Peter Macklin Books in Order: How to read Loren D. Estleman’s series?

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By the author of the Amos Walker series.

What is the Peter Macklin series about?

Written by American author Loren D. Estleman, the Peter Macklin series is about a hitman for the mob who just want to quit.

Based in Detroit, like private detective Amos Walker, Hitman Peter Macklin works for the mob, but he wants to change his life. This leads to a battle between divorce attorneys, mobsters, and hired assassins.

Peter Macklin Books in Order:

Every book in the Peter Macklin series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. Kill Zone (1984)
  2. Roses Are Dead (1985)
  3. Any Man’s Death (1986)
  4. Something Borrowed, Something Black (2002)
  5. Little Black Dress (2005)
  6. Black and White Ball (2018, crossover with the Amos Walker series)

What is the plot of the Peter Macklin novels?

For more information about the books in the Peter Macklin series by Loren D. Estleman, you’ll find below the official synopsis for all the books:

Kill Zone – Siegfried, a terrorist group made up of a killer, a bassist, an ex-marine, a demolitions expert, a Black Panther, a national guardsman, and a couple of spoiled teenagers, is about to become Detroit’s worst nightmare. They have eight hundred hostages, and if they don’t get what they want, Siegfried will kill every one of them. Rescue is impossible. The only man with the skills for the job is Peter Macklin, a professional killer with ties to the local mob.

Roses Are Dead – For years, Donna ignored the guns in her husband’s safe, his long hours, and all the cash he couldn’t possibly have made as an “efficiency expert.” But finally, she was forced to admit that Peter Macklin is a killer for hire. Donna wants a divorce. But she won’t get a penny if he’s dead. Macklin is leaving his divorce attorney’s office when he’s attacked. Quick thinking saves his life, but the Detroit mob has turned on him.

Any Man’s Death – The Reverend Thomas Aquinas Sunsmith is halfway through his sermon when killers open fire. The hail of gunfire misses the reverend, but a choir member is cut down-the first victim in the battle for the soul of the Motor City. The Detroit mob has erupted into civil war, and professional killer Peter Macklin is caught in the middle.

Something Borrowed, Something Black – When the mob wants you dead, they’ll always send another killer. The only man for the job is Peter Macklin. He’s just married Laurie, a beautiful, innocent young woman who believes her husband is a salesman. They’re on their honeymoon in Los Angeles when he gets the call, and it’s a gig he can’t refuse. Macklin is going to Texas for a battle so tough it will make the Alamo look like a fair fight.

Little Black Dress – Peter Macklin must spend time with his eccentric mother-in-law. This event takes an unexpected turn when Macklin discovers mom-in-law’s boyfriend Benjamin Grinnell is a spotter for a gang of armed robbers. Unfortunately, Grinnell made a big mistake and now his life is threatened, and Grinnell’s jeopardy endangers his sweetie… and Laurie. Macklin can’t help but get involved.

Black and White Ball (crossover with the Amos Walker series) – Detroit hit man Peter Macklin forces private eye Amos Walker to furnish protection for Laurie, Macklin’s estranged wife, while Macklin tracks down the party who has threatened to kill her.

What should you read if you like the Peter Macklin novels?

If you like reading Loren D. Estleman’s Peter Macklin stories, you may be interested in The Fred Carver Mysteries, The Charlie Muffin Thrillers.

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