Megan Lindholm Books in Order (Ki and Vandien, Tillu and Kerlew, Wizard of the Pigeons)

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All of Megan Lindholm’s Books in Order!

Who is Megan Lindholm?

Megan Lindholm is one of the pen names of Margaret Astrid Lindholm Odgen. She is maybe most famous under her other pen name, Robin Hobb, and her Realm of Elderlings series. She has also published works under M. Lindholm.

A professional writer for almost 40 years, Lindholm sold her first short story to a children’s magazine, well before selling her first short story as a fantasy writer to the 1979 Amazons! anthology.

Under the name Megan Lindholm, she published (and still continues to do so) stories exploring different types of the fantasy genre, from fantasy adventures to urban fantasy.

How to read Megan Lindholm’s Books in Order?

The Ki and Vandien Quartet

  • Harpy’s Flight (1983) – Harpies don’t give up of blood debts. Neither do the men who serve them. A life must be given in return. Devastated by the slaughter of her family and haunted by memories of her own violent revenge, Ki rejects the comfort of her husband’s gypsy people and wants only to wander in solitude as an outcast. Across mountains sheathed with ice, through the treacherous shadow of the impassable Sisters, Ki finds herself running for her life, pursued by frenzied Harpies sworn to vengeance; and by one stubborn, dark-haired man who seems intent on being part of her future.
  • The Windsingers (1984) – When Ki first encountered Vandien she very nearly slit his throat, yet it was he who saved her when terror fell from the skies. The cycle continues as Ki rescues Vandien from the windsingers despite wizard troubles of her own.

  • The Limbreth Gate (1984) – Ki’s enemies entice her to the domain of the Limbreth, a bored and arrogant local god. He reveals to Ki the secrets of her past, and forces her to view her brief life from his own timeless perspective, thereby manipulating her to do his will. From this spell, Ki’s lover Vandien, assisted by a savage Brurjan, attempt to rescue her. But what is the difference between “rescue” and “kidnapping” – snatching her away from her chance for enlightenment and creative fulfillment? And who is to say what one’s purpose in life should be?
  • Bones for Dulath (1979) – The first story published by Megan Lindholm reprinted in Magical Beginnings in 2003
  • The Small One (1980) – Published in Fantastic Stories Vol.27, #11.
  • Luck of the Wheels (1989) – Gypsy traders Ki and Vandien should have realised the money was too good to be true. Three georns and a full orn to be paid on arrival – and all they had to do was transport the cargo to Villena! The cargo, however, turned out to be human; a boy called Goat, and his family seemed just a little bit too anxious to be rid of him. The arrangement smelled like trouble. And it was; especially when faced with a few other unexpected problems… like a lovesick stowaway, an army of rebels and road bandits and a magical detour with death itself…

Tillu and Kerlew novels

  1. The Reindeer People (1988) – Living on the outskirts of the tribe Tillu was happy spending her time tending her strange, slow dreamy child Kerlew and comunning with the spirits to heal the sick and bring blessing on new births. However Carp, the Shaman, an ugly wizened old man whose magic smelled foul to Tillu desired both mother and child. Tillu knew Carp’s magic would steal her son and her soul. Death waited in the snows of the Tundra, but Tillu knew which she would prefer…
  2. Wolf’s Brother (1988) – The magic is strong in Kerlew. Every day it grows, reaching out to the Wolf spirit that will be his guide. But the magic in Kerlew that calls to the beasts and to the spirit world also calls to Carp, the evil old shaman, who follows Kerlew and his mother, Tillu, across the frozen wastes. When he finds them, he will bind them to him, and shape Kerlew’s powers for his own uses.

