Percy Jackson Books in Order: How to read Rick Riordan’s series?

Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan books in order

Last Updated 2 weeks ago.I don’t think they’ll make a third Percy Jackson movie but at least you can still read the books!

Who is Percy Jackson?

Also known as Percy Jackson & the Olympians, the book series by Rick Riordan is about a young man who, as you may have guessed, is called Percy Jackson.

One day, after being attacked by a Minotaur, Percy discovered that he is a demigod, the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. His life changes completely as he finds himself at Camp Half-Blood, a training camp for demigods like him. Soon, with his companions, a Satyr named Grover Underwood and Annabeth Chase, a daughter of Athena, Percy starts a grand adventure.


Percy Jackson Books in Order:

In the Percy Jackson series, we have the main Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, but also sequel series, short stories and more. For some, it’s hard to know where to put them chronologically. So, here is a way to go.

I. Percy Jackson & the Olympians

The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan Books In Order The Sea of Monsters Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Titan’s Curse - Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Battle Of The Labyrinth - Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Last Olympian - Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan Books in Order

  1. The Lightning Thief – Percy Jackson could have sworn his pre-algebra teacher turned into a monster and tried to kill him. When Percy’s mom finds out, she knows it’s time that he knew the truth about where he came from. She sends Percy to Camp Half Blood, a summer camp for demigods where he learns that the father he never knew is Poseidon, God of the Sea.
  2. The Sea Of Monsters – Percy discovers that the magical borders which protect Half-Blood Hill have been poisoned. Now he and his friends-Grover, Annabeth, and Tyson-must retrieve the Golden Fleece from the Island of the Cyclopes by the end of the summer or Camp Half-Blood will be destroyed.
  3. The Titan’s Curse – When the goddess Artemis goes missing, she is believed to have been kidnapped. And now it’s up to Percy and his friends to find out what happened. Who is powerful enough to kidnap a goddess?
  4. The Battle Of The Labyrinth – As an incoming freshman, Percy isn’t expecting his high school orientation to be any fun. But when a mysterious mortal acquaintance appears, followed by demon cheerleaders, things quickly move from bad to worse.
  5. The Last Olympian – All year the half-bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans, knowing the odds of victory are grim. While the Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon, Kronos begins his advance on New York City. Now it’s up to Percy Jackson and an army of young demigods to stop the Lord of Time.
  6. The Demigod Files – It is a collection of stories set during the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series written by Rick Riordan.
  7. Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo – Another short story. You can read it later if you want.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Paperback Boxed Set

Percy Jackson and the Olympians 5 Book Paperback Boxed Set

II. The Heroes of Olympus

The Heroes of Olympus is a sequel series in 5 books.


The Lost Hero - The Heroes of Olympus - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Son of Neptune - The Heroes of Olympus - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Mark of Athena - The Heroes of Olympus - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The House of Hades - The Heroes of Olympus - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Blood of Olympus - The Heroes of Olympus - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order

  1. The Lost Hero – Jason doesn’t remember anything before waking up on a school bus holding hands with a girl. Apparently she’s his girlfriend Piper, his best friend is a kid named Leo, and they’re all students in the Wilderness School, a boarding school for ‘bad kids.’ What he did to end up here, Jason has no idea-except that everything seems very wrong.
  2. The Son of Neptune – Percy is confused. When he awoke after his long sleep, he didn’t know much more than his name. His brain-fuzz is lingering, even after the wolf Lupa told him he is a demigod and trained him to fight. Somehow Percy managed to make it to the camp for half-bloods, but the camp doesn’t ring any bells with him.
  3. The Mark of Athena – The Greek and Roman demigods will have to cooperate in order to defeat the giants released by the Earth Mother, Gaea. Then they will have to sail together to the ancient land to find the Doors of Death. What exactly are the Doors of Death? Much of the prophecy remains a mystery.
  4. The House of Hades – The five demigods have to put aside their grief and follow Percy’s instructions to find the mortal side of the Doors of Death. If they can fight their way through Gaea’s forces, and Percy and Annabeth can survive the House of Hades, then the Seven will be able to seal the Doors from both sides and prevent the giants from raising Gaea.
  5. The Blood of Olympus – The Athena Parthenos will go west; the Argo II will go east. The gods, still suffering from multiple personality disorder, are useless. How can a handful of young demigods hope to persevere against Gaea’s army of powerful giants? As dangerous as it is to head to Athens, they have no other option. They have sacrificed too much already. And if Gaea wakes, it is game over.
  6. The Demigod Diaries – It is a collection of stories set during The Heroes of Olympus series written by Rick and his son Haley Riordan.
The Heroes of Olympus Hardcover Boxed Set

