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Liz Trenow Books in Order (The Silk Weaver, The Forgotten Seamstress…)

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All of Liz Trenow’s books in order!

Who is Liz Trenow?

Liz Trenow is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of historical fiction.

She didn’t start her career writing fiction, but working as a journalist. She spent fifteen years working for regional and national newspapers, and BBC radio and television news, before turning her hand to fiction.

Liz Trenow has written wartime stories, but her personal history—her family in the silk weavers business for nearly three hundred years, and she grew up in the house next to the mill in Suffolk, England, which still operates today, weaving for top-end fashion houses and royal commissions—inspired different novels like The Last Telegram, The Silk Weaver…

How to read Liz Trenow’s Books in Order?

  • The Last Telegram (2012) – The war changed everything for Lily Verner. As the Nazis storm Europe, Lily becomes an apprentice at her family’s silk-weaving factory. When they start to weave parachute silk there is no margin for error: one tiny fault could result in certain death for Allied soldiers. The war also brings Stefan to Lily: a German Jewish refugee who works on the looms. As their love grows, there are suspicions someone is tampering with the silk. Can their love survive the hardships of war? And will the Verner’s silk stand the ultimate test?
  • The Forgotten Seamstress (2013) – London, 1910: Maria, a remarkable young seamstress, is noticed by Queen Mary, patron of the London Needlework Guild, who gives her a job in the royal household.  A century later, when turning out her mother’s loft, Caroline discovers an old patchwork quilt left to her by her grandmother and becomes intrigued by the curious verse embroidered into its lining. When her best friend, a fabric conservator, notices that some of the fabrics are almost certainly unique and rare royal wedding silks, Caroline becomes determined to discover more about the quilt and its mysterious origins. Through the fading memories of her mother, some family letters and photographs, some old cassette tapes and the help of a local journalist, she uncovers an extraordinary story involving a royal affair, a life of incarceration, an illegal adoption and two women whose lives collided with devastating consequences. Finally, Caroline comes to understand what her grandmother wanted her to know – the truth about herself and how she wants to live her own life.
  • All the Things We Lost (2014) – With the end of the First World War, Rose is looking forward to welcoming home her beloved husband, Alfie, from the battlefields. But his return is not what Rose had expected. Traumatized by what he has seen, the Alfie who comes home is a different man to the one Rose married. As he struggles to cope with life in peacetime, Rose wrestles with temptation as the man she fell in love with seems lost forever. Many years later, Jess returns from her final tour of Afghanistan. Haunted by nightmares from her time at the front, her longed-for homecoming is a disaster and she wonders if her life will ever be the same again. Can comfort come through her great-grandmother Rose’s diaries?
  • In Love and War (2016) – July, 1919. At the Hotel de la Paix in the small village of Hoppestadt, three women arrive at the end of the war, searching for traces of the men they have loved and lost to the battlefields of Ypres in Belgium. Ruby is just twenty-one, a shy Englishwoman looking for the grave of her husband. Alice is only a little older but brimming with confidence; she has traveled all the way from America, convinced her brother is in fact still alive. Then there’s Martha, and her son Otto, who are not all they seem to be. The three women may have very different backgrounds, but they are united in their search for reconciliation.
  • The Silk Weaver (2017) – 1760, Spitalfields. Anna Butterfield’s life is about to change forever, as she moves from her idyllic Suffolk home to be introduced into London society. A chance encounter with a French silk weaver, Henri, draws her into the volatile world of the city’s burgeoning silk trade. Henri is working on his ‘master piece’, to become a master weaver and freeman; Anna longs to become an artist while struggling against pressure from her uncle’s family to marry a wealthy young lawyer. As their lives become ever more intertwined, Henri realizes that Anna’s designs could give them both an opportunity for freedom. But his world becomes more dangerous by the day, as riots threaten to tear them apart forever.
  • The Dressmaker of Draper’s Lane (2019) – 1768, London: As a foundling who rose from poverty and now runs her own successful dressmaking business in the heart of society London, Miss Charlotte is a remarkable woman, admired by many. She has no need, nor desire, to marry. The people she values most are her friend Anna, her recently-found sister Louisa and nephew Peter. She feels herself fortunate, and should be content with what she has. But something is missing. A small piece of rare silk discovered in a bundle of scraps at auction triggers a curious sense of familiarity, and prompts her to unpick a past filled with extraordinary secrets and revelations . . .
  • Under a Wartime Sky (2020, aka Our Last Letter) – In 1936, with war looming, the country’s brightest minds were gathered at Bawdsey Manor, a gothic Victorian mansion on a remote part of the east coast of England, tasked by Winston Churchill to develop an invention that would prove vital in winning World War Two. As war was declared, the Manor became the first of dozens of radar stations along the south and east coasts of Britain on the front line as waves of German bombers set their sights on Britain. Local girl Kath is so intrigued by what is happening at the Manor she is determined to find out more. Meeting Vikram leads her to a life she could never have imagined.  
  • The Secrets of the Lake (2021) – In a quiet village, a terrible secret threatens to break the surface. The war is over and Molly, together with her vicar father and younger brother Jimmy, has moved out of London to a rural parish in East Anglia. When summer arrives, the heat is almost as unbearable as the village gossip. As Molly finds herself falling for the mercurial Kit, whispers build against her father and everything she thought she knew is turned upside-down. 
  • Searching for My Daughter (2022) – Germany, 1945: Miriam has traveled for two weeks to reach safety. Even though exhausted and hungry, she knows she is one of the fortunate ones; one of the few to survive the camps. Having lost her darling husband and son, the only thing that has kept her walking is the hope of finding her daughter, Rosa. At the checkpoint, she comes face to face with the guard and refuses to leave. Finally, she is interviewed by an English intelligence officer named Jack. As he listens to her story, Jack is transported back to an unforgettable English summer, to secret picnics in the woods, to a love that shaped the man he has become. Will he now risk everything to help Miriam make the longest journey of all, back to her daughter, and freedom?
  • The Secret Sister (2023) – England, 1944: As Lizzie looks around her twin brother’s room, she’s in a state of shock. In the middle of the night, Ed vanished, leaving no forwarding address. Lizzie knows that he was tormented daily by what he witnessed at Dunkirk four years before, helping his father steer their tiny boat to rescue thousands of injured soldiers. He was never the same after that. Then, Ed’s call-up letter arrives. Instead of being assigned to one of the forces, he’s been told to report for work at a coal mine. If he fails to turn up he will be arrested and tried as a deserter. Staring at his abandoned clothes and knowing how alike they are, Lizzie realizes there is a way to save him. But with the war raging and her beloved country at risk, how much is Lizzie prepared to sacrifice to save those she loves the most?

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