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Kathy Reichs Books in Order

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Discover the whole chronological order of Kathy Reichs’ enthralling novels, which will take you on a riveting journey through the complicated world of forensic puzzles and spine-chilling suspense.

Who is Kathy Reichs?

Explore the fascinating world of Dr. Kathleen Joan Toelle Reichs, also known as Kathy Reichs, a forensic anthropologist and talented American crime novelist. Her career is highlighted by the renowned ‘Temperance Brennan’ series, which gained popularity through its television version, ‘Bones.’

Kathy Reichs, the author of the fascinating Temperance Brennan novels, deftly blends forensic science into her thrilling narratives, providing readers with an enthralling blend of crime-solving, suspense, and scientific truth. Kathy’s background as a forensic anthropologist, which she draws inspiration from, gives life to her fictitious characters and intricate tales, ensuring a sense of realism that captivates her audience.

Kathy expanded her bestselling series into young adult novels, teaming with her son Brendan to develop the fascinating ‘Virals’ series. They combine mystery, adventure, and scientific intrigue to introduce readers to a whole new universe of enthralling stories.

In addition to her successful series, Kathy Reichs has written stand-alone novels, demonstrating her versatility as a writer. Each stand-alone work exemplifies her writing prowess, capturing readers with distinct and intriguing plots that stand apart from her series.

Kathy is linked with the prominent Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale for the province of Quebec, Canada, as a testament to her dedication and expertise. Furthermore, she is one of just 100 forensic anthropologists qualified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology. Her contributions to the area have won her a seat on the American Academy of Forensic Sciences’ board of directors.

Join us as we explore Kathy Reichs’ long career, including her legendary Temperance Brennan series, riveting young adult novels, and fascinating stand-alone works. Discover the skill of a writer that combines her technical acumen with enthralling storytelling, leaving readers intrigued and wanting more.”

Reading The Kathy Reichs Book Series: A Guide

Bones aka the Temperance Brennan Series

Temperance Deassee Brennan is usually summoned to analyze human remains at crime sites where the flesh is too decayed for a coroner to extract evidence. When she isn’t working at crime scenes, she works at the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale for the province of Quebec in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and teaches at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.

The series begins with “Deja Dead,” which was released in 1997. Brennan is followed throughout the novels as she uses her knowledge of skeleton analysis to solve complex murders and bring culprits to justice. Reichs draws on her own experience as a forensic anthropologist to give a realistic picture of crime scene investigation in the series, which is remarkable for its attention to detail and scientific correctness.

Brennan is involved in a number of cases throughout the series, including murders, disappearances, and international crimes. Her studies take her all over the world, from Montreal to North Carolina, and even to Afghanistan and Guatemala. Along the process, she tackles personal problems such as health issues and conflicts with family and colleagues.

For more information about the Temperance Brennan series, go to the dedicated reading order.

  1. ‘First Bones’ – Short story collected in The Bone Collection.
  2. Déjà Dead (1997)
  3. Death du Jour (1999)
  4. Deadly Décisions (2000)
  5. Fatal Voyage (2001)
  6. Grave Secrets (2002)
  7. Bare Bones (2003)
  8. Monday Mourning (2004)
  9. Cross Bones (2005)
  10. Break No Bones (2006)
  11. Bones to Ashes (2007)
  12. Devil Bones (2008)
  13. 206 Bones (2009)
  14. Spider Bones (2010)
  15. Flash and Bones (2011)
  16. Bones are Forever (2012)
  17. ‘Bones in her Pocket’ – Short story collected in The Bone Collection.
  18. Bones of the Lost (2013)
  19. ‘Swamp Bones’ – Short story collected in The Bone Collection.
  20. Bones Never Lie (2014)
  21. ‘Bones on Ice’ – Short story collected in The Bone Collection.
  22. Speaking in Bones (2015)
  23. A Conspiracy of Bones (2020)
  24. The Bone Code (2021)
  25. Cold, Cold Bones (2022)

The Virals Series

Tory Brennan, the great-niece of Temperance Brennan, is the subject of the young adult series Virals by Kathy Reichs and her son Brendan.