The Heroes of Olympus Hardcover Boxed Set

III. The Kane Chronicles

Based on the Egyptian mythology, The Kane Chronicles is set in the same universe than the other series, but follows Carter and Sadie Kane, powerful magicians and descendants the two pharaohs Narmer and Ramses the Great.

The Red Pyramid - The Kane Chronicles - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Throne of Fire - The Kane Chronicles - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Serpent’s Shadow - The Kane Chronicles - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order

  1. The Red Pyramid – Since their mother’s death, Carter and Sadie have become near strangers. One night, Dr. Kane brings the siblings together for a ‘research experiment’ at the British Museum, where he hopes to set things right for his family. Instead, he unleashes the Egyptian god Set, who banishes him to oblivion and forces the children to flee for their lives.
  2. The Throne of Fire – In this exciting second installment of the three-book series, Carter and Sadie, offspring of the brilliant Egyptologist Dr. Julius Kane, embark on a worldwide search for the Book of Ra, but the House of Life and the gods of chaos are determined to stop them.
  3. The Serpent’s Shadow – Despite their best efforts, Carter and Sadie Kane can’t seem to keep Apophis, the chaos snake, down. Now Apophis is threatening to plunge the world into eternal darkness, and the Kanes are faced with the impossible task of having to destroy him once and for all.

IV. Demigods and Magicians

This is a Camp Half-Blood/Kane Chronicles crossover series of short stories.

The Son of Sobek - Demigods and Magicians - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Staff of Serapis - Demigods and Magicians - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Crown of Ptolemy - Demigods and Magicians - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order

  1. The Son of Sobek – Carter Kane is investigating rumored sightings of a monster on Long Island when he runs into something else: a mysterious boy named Percy Jackson. And their meeting isn’t exactly friendly…
  2. The Staff of Serapis – Annabeth encounters more oddities in the subway than usual, including a two-headed monster and a younger blond girl who reminds her a little of herself.
  3. The Crown of Ptolemy – Trouble is brewing again, this time on Governor’s Island. An ancient Egyptian magician named Setne has come back from the dead and is experimenting with Egyptian and Greek magic, trying to become a god himself.

V. The Trials of Apollo

The Trials of Apollo is a sequel series that follows the trials of the god Apollo, who has been turned into a human as punishment from his father and king of the gods Zeus.

You can read this trilogy before or after the “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard” one.

The Hidden Oracle - The Trials of Apollo - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Dark Prophecy - The Trials of Apollo - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Burning Maze - The Trials of Apollo - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order

  1. The Hidden Oracle – After angering his father Zeus, the god Apollo is cast down from Olympus. Weak and disoriented, he lands in New York City as a regular teenage boy named Lester. Now, without his godly powers, the four-thousand-year-old deity must learn to survive in the modern world until he can somehow find a way to regain Zeus’s favor.
  2. The Dark Prophecy – After experiencing a series of dangerous trials at Camp Half-Blood, Lester must now embark on a hair-raising journey across North America. Somewhere in the American Midwest, he and his companions must find the most dangerous Oracle from ancient times.
  3. The Burning Maze – With the help of some demigod friends, Lester managed to survive his first two trials, one at Camp Half-Blood, and one in Indianapolis, where Meg received the Dark Prophecy. The words she uttered while seated on the Throne of Memory revealed that an evil triumvirate of Roman emperors plans to attack Camp Jupiter. While Leo flies ahead on Festus to warn the Roman camp, Lester and Meg must go through the Labyrinth to find the third emperor.

The Tyrant's Tomb - The Trials of Apollo - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Tower of Nero Percy Jackson Books in Order

  1. The Tyrant’s Tomb – It’s not easy being Apollo, especially when you’ve been turned into a human and banished from Olympus. On his path to restoring five ancient oracles and reclaiming his godly powers, Apollo (aka Lester Papadopoulos) has faced both triumphs and tragedies. Now his journey takes him to Camp Jupiter in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the Roman demigods are preparing for a desperate last stand against the evil Triumvirate of Roman emperors.
  2. The Tower of Nero – It’s time to face the final trial . . . The battle for Camp Jupiter is over. New Rome is safe. Tarquin and his army of the undead have been defeated. But though the battle may have been won, the war is far from over.

