Patrick McLanahan Books in Order: How to read Dale Brown’s series?

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Written by American writer and aviator Dale Brown, the Patrick McLanahan series is an aviation techno-thriller series. The story is about Patrick McLanahan, a US Air Force officer fighting to defend the USA against enemy forces. As the years and the successful missions accumulated, Patrick starts taking control of the missions, developing new teams and weapons. But the enemies are also resourceful and the danger is always present.

How to read the Patrick McLanahan Series in Order?

Every entry in the Patrick McLanahan book series works as a standalone story, but the lives of the different characters evolve from one novel to the other.

  1. Flight of the Old Dog – The United States and the Soviet Union are on the brink of nuclear war. A top-secret flight test site in the Nevada desert called “Dreamland,” a team of test pilots and engineers have created the Megafortress: a venerable B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers modified. Just prior to a live-fire flight test, a team of Russian commandos invades Dreamland with the goal of stealing the Megafortress…or destroying it.
  2. Night of the Hawk – David Luger, a crewman who was presumed killed, has actually come out of a coma only to face the death penalty for crimes against the Soviet state. Brad Elliott and Patrick McLanahan lead an assault team to rescue Luger – but they find themselves caught up in a larger crisis.
  3. Sky Masters – Lt. Col. Patrick McLanahan survives the harrowing “Flight of the Old Dog” only to be exiled to a super-secret Air Force base, where he must test fly a new B-2 Stealth bomber, while a confrontation between the People’s Republic of China and the United States over an oil-rich chain of islands in the South China Sea threatens to erupt into all-out war.
  4. Day of the Cheetah – America’s most advanced fighter plane, DreamStar, has been hijacked. To retrieve it, Lt. Col. Patrick McLanahan takes on his most daring assignment since the Flight of the Old Dog. The odds are against him. His plane, the Cheetah, is less advanced than the DreamStar. And so begins the greatest high-flying chase of all time…
  1. Shadows of Steel – The new Gulf War is erupting, and this one will be far bloodier than the first. A newly powerful Iran is flexing its military muscle in the Middle East. The Iranians have declared the Persian Gulf their territorial waters-and an American ship has just been sunk to prove the point. With a military racked by budget cuts and a public reluctant to fight, the president must end the crisis before it escalates.
  2. Fatal Terrain – The People’s Republic of China has launched a terrifying attack against Taiwan. Cold. Swift. Deadly. The U.S. isn’t willing to stand by and watch, but when they come to Taiwan’s aid, they’re dealt an unexpected blow from Chinese forces. It looks like the U.S. is going down.. Until aerial strike warfare expert Patrick McLanahan and genius Jon Masters come into the picture.
  3. The Tin Man – His old enemy Gregory Townsend has come to America to ignite a reign of terror that will sweep across the nation. The police and the government seem powerless to stop him. And one of the first casualties in this war is a rookie cop–Patrick McLanahan’s brother.
  4. Battle Born – Patrick McLanahan is back. He has been sent to a B-1B Lancer unit in Nevada to develop and train a tactical strike unit designed to seek out and destroy enemy missiles. He has his pick of the most aggressive Type A personalities in the flying game, though it may take years to pull this bunch of mavericks together to fight as a team.
  1. Warrior Class – With the world in chaos, a Russian oil baron seeks to exploit the situation and dominate Europe in the name of profit, but an American Air Force rescue mission, led by Air Force General Patrick McLanahan, could drag the United States into the brewing conflict.
  2. Wings of Fire – North Africa is in turmoil. The new Libyan president has had the new Egyptian president assassinated, and the latter’s widow, Susan Salaam, vows revenge. She enlists the high-tech help of Air Force general Patrick McClanahan and his Night Stalkers. But the Libyans, and their scheming secret allies, hold a trump card-one with a deeply personal meaning for McClanahan-and it may be one that will leave even the Night Stalkers powerless…
  3. Air Battle Force – In military circles it’s known as Air Battle Force-an air combat unit of the future, under the command of Major General Patrick McLanahan. And now McLanahan and his warriors have their first target. Driven from Afghanistan, the parasitic forces of the deposed Taliban regime have decided to feed on a new host. The battle for control of the world’s largest oil deposits has begun.
  4. Plan of Attack – U.S. Air Force aerial warfare expert Major General Patrick McLanahan has been demoted and moved back to a desk job. But while keeping a keen eye on what’s going on with old enemies, he notices that Russia’s heavy bomber and tactical bomber bases are busier than ever. McLanahan tries to get his superiors to pay attention and is ignored.