On Loggerhead Island in South Carolina, where Tory and her friends Ben, Hi, and Shelton reside, they come across an ancient military dog tag that directs them to a top-secret facility. They are infected to a virus while exploring the lab, which grants them increased senses and other powers that they utilize to solve mysteries and murders.

The Virals team solves a number of mysteries throughout the series, including a murder on a private island, a kidnapping, and a puzzling illness outbreak at their high school. Along the way, they must also keep their identity a secret from the law and those attempting to kidnap and research them.

  1. “Shock” (2015) – A prequel novella collected in Trace Evidence.
  2. Virals (2010)
  3. Seizure (2011)
  4. “Shift” (2013) – Short Story collected in Trace Evidence.
  5. Code (2013)
  6. “Swipe” (2013) – Short Story collected in Trace Evidence.
  7. Exposure (2014
  8. Terminal (2015)
  9. “Spike” (2016) – Short Story collected in Trace Evidence.

What follows is a listing of the novels from the series with a brief synopsis:

Virals (2010) – Always up for a challenge, Tory Brennan and her science-nerd friends spend their time investigating the marshlands of Loggerhead Island, which are the location of the extremely restricted Loggerhead Island Research Institute, where something odd is happening. Tory and her friends are exposed to a unique form of canine parvovirus after saving a stray wolfdog pup from a top-secret lab, irrevocably altering them—and their DNA. They are now closer than just buddies. They come in groups. They’re virals. And they are inherently harmful. But are they unstoppable enough to apprehend a murderer with ice cold blood?

Seizure (2011) – According to rumors, legendary pirate Anne Bonny hid her loot in Charleston in 1720. Nobody is certain of the location, but Tory Brennan is confident that the Virals can decipher Bonny’s enigmatic cues. The Virals quickly find themselves on the proper path. They’re not the only ones looking for the riches, though. They are being pursued by someone who will do anything to get their hands on it. The path is covered in dead bodies. The island will soon be sold, but time is running out.

Code (2013) – The research center has recovered from its financial crisis, and life on Loggerhead Island seems serene. But when Tory Brennan and her tech-obsessed crew unearth a mystery box hidden in the ground, the peace is abruptly disturbed. A apparently innocent treasure quest quickly transforms into a terrifying game of logic puzzles when it becomes apparent that even the smallest mistake could have disastrous, catastrophic effects. The time is running out. Can Tory and the Virals solve the puzzle quickly enough to rescue both the city and their own lives?

Exposure (2014) – Tory and the Virals conclude that they are the only ones best qualified to carry out the investigation after twin students are kidnapped from Bolton Prep. But the group also has other issues to deal with. Their abilities are becoming more erratic and challenging to regulate. Chance Claybourne is looking into the botched medical procedure that altered their DNA. The ties that bind them are eroding, endangering the pack’s survival as a whole. While hiding their identity from prying eyes, the Virals must decode the evidence and find a ruthless criminal before he commits another crime. And it appears that everyone is looking.

Terminal (2015) – The Virals have returned, but they are no longer the only pack in town. Tory Brennan and the rest of the Morris Island crew are pursuing a band of renegade Virals known as the Trinity in Terminal. A supervirus strain developed by Tory’s adversary and sporadically crush, Chance Clayborne, who unintentionally infected himself as well, infected the new pack. These red-eyed Virals have publicly challenged Tory’s pack to rule Charleston, and they won’t stop until their opponents are destroyed.

Spike” (2016) – Short Story collected in Trace Evidence.

The Stand-alone Kathy Reichs Book

Two Nights (2017) – Sunnie has spent years hiding her secrets, hiding from her background, and creating a life where she has no desires and feels nothing. However, a girl has vanished, lost in the confusion of a bomb blast, and Sunnie’s assistance is needed by the family.

The girl is deceased. Was she taken by someone? Why doesn’t she want to be found if she is somewhere out there? Sunnie needs to confront her own problems because they may help her discover the truth about what actually transpired all those years ago.

What to read if you like Kathy Reichs’ book?

If you enjoy books that combine mystery and forensic science like those written by Kathy Reich, particularly the Temperance Brennan series, you might want to check out the Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell, the Jenny Coope series by M. R. Hall, the Gideon Oliver series by Aaron Elkins, the Eve Duncan series by Iris Johansen, or the Jefferson Bass books.This article was last updated on September 26, 2023.

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