herself planning far less glamorous affairs, including none other than Savannah Reid’s wedding to Dirk Coulter.
  3. Killer Honeymoon – Savannah Reid and her new husband, Dirk Coulter, were hoping for a little honeymoon excitement, but finding a freshly killed body on the beach wasn’t what they had in mind. To their surprise, the recently deceased is Amelia Northrop, the popular L.A. anchorwoman whose super sexy looks landed her a super-wealthy husband. Now, instead of hosting the news, Amelia will be the lead story.


  1. Killer Physique – Savannah Reid gets a taste of the high life when she attends a Hollywood premiere on the arm of her husband Dirk Coulter. Savannah may be a newlywed, but even she gets weak in the knees when she meets celebrity athlete-turned-movie-star, Jason Tyrone. So imagine how she feels when the star’s rock-hard body is found rock-hard dead… 
  2. Killer Gourmet – When the Moonlight Magnolia gang learns their friends Ryan Stone and John Gibson are planning to open a chic new restaurant, they eagerly offer their input on everything. But all Ryan and John can think about is how excited they are to have hired the temperamental but talented chef Baldwin Norwood. Too bad the only thing being sliced and diced in the kitchen is the chef himself…
  3. Killer Reunion – With a handsome husband on her arm, Savannah Reid is ready for a triumphant return to her Georgia roots. But when her old high school nemesis Queen of Mean Jeanette Parker shows she hasn’t changed her stripes one bit, Savannah rises to the challenge—and finally comes out on top. Until Jeanette’s dead body shows up in the swamp and just about everyone is ready to pin Savannah for murder…


  1. Every Body on Deck – When famed mystery writer Natasha Van Cleef invites the Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency on an Alaskan cruise in exchange for some personal protection, Savannah is instantly onboard with the idea. The voyage goes smoothly—until Natasha and her husband flee the ship and get killed in a suspiciously explosive crash.
  2. Hide and Sneak – Not long after Savannah Reid and her husband settle back to normal life in San Carmelita, California, handsome up-and-coming actor Ethan Malloy enlists the Midnight Magnolia Detective Agency to track down his missing wife and toddler—shortly before the beloved family nanny gets murdered. 
  3. Bitter Brew – Savannah Reid is shaken to the core when coroner Dr. Jennifer Liu appears on her doorstep late one night and admits to fudging an autopsy report to keep her friend Brianne’s suicide a secret—fulfilling a final promise made before the terminally ill woman administered a lethal drug cocktail. But after Dr. Liu finds the same unique mixture in a second body, she fears the deaths share a dark connection . . . 


  1. And the Killer Is . . . – It will be a cold day in San Carmelita before Savannah skips over a high-profile homicide case, especially one attached to a tasty reward. But when 90-year-old former silver screen siren Lucinda Faraday is murdered inside her derelict mansion, serving justice comes with unsavory risks. The fallen star, considered one of the most beautiful women of her time, was found strangled by a pair of vintage stockings. Now, Lucinda is making headlines again–and, like in the past, her name is connected with the worst kind of scandal…
  2. A Few Drops of Bitters – For the first time in recent memory, Savannah has no guilt about indulging in personal interests before her career. Between being a mom to her new foster son and arranging a lavish wedding for her sister, things are messy, unpredictable, and delightfully fulfilling. She even gains an impressive friend: Dr. Carolyn Erling, a caring veterinarian with a deeper story than her down-to-earth nature suggests… When Savannah attends a birthday bash for Dr. Carolyn’s husband, she’s astonished to find that her no-frills acquaintance resides in a pristine hilltop mansion with Dr. Stephen Erling, a jet-setter brain surgeon boasting throngs of A-list patients around the globe. Before Savannah can get a headcount on the mingling celebrities, Dr. Stephen has one too many champagne toasts and drops dead…

The Granny Reid Mysteries in Order

In this spinoff, Savannah Reid’s grandmother, Granny Reid, looks back to the 1980s—back when she went by Stella, everyone’s hair was bigger, and sweaters were colorful disasters. But murder never went out of style . . .


  1. Murder in Her Stocking – Christmas has arrived in sleepy McGill, Georgia, but holiday cheer can’t keep temperamental Stella Reid from swinging a rolling pin at anyone who crosses her bad side—and this season, there are plenty. First, an anonymous grinch vandalizes a celebrated nativity display. Far worse, the scandalous Prissy Carr is found dead in an alley behind a tavern. With police puzzled over the murder, Stella decides to stir the local gossip pot for clues on the culprit’s identity . . .
  2. Murder in the Corn Maze – Even if she has to stick to a budget, Stella Reid always makes holidays like Halloween memorable for twelve-year-old Savannah and the rest of her grandchildren. After joining trick-or-treating and the annual parade down Main Street, Granny Reid and the kids head to Judge Patterson’s antebellum mansion, where a corn maze awaits. Most of the youngsters are too terrified to make it all the way to the middle. It’s lucky for them because when Savannah and Granny get there, it proves to be even scarier than they expected—half-buried in the mud at the center of the maze lies a human skull. 
  3. Murder at Mabel’s Motel – As quirky as McGill’s residents can be, they usually welcome society’s oddballs and outcasts into the community with open arms. But the three members of the Lone White Wolf Pack are a different story. Townsfolk aren’t feeling the least bit neighborly toward the gang widely believed to have orchestrated several hate crimes in the area. When the group’s leader Billy Ray Sonner is found dead in an abandoned motel, most assume it was the result of an accidental overdose. An unfortunate yet predictable end for a man who lived the way Billy did. Only Stella and the sheriff have witnessed the crime scene in person, and suspect something more disturbing happened in that ramshackle room . . . 

Murder Most Grave - Granny Reid Books in Order

  1. Murder Most Grave – With a new grandbaby to care for at home, Stella has little time to spare. Her hands are especially full since Savannah, her teenage granddaughter, developed a crush on a boy guaranteed to break her heart. Gallivanting around with her best pal Sheriff Manny Goldford simply isn’t an option—until a freshly murdered body is discovered . . .

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