Other novels

  • Wizard of the Pigeons (1985) – Wizard is bound to Seattle and her magic. His gift is the Knowing – a powerful enchantment allowing him to know the truth of things; to hear the life-stories of ancient mummies locked behind glass cabinets, to receive true fortunes from the carnival machines, to reveal to ordinary people the answers to their troubles and to safeguard the city’s equilibrium. The magic has its price; Wizard must never have more than a dollar in his pocket, must remain celibate, and he must feed and protect the pigeons. But a threat to Seattle has begun to emerge in the portents. A malevolent force born of Wizard’s forgotten past has returned to prey upon his power and taunt him with images of his obscure history; and he is the only wizard in Seattle who can face the evil and save the city, his friends and himself.
  • Cloven Hooves (1991) – Evelyn is a solitary child, preferring to wander in the woods in all weathers rather than socialise. Her secret is a fantastic companion: a faun with whom she plays in the woods. Years later Evelyn finds happiness as a wife and mother, but life turns sour when the family move to Tacoma where her husband is asked to fill in at his father’s business. Evelyn’s husband’s wish for them to stay permanently with his family causes a rift between them and then a terrible tragedy makes the situation even more impossible. Miraculously, when she needs a friend, Evelyn’s childhood companion reappears in Tacoma…

  • Alien Earth (1992) – Far from home, the Human race tries to atone for killing Terra thousands of years ago. Rescued by the enigmatic Arthroplana in their mysterious Beastships, they have been inserted into the fragile ecologies of the alien twin worlds of Castor and Pollux, where they must make no impact, where every drop of water must be returned. Humanity has adjusted — or tried to. Despite the constant watch of the Arthroplana and the HUman Conservancy, John Gen-93-Beta has agreed to captain the Beastship Evangeline on an unthinkable journey to a dead planet: Earth. And so begins an engrossing voyage of discovery for five travellers. On a planet none quite expected, each learns the power of being human.
  • The Gypsy (1992) – with Steven Brust. Cigany is the gypsy, stalking the city in a cloud of magic. Stepovich is the seasoned cop, who keeps finding dead bodies in the gypsy’s wake. The Fair Lady is Queen of the Underworld, drawing them both into her murderous web…until only the gypsy’s broken memories stand between Stepovich’s beloved city and the Lady’s dark designs.

the Liavek stories (short stories)

  • A Coincidence of Birth (1985) – Published in the anthology Liavek, City of Luck and Wizardry
  • Potluck (1986) – Published in the anthology Liavek, Players of Luck.
  • An Act of Mercy with Steven Brust (1987) – Published in the anthology Liavek, Wizard’s Row.
  • An Act of Love with Steven Brust and Gregory Frost (1988) – Published in Liavek, Spells of Binding.

Celtsie stories (short stories)

  • Community Service (2018) – Published in the anthology The Book of Magic.
  • Giving Up the Ghost (2021) – Published in Asimov’s Science Fiction, July-August 2021

Other short stories

  • The Inheritance & Other Stories – Collects the short stories:
    • Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man (1989)
    • A Touch of Lavender (1989)
    • The Fifth Squashed Cat (1997)
    • Strays (1998)
    • Cut (2001)
    • Finis (2011)
    • Drum machine (2011)
  • The Poaching (1979) – Published in the Finding the Boundaries anthology.
  • The Beholder (1981) – Published in Space and Time magazine #58
  • Shadow Box (1981) – Published in Space and Time Magazine #59
  • Faunsdown Cottage (1982) – Published in Space and Time Magazine #61
  • Superior Graphics (1983) – Published in Space and Time Magazine #65
  • The Unicorn in the Maze (1987) – Published in The Unicorn Treasury anthology.
  • Mother of Fey (2004) – Published in The Finnish Tolkien Society’s magazine Legolas #31
  • Grace Notes (2005) – Published in The Fair Folk anthology.
  • Alone (2010) – Published in 110/110
  • Old Paint (2012) – Published in the July issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.
  • Neighbors (2013) – Published in the Dangerous Women anthology.
  • Second Chances (2019) – Published in the Unfettered IIIanthology.
  • Generations (2020) – Published in the July/August 2020 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.
  • A Dime (2021) – Published in the November/December 2021 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

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