VI. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard is another sequel series. This one follows Magnus Chase, a new demigod is born—this time from Norse mythology. He is a homeless boy from Boston trying to discover his true identity.

You can read this series before or after the “The Trials of Apollo” one. In fact, the first book is set before or concurrently with “The Hidden Oracle.”

The Sword of Summer - Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Hammer of Thor - Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Ship of the Dead - Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order 9 From the Nine Worlds - Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order

  1. The Sword of Summer — Ever since that terrible night two years ago when his mother told him to run, Magnus Chase has lived alone on the streets of Boston. One day, he’s tracked down by an uncle he barely knows. Uncle Randolph tells him an impossible secret: Magnus is the son of a Norse god and the gods of Asgard are preparing for war. To prevent Ragnarok, Magnus must search the Nine Worlds for a weapon that has been lost for thousands of years.
  2. The Hammer of Thor — Thor’s hammer is missing again. The thunder god has a disturbing habit of misplacing his weapon—the mightiest force in the Nine Worlds. But this time the hammer isn’t just lost, it has fallen into enemy hands. If Magnus Chase and his friends can’t retrieve the hammer quickly, the mortal worlds will be defenseless against an onslaught of giants.
  3. The Ship of the Dead — Loki is free from his chains. He’s readying Naglfar, the Ship of the Dead, complete with a host of giants and zombies, to sail against the Asgardian gods and begin the final battle of Ragnarok. It’s up to Magnus and his friends to stop him, but to do so they will have to sail across the oceans of Midgard, Jotunheim, and Niflheim in a desperate race to reach Naglfar before it’s ready to sail.
  4. 9 From the Nine Worlds — After The Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard trilogy has concluded, join Hearthstone, Blitzen, Samirah, Alex, Jack, T.J., Mallory, Halfborn, and more on an unforgettable journey. While Magnus is off visiting his cousin, Annabeth, his friends find themselves in some sticky, hairy, and smelly situations as they try to outwit moronic giants, murderous creatures, and meddlesome gods. Can they stave off Ragnarok at least until Magnus gets back?
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Paperback Boxed Set

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard Paperback Boxed Set

VII. Companion Books

These books should be read after you’ve read all of the main books.

Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods - Companion Books - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes - Companion Books - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order Hotel Valhalla: Guide to the Norse Worlds - Companion Books - Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Books in Order The Trials of Apollo Camp Jupiter Classified Percy Jackson Books in Order

  1. Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods — Percy Jackson explains how the world was created, then he gives readers his personal take on a who’s who of ancients, from Apollo to Zeus. Percy does not hold back. “If you like horror shows, blood baths, lying, stealing, backstabbing, and cannibalism, then read on, because it definitely was a Golden Age for all that.”
  2. Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes — Who cut off Medusa’s head? Who was raised by a she-bear? Who tamed Pegasus? It takes a demigod to know, and Percy Jackson can fill you in on the all the daring deeds of Perseus, Atalanta, Bellerophon, and the rest of the major Greek heroes. Told in the funny, irreverent style readers have come to expect from Percy,
  3. Hotel Valhalla: Guide to the Norse Worlds — This “who’s who” guide to the gods, goddesses, and other important figures of Norse mythology was commissioned by Helgi, who, after more than a millennium as manager of Hotel Valhalla, became fed up with answering the same questions from newly deceased heroes at check-in.
  4. The Trials of Apollo: Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio’s Journal – This journal focuses on the Roman demigods’ training camp in Northern California. When mysterious incidents start wreaking havoc throughout Camp Jupiter, suspicion falls on the Fourth Cohort’s newest probatio. But is she really to blame? Find out the truth by delving into the pages of her personal journal.

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          1. Yeah pretty much…. bitches be like: something mildly inconvenient happened, better go reread my comfort books.