  1. Strike Force – When a military coup in Iran leads to a crackdown on religious jihadists, it seems as if a new era is dawning in the Middle East. But the Iranians are not really interested in peace….Unveiling its new military might, it invades Northern Iraq, catching the world – and America – completely off guard. To regain control of the region, America will rely on her own ultimate weapon: Patrick McLanahan and his team.
  2. Shadow Command – General Patrick McLanahan’s new Aerospace Battle Force has grown into a full-fledged task force based on the Armstrong Space Station. But the program has its critics and doomsayers. Russian president Leonid Zevitin uses a combination of top-secret anti-spacecraft weaponry, fearmongering, and new U.S. president Joseph Gardner’s own egotism in an effective plan to eliminate all support for the space program.
  3. Rogue Forces – Newly inaugurated president Joseph Gardner has followed through on his pledge to pull American forces out of Iraq. But the region has quickly re-emerged as a hot zone, as Kurdish nationalist attacks have led the Republic of Turkey to invade northern Iraq. Reluctant to recommit U.S. troops, the commander-in-chief turns to former president Kevin Martindale and retired Air Force Lieutenant-General Patrick McLanahan, who have left government behind for the lucrative world of military contracting.
  4. Executive Intent – The United States has just launched the most powerful weapon in history – a missile-launching satellite called “Thor’s Hammer” that can strike anywhere on the planet in seconds. But when terrorists hijack Pakistani missiles and fire them at Indian cities, U.S. President Joseph Gardner has only one option – to use the untested Thor’s Hammer. But when something goes awry, Pakistan decides to give China naval strategic advantage by granting access to Middle Eastern ports.
  1. A Time for Patriots – When murderous bands of militiamen begin roaming the western United States and attacking government agencies, it will take a dedicated group of the nation’s finest and toughest civilian airmen to put an end to the homegrown insurgency. Patrick McLanahan vows to take to the skies to join the fight, but when his son, Bradley, also signs up, they find themselves caught in a deadly game against a shadowy opponent.
  2. Tiger’s Claw – When China launches the first successful test of its deadly new Dong Feng-21D anti-ship ballistic missile, President Phoenix finds himself facing up to a terrible reality. Without funds to compete with China’s advancing technology, the future looks bleak. Retired US Air Force Lieutenant General Patrick McLanahan refuses to accept this fate.
  3. Starfire – With the death of his heroic father, bomber, and space warfare veteran Patrick McLanahan, Bradley McLanahan must now fly solo, leading a team of young engineers designing Starfire, the world’s first orbiting solar power plant.
  4. Iron Wolf – In the spring of 2017, the US economy is rebounding under President Stacy Anne Barbeau, the country’s first female president. But her leadership is about to be severely tested: Russian president Gennadiy Gryzlov has sent special troops, disguised as pro-Russian activists, into Ukraine and Moldova.
  1. Price of Duty – In a top-secret location deep in the Ural Mountains, Russian President Gennadiy Gryzlov has built his nation’s most dangerous weapon since the atomic bomb. When Stacy Anne Barbeau fails to effectively combat the Russian threat, Brad McLanahan, on some well-earned R and R with his new Polish girlfriend, Major Nadia Rozek, is called back to duty.
  2. The Moscow Offensive – On a remote island estate, a billionaire investor sells his air freight company to the devious president of Russia, Gennadiy Gryzlov. The Russians are plotting to use these massive private planes to secretly transport dangerous cargo into the United States. Brad McLanahan and the elite Iron Wolf Squadron have joined forces with the Alliance of Free Nations in Eastern Europe to prepare for the imminent horrifying attack.
  3. The Kremlin Strike – Russian president Gennadiy Gryzlov descends into an impenetrable subterranean base to witness the test of a terrifying new weapon-the Thunderbolt. This new technological marvel is powerful enough to change the world as we know it. New American president, John Dalton Farrell, intends to challenge Russian aggression head-on. Brad and Patrick McLanahan and the formidable Iron Wolf Squadron-an elite, international group of warriors-are ready to join the battle.
  4. Eagle Station – Because its enemies never stop trying to undermine the United States’ security, the men and women who serve to protect America must always be vigilant. Few know this better than warriors Brad McLanahan and Nadia Rozek. Newly married, the two are just beginning to settle into their new life together when they are called back into action.

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