Sandhamn Murders Books in Order: How to read Viveca Sten’s series?

Last Updated 6 months ago.The Sandhamn Murders TV adaptations is quite big here in France, so I thought to look for the books. There will be at least ten, one per year.

What’s the Sandhamn Murders series about?

Written by Swedish writer and lawyer Viveca Sten, this series is about murders on the Sandhamn Island, an idyllic vacation island in Sweden.

The books resolve around local police Detective Thomas Andreasson and his childhood friend, the lawyer Nora Linde. They teamed up to solve crime in a scandinoir way.

Sandhamn Murders Books in Order:

Still Waters Sandhamn Murders Books in Order Closed Circles Sandhamn Murders Books in Order Guiltless Sandhamn Murders Books in Order Tonight You’re Dead Sandhamn Murders Books in Order

  1. Still Waters – On a hot July morning on Sweden’s idyllic vacation island of Sandhamn, a man takes his dog for a walk and makes a gruesome discovery: a body, tangled in fishing nets, has washed ashore. Police Detective Thomas Andreasson is the first to arrive on the scene. Before long, he has identified the deceased as Krister Berggren, a bachelor from the mainland who has been missing for months. Thomas turns to his childhood friend, local lawyer Nora Linde for help.
  2. Closed Circles – It’s a beautiful day for a regatta—until one of Sandhamn Island’s most prestigious residents is killed aboard his sailing yacht. Oscar Juliander was a rich lawyer and deputy chairman of the prestigious Royal Swedish Yacht Club. While at first his death seems like a tragic accident, there is evidence of foul play. Police Detective Thomas Andreasson teams up with local lawyer Nora Linde to investigate.
  3. Guiltless – The island of Sandhamn has always been a haven for lawyer Nora Linde. With trouble brewing in her marriage, she finds its comforts more welcome than ever, even in the depths of winter. That is until her two young sons trip across a severed arm in the woods. The boys’ gruesome discovery will once again connect Nora with her childhood friend Thomas Andreasson, now a local police detective.
  4. Tonight You’re Dead – Soon to be divorced, attorney Nora Linde is finding her way as a single mother when she’s asked by her childhood friend Detective Thomas Andreasson to help in a disturbing investigation. Marcus Nielsen, a university student, has apparently committed suicide, but it’s what he’s left behind that’s so suspicious and damning: his research into the Coastal Rangers, an elite military group where, in 1976, a young cadet died under questionable circumstances.

In the Heat of the Moment Sandhamn Murders Books in Order In Harm’s Way Sandhamn Murders Books in Order In the Shadow of Power Sandhamn Murders Books in Order In the Name of Truth Sandhamn Murders Books in Order

  1. In the Heat of the Moment – It’s Midsummer’s Eve, the celebration of the longest day of the year, and on Sandhamn it’s the longest party of the year. But the fun comes to a dead halt when a young reveler is murdered, a teenage girl is found drugged and dazed on the beach, and other young women vanish. So far, what links the victims is a mystery. For Nora Linde and her new boyfriend, Jonas Sköld, the crimes are personal: one of the missing girls is Wilma, Jonas’s daughter. And her disappearance could test Nora and Jonas’s relationship in ways they never expected.
  2. In Harm’s Way – The body of journalist Jeanette Thiels is discovered the day after Christmas, frozen in a snow-covered garden just steps from her hotel on Sandhamn Island. Detective Thomas Andreasson finds it highly unlikely that it was some bizarre accident. After all, the relentless war-zone correspondent was no stranger to conflict and controversy. Who would want to see her dead is another story. Enlisting the help of attorney Nora Linde, his longtime friend on holiday, Thomas is anxious for the answers.
  3. In the Shadow of Power – The new summer house on Sandhamn Island is an architectural dream for its owner, Carsten Jonsson. It’s a nightmare for the locals. The venture capitalist has flouted local traditions, property lines, and the natural beauty of the coastline. He’s also too wealthy and arrogant to heed the anonymous warnings to leave. The threats escalate when his guest lodge is burned to the ground and an unidentifiable corpse is found in the charred ruins. Detective Inspector Thomas Andreasson isn’t sure if it’s murder or a tragic accident.
  4. In the Name of Truth – With the summer season on Sandhamn comes an unsettling mystery for Detective Inspector Thomas Andreasson. A bullied young boy has vanished from a sailing camp on neighboring Lökholmen Island. Has the terrorized eleven-year-old run away? Or, in this isolated vacation spot where strangers lurk, is it something more ominous?

In Bad Company Sandhamn Murders Books in Order Buried in Secret Sandhamn Murders Books in Order

  1. In Bad Company – Building a case against Andreis Kovač is a risky strategy for prosecutor Nora Linde. A violent key player in Stockholm’s drug trade and untouchable when it comes to financial crimes, he has the best defense money can buy. To topple Andreis’s empire, Nora’s working a different angle. It’s personal. Nora’s critical witness is Andreis’s wife, Mina—if she’ll testify.
  2. Buried in Secret – A woman’s skeletal remains are excavated on an uninhabited island in Sandhamn’s archipelago, and Thomas Andreasson is called to officially investigate. But his best friend, Nora Linde, can’t help but get involved.

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