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  1. This comment is completely off topic but I saw on this page that there would not be a third movie in the Percy Jackson series and I’m absolutely relieved that there won’t be. I’m a die-hard fan of all the Rick Riordan books and series but three movies were SO changed from the books that it made me extremely annoyed. Firstly, the prophecy concerning hugs 16th birthday wad changed to 20 (ugh). And in the “Sea of Monsters” movie Kronos materializes at the end?! Maybe they knew there were no more movies being filmed so they just included all the interesting parts from books through . who knows. Terrible and disappointing for sure.

    1. haha yeah, me too. it’s so annoying when a movie makes film out of a book because they do a lot of change about the stories and details about the story, it really sucks

      1. I just think of the movies as a whole different story if you look at the first Percy Jackson movie compared to the book its like a different story idk i like it

    2. I agree strongly. I asked all my friends that watched the movie if they enjoyed it, and they all thought it was terrible! My friends and I have read all the books of the greek gods and all the series. I was extremely disappointed that the movie was horrifying, because I am in love with the books and as I read I can picture a movie in my head. I am also sad because I think if they worked on the movie a little more, than it would be a magnificent movie, and people would probably enjoy it. Just yesterday I was on youtube looking for the old trailers of the movies, and I saw a lot of hate comments. A ton of people were annoyed and very disturbed by the video and asking for the creators to take it down. And my last reason on why I am disappointed, people who have seen the movie and think it was terrible do not want to read the books! They think it will give the same annoying story they had while watching it.
      Thank you for letting me state my facts and reasons
      Also I recommend the books!

    3. And, Annabeth hair is brown. They changed it in the second movie and it was rather annoying cause they weren’t consistent on ANYTHING

    4. dang, girl. I’m huge huge huge on Percy Jackson. The movies are horrible, but I guess they could be worse. (sadly that’s not very assuring, though.) keep loving the series. personally I like the Heros of Olympus a lot better than than Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

      1. I like Percy Jackson and the Olympians better. To me, It almost feels like Jason is trying to be better than Percy, when he doesn’t even know who he is! I can’t allow that. I’m a strong fan of Percy and his crew. I do like The Heroes of Olympus though, don’t get me wrong.

      2. when u mention pjo and someone says “well i say the movies and they were pretty good. i rly liked them.” AAAAHHHHHHH WHYYYYYYYYY?????!!!?!?!?!?!?!??!

    5. I agree, I’m also a big fan, I very confused why they did that, but as you said probably because they new they weren’t going to film any more movies

  2. I made an update. I just added the Magnus Chase series and the companion books. For Magnus Chase, I put it after The Trials of Apollo, but you can read it before.

      1. Kane Chronicles is AFTER heroes of olympus. And o reccomend you to read magnus chase after trials of apollo because ToA is the most boring series

    1. Well some sources in the actual mythology say that the were in fact ‘the same’ (similar to Greek and Roman differences) gods as the Greek one’s. I remember reading about that a while ago.
      Anyway regardless the books are great and I’d encourage everyone to read them as well!

  3. Thanks a lot ..It’s really great ..Umma die-hard fan of Rick with respect to books ..I love Percy…soooooo much..

    1. no I honestly think you shouldn’t read Kane Chronicles at all because it doesn’t have any of the greek gods, its all about the Egyptian gods but you can please no hate

      1. No! You should read it! Even though it’s about the Egyptian gods, instead of the Greek ones, it has a great storyline. And the crossover between Kane chronicles and pjo wouldn’t make sense.

    1. I would recommend it yes, but also I don’t think you should read about Kane Chronicles, unless you want to learn about the Egyptian gods, because Percy Annabeth, zeus and everybody isn’t in it

  4. I love all Rick Riordan books, but they really need to make one of the Roman background on Jason and stuff or Rick Riordan could make another book on how Jason helps the minor gods, and how Percy and Annabeth live there lives in new Rome, that’s just what I think. I also think this website was very helpful.

  5. Samynamny(ROBLOX username)

    Speaking of books in order, always read any serie of Books in order, no matter what. And also, do I have to read the heroes of Olympus after Percy Jackson because I just started the heroes of Olympus books when I’m still reading Percy Jackson and the lightning thief-Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters. Please answer!! Also I didn’t know that Rick Riordan also wrote about Egyptian gods, cuz I only know the Greek gods and the Roman gods, and plus I’m not interested in the Egyptian gods at all.

    1. You DEFINITELY need to finish Percy Jackson and the Olympians before Heroes of Olympus. Heroes of Olympus is pretty much a direct continuation of the pjo series. They are both really good and worth the wait.

