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Rick Fuller Books in Order: How to read Robert White’s series?

Rick Fuller Books in Order: How to read Robert White’s series?
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A man who finds troubles.

Who is Rick Fuller?

Written by British author and ex-cop Robert White, The Rich Fuller series is about a SAS hero turns Manchester hit-man with a vengeance.

Rick Fuller, a once decorated SAS hero, is now Manchester hit-man who likes nothing better than disposing of his employer’s rivals in return for a suitcase of cash. That’s until the world of espionage find the need for a man like him.

Rick Fuller Books in Order:

The Fix Rick Fuller Books in Order The Fire Rick Fuller Books in Order The Fall Rick Fuller Books in Order The Follower Rick Fuller Books in Order

  1. The Fix – In the winter of 1996, on the orders of the British Government, the SAS stole the contents of a safe belonging to the Provisional IRA.Rick Fuller headed that team. Days later Fuller’s wife was brutally murdered at his home. Convinced he was betrayed from within, Fuller begins a relentless search for her murderers and the men who gave the order. Ten years on Fuller is a Manchester gangland enforcer, a lone and bitter figure. Fuller recruits an old colleague to help him recover a consignment of cocaine from Amsterdam. In the search, doors open on the past and Fuller can finally take his revenge on the men who betrayed him.
  2. The Fire – Patrick O’Donnell, the man who slaughtered Cathy Fuller on her doorstep in Hereford in 1996 is now the First Minister of the Province, and on the face of it, a trusted and respected politician. The British Secret Service know that O’Donnell is secretly the leader of the New IRA, a group determined to re-kindle the troubles and destabilise the peace process. Not only is The Firm willing to assist Fuller and his team to assassinate O’Donnell, but will pay handsomely for the privilege.
  3. The Fall – When Rick Fuller first arrived in Manchester, he was a man devastated by grief, and drinking straight from the bottle. Rick needed to get back to work, and to do that, he required a new identity. Fuller gave the last of his cash, to expert forger and gun runner, Spiros Makris. The Greek turned Richard Fuller, into Stephen Colletti overnight, and the pair began a business relationship that would see them both become very rich men. Now, Makris is missing, and Rick is determined to solve the mystery of his disappearance.
  4. The Follower – The teenage son of front running US Presidential Candidate, Senator JE Blackman, is found horribly murdered in a Manchester apartment. Blackman knows that if the intimate details of the crime become public, his political ambitions will be in ruins. There can be no arrests, no trial. The Senator is one of the world’s richest men. Wealthy enough to make Washington dance to his tune and demand the CIA solve his problem. Their solution? A man called Rick Fuller.

The Fellowship Rick Fuller Books in Order The Fighter Rick Fuller Books in Order Made to be Broken Rick Fuller Books in Order

  1. The Fellowship – Todd Blackman’s murderers are dead and Yunfakh, the latest organised crime gang to come out of the Arab world have been driven from the streets of Manchester. But MI6 and the CIA are now determined to rid the rest of the world of this powerful new gang by targeting their leader Abdallah Al-Mufti. With Des wounded, Cartwright tasks Rick to travel to Southern Ireland alone. Posing as an old IRA player, Fuller’s job is to buy a stockpile of weapons left over from the Troubles and sell them to men he hopes will lead him to Al-Mufti.
  2. The Fighter – On a boat somewhere off the coast of Ireland, Rick Fuller is in chains. This is not his only problem. Also aboard the vessel, are three hundred stolen AK47’s, three hundred thousand Euros and a coffin full of pure uncut cocaine. To add to his difficulties, he is guarded by several Yunfakh members who are determined to deliver him into the hands of his arch enemy, Abdallah Al- Mufti, a terrorist who would gleefully like to nail Fuller to the nearest tree.
  3. Made to be Broken – Rick Fuller is a broken man. For over a year, he has spent his waking hours drinking in the seedy bars of Pattaya, tortured by guilt and tormented by what might have been. That is until the beautiful and enigmatic MI6 agent, Harriet Casey walks into the Cha Cha Saloon with a picture of him on her phone, a computer program stolen from Russian gangsters and a plane ticket back to Manchester, where his old friend and ally Des Cogan is waiting for him. Intrigue, cross and double cross, push Rick and his new team deeper than ever before into the dangerous world of political espionage.