  6. you know what i dont need to watch movies.i prefer reading the books cause i can picture the scene in my mind itself and its fantastic.though i have seen the first two movie.

  7. that was very helpful, I didn’t know which books to read nest since I just finished The Heroes of Olympus.

  8. This is really gonna help me! lol I almost read “The Lost Hero” by accident when I hadn’t even read “The Last Olympian” in the Percy Jackson series. It is a little confusing – they should put some order on the books.

  9. Do I have to read the Egyptian Gods stuff? People are saying Kane Choricles is before HoO and I already moved on to HoO

    1. Is there any fifth book in Trials of Apollo series, because the Tyrant’s Tomb ended with Meg and Lester going to the New York.

  10. I LOVE the books! I never want to stop. But, I hate that they changed so much stuff in the movie, that I didn’t even watch the second one. Also, I think they should explain more on when Percy & Annabeth go to New Rome together. ; )

  11. Name:_none_of _your_Business

    sadly I don’t have any friends interested in fantasy so I’m that lonely kid that sits in the back of the class and reads.

    1. It’s fine, most of my friends don’t like reading. Once I was so interested in a book that I couldn’t even hear my teacher even if she was in front of me!🤣

  12. Thanks a lot this was very helpful
    And also the movie I don’t know if we even need it
    When I read I picture it in my mind and watching the movie made camp Hal blood look like a joke

  13. I am never reading The Trials of Apollo. That series is where Jason dies. If you red a book and Percy, Grover, Annabeth, or Piper and Leo die, please inform me so I can skip that series.

    1. Percy is there in Magnus Chase. Although he is not there in Kane chronicles direcltly there was a part where carter mentions he sees a guy in a flying horse which could have been percy when he was looking for annabeth in titans curse

  14. annabeth is my girlfriend

    tell rick to wright percy jackson from annabeths point of view(its called annabeth chase and it mentions when after a few months with percy she has a secret crush on him)

  15. Thank you I thought that it was the end of percy jackson series when I finished percy jackson and the last olympion now I know that there are like a hundred more books of the percy jackson series and who on earth is magnus chase and where is percy jackson in the 6th series and what are the nine world and why doesn’t it have these books on the blogg I’m going to find all the other bloggs or get the books after the corona virus is done… anyway thank you for all the information about all the other books or I would still be stuck on the last olymion bye see you next time I visit this blogg… like I just said bye and see you next time i’m going to make a book mark of this so I can visit the website next time.

  16. I wish I was am actress, I would like to be Annabeth and I will also tell them that they change everything.
    I would tell them to fix it.

  17. #PercyJackson4EVA

    OHMYGOODNESS!!!! i was like trying to find out all the books names and everywhere i looked i couldn’t get a strait answer, so thanks a TON!!! I am a HUGE HUGE Percy Jackson fan and it is my life!

  18. This was very good but what about demigod diaries and demigod files. What stories are in them and why and when should we read them.And u also didn’t tell about the short stories , are both percy jackson and the sword of hades and percy jackson and the singer of apollo short stories? . Can u pls tell about all the rick riordan books in order and series and etc.

  19. I sooo love every one of them! Is it sad that spend more time reading them than being with my peeps? I like the movies but I love the books, also I am glade that I read the books before I watched the movies, (just because I can picture what I think they look like in my head), I kind of wish they made more movies. When I am reading I don’t see a bunch of words, I see almost like a dream of them, like a movie in my brain, I don’t even see how I can read while I am, because I don’t see the words.

    1. just.a.random.girl.

      i have just recently started to get into these books, i am currently reading the mark of athena, BUT DID YALL HEAR ABT THE PERCY JACKSON TV SERIES ?! its going to be on disney + and Rick is going to be fully apart of the show. i cannot freaking wait

      1. I CANT WAIT!! The movies were such a disappointment and now that they are making a series they better stick to the books!

  20. His books are so addicting, more than the movie itself; its disappointing, but its okay, they tried their best to portray the magic features of the book.

  21. I feel like they should have made a series for Greek gods and maybe in their roman forms. I think it would have put a twist on some of these series. Correct me if i’m wrong but Percy Jackson and Jason Grace were “Traded” in the second book of the second series. What is the point of that. Is it so they can work together with the Roman demigods and the Greek demigods. Just wondering tho…..

  22. I love Percy Jackson. This book helped me to become a better reader. I even started a book club on it. I recommend this book!:) bye have a nice day

  23. How is Magnus chase a sequel to Percy Jackson books and heroes of Olympus and also why isn’t their more books with Anna Beth and Percy in books together and also I liked the movies even tho they weren’t anything like the books and I really want them to continue with making them but they aren’t 😐

  24. I just wanna say one thing. PERCY WAS TWELVE NOT 16!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously, that ruins the entire prophecy thats like, the main thing standing in the way of Percy actually not dying. I….I…..I might cry. Its just so horrible.

  25. Can anyone find a free audiobook online for the “Demigods and Magicians”? I can’t find them for free but if you do, please tell me.

  26. Btw for the ones that want to read the books where Percy n Anna Beth r big characters read the Percy Jackson books and Olympians because them 2 are hardly in the other books

    Your welcome 😘


    I love reading the Percy Jackson series and this website put all of Rick Riordan’s books in order and that is the best part. My favorite series of all Rick Riordan is Percy Jackson & The Olympians. I wish Rick Riordan would make more Percy Jackson & The Olympians series. What is your guys’ favorite book or series. I hope everyone loves reading Rick Riordan’s book as much as I.

  28. Reply to “I LOVE PERCY JACKSON BOOKS” my favorite book in the series is gotta be either the Lightning thief or the Last Olympian. What’s yours?

  29. reply to “BruhMEme1’s” reply to “I LOVE PERCY JACKSON BOOKS” my favorite book so far (I’ve only read some of them I’m not finished with TOA, Kane chronicles, magnus chase and the gods of asgard, or demigods and magicans) is probably The Heroes of Olympus, book four, The House of Hades. 😀

  30. I hate how in the 2nd series of the 5th book they make Percy look I don’t know weaker. I mean he just survived Tartarus why can’t he be stronger and use his powers to the full extent.

    1. will and nico K~I~S~S~I~N~G

      but rick riorden said he might make one in 2022
      but if he does make one I might be one of the first people to read it.

  31. He frickin’ survived Tartaras, played parts in TWO GREAT PROPHECIES, and survived until a 17 year old and WAAAYY more. He is better than Hercules( no offense, man, but you all know it is true.

  32. Percy Jackson is The True Hero

    I love this series. I love reading in general, it’s like another world I can get lost in. I have dyslexia and someone recommended this series to me and immediately fell in love with it. Having the characters in this book who also have dyslexia is awesome because I understand what it’s like.

  33. Me and My sister love these series so we are getting them all. So far we have Percy Jackson, The Kane Chronicles, and Magnus Chase. We just need Demigods and Magicians, Trials of Apollo, and Heroes of Olympus. And my birthday is coming up so I am asking for Heroes of Olympus. Well Have a good day Everyone.

  34. I’m reading The Trials of Apollo series, rereading the Percy Jackson series, and reading the Magnus Chase series. I’ve already read all the heroes of Olympus books. It was a good series, same with the Percy Jackson series.

  35. In ancient Greek religion and mythology, the twelve Olympians are the major deities of the Greek pantheon, commonly considered to be Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Hermes, and either Hestia or Dionysus

  36. I’ve already read everything, as they came out. But I came here to see if this site was trustworthy . . . trying to find the best way to read all of Cassandra Clare and had to check the site with a series I already know best. Ha, ha.

  37. JD the Lonely Child of Hades

    I actually really love all of Uncle Rick’s books, and will always say that the original PJO series is the best. And Magnus Chase, and Kane Chronicles, and HoO are all amazing as well, but I really have to say that ToA is my favorite. It’s just . . . really inspiring in the sense that there’s Apollo, stuck up Greek god, who is mortalized and so slowly and almost unnoticeably turns into the Lester/Apollo we all love today. Rick did SO well with his character development, I didn’t even realize it until I decided to reread it. AAAAAND . . . I’m tearing up just thinking about Lester Papadopoulos, so I’m gonna go now. And *cheers* to anyone who actually took the time to read this entire paragraph of ranting! Cheers!

  38. Will their be another book after trial of Apollo? Because i would like that ⚔️🛡⚔️🛡⚔️🛡🐊🐊.

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